Why You Need to Be Aggressive in Pursuing Your Goals

shark attackBy default we all like to play it safe and be defensive. It is something that most people are doing, I was doing it for years and chances are that you are doing it still now. But it is time you should level up and show some aggression.

We are the masters of our own selves. You will be treated the way you want others to treat you. You can barely make a living or choose to be in the elite’s league. The choice is yours.

I realized this while playing some video games. I like to play some action games and in one mission I was stuck. I tried to play defensive, I tried to go stealth but I was failing every time.

It was taking me forever just to go from one room to another. Time was running out. I was afraid of my enemy, I was afraid to get shot and most of all I was afraid of failing the mission.

Then my brother asked me to play rough, to play aggressively. [Continue reading…]


10 Reasons Why You Should Like BlogKori on Facebook

Chances are you are on facebook, a large number of internet users are using facebook every day. If you love reading my blog and are active on facebook then you must “Like” and keep up with that page on facebook.

An average facebook user is connected to 80 FB pages/communities (source). Now why would you want to like one more page and keep up with that? In this article I am going to give you 10 reasons, why you should like BlogKori on facebook and keep up with it!

1. I Share Regular & Insightful Updates

On the new business page in facebook I share regular updates on blogging, social media, business building and everything that’s related to inbound marketing. Most of these updates are images, infographics, status updates, polls and links to useful articles. I post these few times a day so if you are not joining that page, you are missing something huge! Most topics can’t be covered in full blown blog articles, so this is the perfect place to drop them.

facebook page updates

2. I Post Lots of Cool Photos

On that FB page I also post lots of pictures of food, motivational images, achievements and pictures of events. These pictures both entertain and inspire. The facebook page of BlogKori is the one place where you can get to see behind the scene happenings of what the author (Me) is doing which you may be interested. So just to lighten up your mood, you should click the like button and receive these updates.

daily dose of im

3. I Reply to Comments

Over at the fanpage I allow comments, wall posts & private messages. So if you have a comment, question or a feedback, you can drop it over there and you will get an answer from me. Inbound marketing is a two way communication and I am leaving that line open for my readers, friends and fans. So when you like the page, you will be able to get in touch with me.

interact on facebook page

4. Get in Touch With Me Personally

There is a “Message” option in the page which you can use and send me a private message. I will respond to your questions, suggestions or feedback personally. This isn’t possible with a public forum or on twitter. You have email, but sometimes emails get delayed for many reasons. With the option of private messages you can interact with me at a very personal level. So hop on and send me a message now!

message on facebook page

5. I Share Motivational Posts

Motivation is a driving force that helps us to move forward. With each of my updates, ideas and comments I spread the motivation. So if you are feeling overwhelmed and need some motivation in blogging, head over to the BlogKori fan page and get some motivation. These posts will inspire you and help you start something new.

motivational posts on fb

6. Get Latest Articles from the Blog

Liking the page acts as a subscription option too. You are getting updates from the page and also notifications of new articles, so it’s like 2 in 1! Whenever I write something new and epic, I share it on the fan page. This will help you find out about the article and read it on the blog. This way you don’t have to visit BlogKori everyday expecting a new update.

latest posts

7. More than Page Updates

The facebook fan page is more like a mini website. You can read the new articles, watch YouTube videos and read the twitter stream on page. So it’s a cool thing that just one facebook page gives you access to other hubs of BlogKori.com. So the next time you visit the page, make sure you browse around the tabs for other pages too.

page contents

8. You Will Love My Designs

Just for the sake of creativity, go to my page and check out the facebook cover pages I have set up. You will love the design I promise. Perhaps you may also find some inspiration for your own FB page too.

blogkori cover photo

9. You Can See a Part of My Readers

When you will join the fan page, you will be able to see what other people wrote and commented on my page. This will allow you to interact with these people and make new friends. When you are reading this blog, you are alone; but when you will go to my page you will see a part of my blog readers in action.

readers of blogkori


You don’t know it unless you “Like” BlogKori on facebook. So go ahead like and start interacting with the page and you shall find out these regular “fan only” surprises.

Ohh, one more thing! Don’t just like it, also click to get notifications. So you will never miss out these awesome updates ever.

get notifications

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Free Website Hosting Vs. Paid Hosting –Things to Consider

Free hosting vs paid hostingIn this article I would like to discuss all about free and paid web hosting services. I have used both free and paid hosting services for my blog and website projects.

When it comes to hosting your website on the internet there are just too many ways and too many solutions to go for. It is really very hard to decide since now days you can host a website on the internet for free.

If I can host my internet site for free, then why should I even pay for it? What is the point for paying a monthly fee?

When you are going to host online, these are the things you should give priority:

Your Own Domain Name

Does this web hosting service allows you to use your own domain name, or you have to use a sub domain name like freewebs.com/your-website? It is such an embarrassment when you don’t yet have a DOT COM domain name for your website. Only a few of the free hosting services allow you to use your own domain name while most of them allow it when you do a paid upgrade. Your own domain name is professional and brandable.

Website Uptime

Let me explain, you are in a meeting and you want to show your work to a potential business lead. All of your work samples are stored online on your website. You typed your web URL but the site is not loading. It is showing an error like this one “Server is busy, please try again later” –you hit refresh again, but still you see an error. This happens only with a free web hosting provider. The paid ones offer 99% uptime and they guarantee it.

Web Storage

Right now internet websites and blogs don’t need much space to host. But when it comes to digital photography and videos, you will need tons of storage. If you are a photographer, you will need a web host that offers plenty of storage for your photos. If you are a movie maker or a video producer, you need terabytes of disk space on the web server. This you can get only from a premium web host.

Forced Advertisement

Some of the popular free web hosting companies put ads on pages to cover up their costs mentioned in this article. While it is okay at this point that they are hosting it for free, but it is not okay for you and your website. Let me bring that example again, you show your website to your client and they get distracted with ads. With free hosting you can’t control those ads, let alone removing them. These companies will charge you a fee to go ad free.  Instead of paying them extortion money, you can just go for a premium hosting provider.

Security & Backups

Free web hosts are not secure enough. They can also delete your website anytime they want. All of your hard work will simply go down to the toilet in an instant. With free web hosts it is hard or even impossible to take backups. On the other hand, premium providers keep regular backups and their servers are checked for hackers and viruses. They won’t delete your website without any strong reasons.

There is a saying “You get what you pay for”

This statement is absolutely correct when it comes to web hosting services. When you decide to go online, you have to make sure your website is live 24/7, is secure and professionally hosted on its own domain name.

So the conclusion is you should stay out of free hosts when using your website for business. But which web host to use?

I recommend you get HostGator or FatCow web hosting. I have used both of the premium hosting providers. Read my hostgator review –it is the service that hosts my blog. You can also read this guide to setup fatcow hosting for less.

Free Web Hosting Services That I Recommend

I didn’t say that all of the free providers suck. If you are going online for fun and don’t want to pay any money at all then here are 2 of my recommended providers,

  1. Blogger –Allows you to have your own domain name
  2. Webs –Free website platform but puts ad on your pages

Also do you know with blogger you can use your own domain name without paying extra money for web hosting? Read about it here.

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Why Most Internet Websites Offer Free Services?

Why Most Internet Websites Offer Free ServicesYou have probably seen a lot of internet websites offering free services like a free email account, a free forum or may even offer you a free website. But have you ever wonder why on earth they are offering all these wonderful services for free? If you take a look at the real world, nothing is free. You have to pay for the news, have to pay for the coffee and even for some advice.

I found services that offer you listen to radio stations or watch TV for no money at all. Another service I found lately that sends SMS & Fax for nothing. I am not going to mention any of them here, if you take a search on google.com you will find 10s of providers that will let you use their service for free.

These services cost money right? So how come all these services on the internet are free and how they make money out of it?

They Make Money with Advertisements

Most free internet based services make money with ads. Since they offer a free service or free content, they attract a lot of visitors. Then there are other website owners who want to bring these people to their own website. This is why these other site owners place ads and pay to the first website for these ads. Ads such as banners, text link ads are common among websites. For an example this website that shares funny pictures monetize their website with ads:

website sells advertisments

They Are Going to Sell a Premium Service

Free accounts offer services and most of the time these services will have a paid upgrade. For an example a free account will let you send 10 SMS every day. A premium upgrade will allow you to send 100 per day. So for a user who is actively using the service and need to send more SMS’s that person will upgrade for the paid plan. This is how most of the internet website that offer services make money. Some of these services offer an upgrade which will remove ads in their account. Webs.com offers ads in their free website. If you pay for an upgrade, they will remove these ads:

premium service to remove ads

They Are Building a List of Leads

It’s an age old marketing practice. When you sign up for a free service you have to provide at least your email address and some of your personal info to use it. Almost every free service provider will require you to sign up for a free account. After you signed up, you will be entered into a list according to your location and other personal information you provided, such as your age, gender, occupation, location, earnings etc.

After that these lists of huge number of people will be sold or rented to banks, insurance companies, credit card companies, dating services and all sort of list buyers. They will then send you offers in which if you buy from them, these companies will make money. So when you sign up for a free service, that service is simply building a list to sell/rent it for profit. However not all website owners build a list to sell it, some of them use it to promote their own product and services.

You must be thinking that most of these emails get ignored or deleted as spam. However this is a numbers game and if it didn’t work, it wouldn’t be there. If they send emails to 100 people and only 1 person purchased a product and that covers the cost –they succeeded. Also then they will put this buyer on a new list and start sending them high priced products. Here is an example of email capture form:

list building form

They Are Building a Trust

Internet companies that have a long term goal for business, doesn’t make any money off their users. Instead they look for the long term goals and start ad free. The positive thing about these sites is that they quickly earn the trust of their users and build large user bases. A most recent example is Twitter.com. Twitter started off as a free service and they stayed ad free for few years. Then after they secured a large portion of users, they slowly started to sell promoted tweets.

You must be thinking how they cover up the costs if they are not making any money? These huge companies build the audience first and this helps them to secure investors who will help them to stay alive.

So there you go, now you know why most of the services of the internet are free and what some of the motives behind these websites are.

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What’s New in BlogKori? [Newbie Groups & Discussions]

Hey guys and gals, thanks for visiting my blog. I have created new social media groups aimed for newbies in internet marketing. If you are new to online business, then you should join it. Questions, topics and comments that can’t be covered in the blog area will be answered on the community.

Here’s the links to the groups:

  • Facebook Group
  • Google Plus Community
  • Linkedin Group

So go ahead join, invite your friends to join and let’s have a discussion!

Mar 11, 2013

Hello friends & new visitors, thanks for coming and being with your favorite blog all the way. There have been some major updates and changes in the new site. First of all, you can see the newly designed blog with simple and clutter-less design. Who designed this version? Well I hired a professional wordpress designer to do this job by the name Tamal –LOL I designed it myself.

The next major update is the logo. Previously it had a Bengali letter now it is simply BK. This is solely to give this website a new and international feel.

In the back end I am updating the old articles of this blog with new updates, screenshots & info because many of the things have changed a lot in the last 5 years.

I am also working on the training at the moment at my course site. I am building new course materials and interacting with my students.

I hope to see your valuable feedback & inputs on the comments area.


Make a Free iPhone and Android App for Your Blog Using Bloapp

bloapp logoSmartphone users are growing in number every day. Now more people have mobile phone and internet than personal computers. You can have your own iPhone and Android app for your blog absolutely free of charge using this amazing service called BloApp.

BloApp has a large number of blank app handles and when you create your free app, it will be then submitted into the app store. Let me inform you that currently a custom made iphone or android app costs roughly $5,000 but with this service you can have it for free.

And what are the benefits of having an app? You can easily reach more people with an app and let people stay on your site for longer.

To get started with BloApp first you need to go and sign up for a free account. Then next step is to submit your website and verify its ownership. And then you have to create your app and make it live.

Once your app is live you can then show a QR code widget on your site which people can scan and download your mobile app from iTunes or Google Play.

BloApp comes with couple of premade templates that you can use and also customize the headers and colors to make it branded.

iphone app design for your blog

When you are ready to take your blog to the next level, go and visit them and make a free app.


Media.Net Makes It Easy For Publishers to Make Money from Their Website

media dot net logoIn search of a better ad network I found Media.Net. What so cool about this ad network is that it is run by the internet giants Yahoo and Bing. Yahoo is pumping it up with their publisher network while Bing has included their inventory of ads.

Together Media dot net is going to become the next big sensation in website monetization. Google Adsense is a tough program to get into and they can delete your account for no prior notice. Day by day google is getting picky about who they will accept. In search of a better alternative, all of the other ad providers perform too weak!

A good alternative to google adsense was AdBrite but they are closing down their doors soon. So few days ago I found out about the new Media.Net and I instantly requested an invite.

Media Dot Net is still not open for public and they are not giving access to everyone who knocks their door. To my surprise this new and robust ad platform approved my application and they also assigned a friendly person as my account manager.


I won’t say that it is an alternative to adsense; Media.Net is going to be a far better ad platform than the big G. After signing up I was impressed with their super easy interface and I instantly added the units to my blog. So I just added the units on my blog so nothing much I can say how well it may perform, but I have very high expectations for this. On the other hand this is a huge network so there are plenty of ads to showcase for almost every type of website.

For the payment methods I am happy they offer bank wire and PayPal payments. The minimum payment threshold is still unknown but I think this will be around 50 bucks or so.

If you have a blog or website, and want to monetize it, you can feel free to check them out and apply.


10 Reasons Why You Need Online Business Coaching

Here I am giving you my top 10 reasons why you need online business coaching. By the way I have my own online coaching platform and I teach my students about internet business and technology. Most often other people who haven’t joined my program ask me why they need my coaching. I tell them, it’s not what you will get but it is what you are losing while not joining my or any other genuine online course. So for you here they are,

Online Business Coaching

source: iar.com

1. You don’t want to waste time learning online

How many years you have left in your life? If you spend 2-3 years learning then when will you start the actual work? An online course is designed to eliminate the junk information you get when learning on your own, thus you save more time.

2. You need to know that you are doing it right

There are thousands of ways to start an online business but which way is right for you? You absolutely have no idea will it work for you or not. So you need a teacher, a mentor to comment on your approach. You need someone to tell you that you are doing it right or wrong. [Continue reading…]

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How to Start Your Own Online Business in 2013 (Infographic)

small picThe world didn’t end in 2012; this means you are getting a second chance at life for starting your own business in 2013. You must be looking for a way to start your own business, but have no idea where to start. I have crafted this article which will guide you to start on your own and become successful with the internet.

I have started many businesses online in the past 5 years. Many were successful while some of them didn’t go as expected. With this knowledge in hand I can guide you to start your own online business and become successful with it.

Starting an online business is easy and affordable in this year 2013. You can start with merely a few hundred dollars and that’s it! So let’s take a look at this article and also the infographic: [Continue reading…]


What it is Like to Have an Office on Your Laptop?

this is my office

We are fortunate to live in the age of technology and the internet. I have my office and it’s on my laptop. I can even take it in my pocket with a smartphone. There are enormous benefits of having your complete office on your laptop. But first let me share you how I came up with the transition? [Continue reading…]