Setup your(professional blogger’s) workspace

If you want to become a professional blogger, want a huge authority in your field, want fans, supporter and to make a living with it, you have to be professional. On this article, I would like you to setup your workspace. Setting up a great workspace doesn’t improves your blog ranks, traffic or income, but it will affect on your performance and the output. I don’t want to make it longer, so lets check out what should you do to setup your perfect professional blogger’s workspace,

PC and Hardware

I recommend you to use a desktop for your blog because its solid and can handle the pressure. You can use your laptop or even your cellphone to write articles but be practical, its pro blogging and you have to use a solid keyboard to write down articles. If you use a laptop, then add an extra keyboard with it. Blogger and many other web resources doesn’t requires you to have a high end pc and you can blog with a regular one but the faster is better. For photo editing, you have to need a better pc. You can choose a CRT or an LCD monitor, but LCD would be the best for your eyes and to save power.

Internet Connection

I would recommend you to use a fast broadband or even faster internet connection. The more speed you have, the more things you can do in less time. You have to choose an un-limited data connection so that you can do more work. You can also choose a 24 hours connection or a limited connection for your working hours. There are more ways to connect with the net like the cell phone or the modem, but use them to check your mails and do emergency things.

Place Setup

Set your workspace and the room as your office. Set your desk, pc, chair and other furniture as needed. Its good to have a table and chair which is suitable for your body. If you use a laptop, put it on the desk and use it there, not on your lap or by laying down. Use a good chair to sit straight. If you sit straight, you will be able to breath better and can be more productive. I spend 5-8 hours infront of my pc and have put all of the things together to make me feel comfortable. Have a well vented room and it should be quiet.

Tags and Notepads

I use lots of tags and notepads to write down new article ideas. If you write your article keywords and topics, it will help you to remember a great idea. All of the great ideas are stored on your mind, use the tags so that you won’t forget them.

Bulletin Board

I have a bulletin board in my room with full of ideas, strategies, design concepts, images and lots of things for my blog. You can put an important idea on your bulletin board so that, you can see it on the next day and start working on it. Bulletin boards are great tools for putting your dreams in front of you. It will help you to work and achieve more.


There are lots of softwares you will need for being a pro blogger. You will need Adobe reader for viewing PDF files, MS office and other applications for writing articles, Photoshop and other tools to edit images. Media players and editors if you deal with audio and video contents, Nero or other softwares to burn discs, etc.

Web Resources

There are lots of web tools you will need to get the most of your time. You will need google toolbar to check page rank and for bookmarks, Firefox for browsing the net, Stumble upon toolbar for bookmarking, and you will need these 10 great web tools. To read all of your favorite blogs in one place, use google reader as your feed reader. To connect with people and readers, use micro blogging like twitter. You can also use social networks for traffic.

Digital Goods

You will need different digital goods to organize and communicate. I’m not telling you to buy anything, just use what you allready have. I use my cell phone for twitter when I’m away from my pc. I use my PDA to organize my online things. You can also use a voice recorder to record your ideas on it.


You will have to sit and work for hours infront of your computer. So don’t forget to keep, drinking water and dry foods or biscuits with you. If you eat and drink water in the work, you will feel less tired and hungry and can work more.

Tell me what you think?

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You Must Own Your Domain if You Are Serious in Blogging

What are domain names? These are the web site address/ name like,, etc. This is your online home. These are the most valuable assets of the internet and people are making money with it. As a serious blogger, you must have your own domain name so that you will get the best value and the brand for your online venture.

your own domain name

Here are the reasons why you should own your own domain,

Its cheap to own a domain name

Getting your own domain like, .net, .org or .info costs next to nothing. You can find a domain in less than $10. Your own domain is your asset and its cheap. You can earn $10 with a single paid review. So my request for you is to buy your own domain as soon as possible.

Its professional

You want to be a professiona blogger, then be a professional. Your own domain gives you the feel that you are a professional and serious about the blog. The people will like to read from a professional blogger. [Continue reading…]

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Popular & Free Platforms to Start a Blog or Website

Blogging is very popular on the internet today and now people are looking forward to start their own blog. Some do for fun, some do it for business and some are professional bloggers (like me) who want to make a living with his blog. Many people says that, this is the golden era of blogging. As blogging is getting more and more popular, many companies are giving a free platform to design, host and make money with your blog for FREE! Here are some of the free blogging & website platforms I have discovered, [Continue reading…]


Entrecard, for brand, buzz and traffic

Update: Entrecard has been discontinued.

If you don’t know about Entrecard, that means you are missing a great source of traffic. Entrecard is one of the greatest inventions of the internet where you can buy traffics for free. Before I get to that point, first sign up for your free account in and ‘log in’ to your ‘dashboard.’

Once you have added your blog, you will be asked to create your card. You have to upload a 125×125 pixel image in .bmp, .jpg or in .png format. This will be your online business card and people will get to know about your blog with this. If you don’t want to upload an image, you can also use the simple text add creator from entrecard. Here is my entrecard,

Now you have to add the entrecard widget into your blog. Go to ‘Dashboard’ > ‘Get code’ and select a size. There are 3 sizes available, 127×148, 200×127 and 250×127 pixels. Choose the size which suites your blog’s sidebar. Now copy the code and add it to your blog.

Your widget will look like this.

Entrecard credits(ec)

Now the real game about entrecard is entrecard cerdits(ec). This is the main currency of entrecard system. Go to any other blog which has an entrecard widget and click ‘Drop’ ; this means you have dropped your card to his card holder. He will see your card on his dashboard and he might check your blog. For every card you drop, you will get 1 ec. Just the way if others drop their card on you, you will also get 1 ec for each drop. The more ec you get, the more you can spend on ads. You can drop a maximum of 300 cards per day. Which means if you work hard, you will gain 300 ec per day.


You can use your ec’s to advertise on other blogs. Click on ‘Campaign’ from your dashboard and you will see a series of categories. Select your category and search for different blogs to put your ad. You can filter the search results to match your status. Click on advertise on each ad to advertise on the blog. You will see the amount that how much time you have to wait for the ad. Once the person approves your ad, your ad will show on his widget for one day. The more popular ads will have more ad price and the new blogs will have lower price, so you will have the choice to choose lots of small blogs or few big blogs to advertise.

Placing ads

Other bloggers will search you on the campaign menu too and will ask for the advertisement. Once you have an ad, you will be notified by email and the ads will be placed on your ‘Dashboard’ as pending. Approve them and they will show up in your widget. The price of your widget is set by the demand of your ad. It works like, 2x2x2x2x2 and so on. If there are 2 ads pending, that means the calculation will be 2x2x2 = 8 ec. This number can go higher if there is more pending ads on your box. You will get 25% of the ec for each ads and the rest of the credits will be deleted from the system to control the economy of entrecard. This is a great way to earn credits from entrecard.

Branding your blog

Entrecard is a great platform to build your blog’s brand. There are over 6000 blogs that uses entrecard. This is the ultimate platform to advertise on these blogs and you don’t have to spend any money. Create a great looking ad, like the logo and the url of your blog in the ad and see how people learns about your blog. Your ad will be shown on lots of blogs and every blog has lots of readers so this is how you can easily build your brand.

Building buzz and traffic

You can advertise on lots of blogs everyday with entrecard and with no problem at all. The more blogs you place your ad, the more buzz you will get. For every ad you place, the people who will visit the blog will click on the ad and will come to your blog. Placing ads on lots of blogs will give you lots of traffic. Many bloggers have increased their traffic with entrecard.

Using credits in more ways

Lots of bloggers use entrecard credits in many ways. People sell links and ads with ec. Many bloggers hold contests and give away ec as the price. Many people pays ec for a link, stumble, rss subscription or even a fave in technorati. There are lots of ways to use ec on the internet. The more you learn about it, the more you can get benefits from it.

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How to create an interesting article structure?

In this article, I’m not going to tell you what to write and how to write anything in your blog. I just want to explain how your article structure should look like and what does it matters?

Here you can see an image of my first blog back in February 2008. You can see that, the article is a mess. There are no line breaks, any usage of formatting or no paragraph style. This way I had a hard time to attract readers on my blog because they don’t wanted to read this bulk amount of text. I used an image to make it more interesting but still it was not helping much.

One day one of my friend told me that she don’t want to read my articles because its tiring for her eyes to read all of the huge amount of text with no breaks. Then I thought I should separate my articles into short paragraphs to make it easy to read.

On the image, you can see two ads in the bottom of the article. These are affiliate ads and I put them in all of my articles. There were 7 articles in the front page, that means people will get to see the ads 7 times in the main page.

Do you know how much I got paid for the ads? Zero! Because I now have the idea that, putting lots of ads in a page does not work. Actually it works to get your visitors go away from your blog. Having lots of visitors with low ads, increases the results of getting profit.

Here are some tips which will help you to create an interesting article structure,

Use paragraphs

Break your articles into small paragraphs. This helps your readers to read your blog. They can have the chance to read any paragraph they want.

Use sub headers

You are seeing the example on this article. You can name your paragraphs with a sub header. This way your readers will know what is being writen about in this paragraph.

Use good formatting

Like Bold, Italic, Underline, Colors. But don’t use it many times, otherwise it won’t look professional.

Use images

You can add relavent images on your blog post. This will help to attract more people. But if you add lots of images, it will take more time to load your blog.

Use block quote

You can use this to show special words or comments taken from other people/ site. Here is the example,

Choose what you like, select that to do,
you’ll find some one, impressed from you.

Use bullets and numbering

This way,

  • People will know some points
  • You can share a word
  • Give an example or
  1. A product name
  2. website or
  3. An article to show

Use a final conclusion

Just like I add it to all of my articles. I hope you liked this article and you can ask for my help any time. You can also Stumble this article. You can also add some questions after the article to get them involved in the content like,

  • Did you liked this article?
  • It helped you? or
  • Did I missed anything?


5 Tips which will help you to become a better blogger

If you have determined yourself to become a professional blogger and to make a living with it, you have to become a better blogger. No matter what your blog is all about or what ever you offer, you must offer true value to your readers, supporters and to your sponsors. And the most of all, you have to become a really helpful person, you have to help others with what ever you can.

Here are some 5 tips which will help you to become a better blogger,

1. Write quality articles

No matter whom to you ask this question, “How to become a successful blogger?” you will get this same answer, “Write quality contents.” People will come to your blog and read what you have here, and if they liked it, they will come back again and tell others too.

You have to write lots of articles in your blog. You have to cover a subject with lots of new informations. All you have to do is to write articles on one subject. I know its your blog and you could write what ever you wish, even about your own life. But face it, you are not a celebrity and no one will be interested to know what you do. So you have to write on something which you know better and can write forever.

2. Timeless contents

I have read lots of blogs in the beginning and what I have learn is that you have to write timeless content in your blog. Timeless content is not a ‘news’ which will be no longer useful in the next day. You have to write articles which can be read anytime in the year, or could be read forever.

I have wrote timeless articles in my first blog, and people are still reading the articles which I wrote them 6 months ago.

3. Reveal yourself

People who will read your articles, will also like to know more about you. Create an about page in your blog, add a picture, some words about you and some ways to contact with you. People will more likely to read your blog.

I have seen many blogs, where the author stays hidden behind his nickname. Its a bad strategy for a professional blog. If you hide yourself, lots of people will quit reading your blog.

4. Connect with others

Connect with other people in your blog. Let them leave comments. Ask them to comment on your blog. Reply to comments and emails. Comment on other blogs you read and other people will come to your blog too.

Help others with what ever you know and with your experience is. Make it easy to comment on your blog and to connect with you. If you become helpful to your readers, they will like you and come to your blog regularly.

5. Read lots of blogs

Read lots of other blogs. Read the blogs which are related to your blog’s subject. See what they are writing about, you will get lots of ideas from them. Read blogs about blogging. You could read about other blogs from any subject. I read blogs about business, marketing, design, computers, blogging and art.

Reading lots of blogs are the main fuel to get lots of ideas. You can apply many things which others are doing. You can also connect with the authors and create a network of blogs.


Do you want to get banned from Google?

Google is a search engine. With google, we can search lots of websites on the internet. Lots of users use google as their default search engine. Getting higher placements in google and then having bigger Page Ranks is tough but you can easily loose all of the efforts by doing a simple mistake.
The question would come, ‘Do you want Google’s help to get traffic?’ If the answer is yes, then you have to follow some things so google can’t ban you from their search results.

Duplicate content

Google is strict to duplicate contents. If you just copy and paste articles from other website to your blog, google will punish you. If you publish the same article in all of your blogs, all of them will be punished.

If you just copy and paste small amount of contents, then it will not hurt your rankings, but you should avoid to copy and paste bulk amount of articles in your blog.

Delete posts

Each time you create a new article, the page will be indexed in google and will be placed in search results. If you delete that page when it has a big authority in google, people will then go to an error page via google. As a result google have to re-index and sort their search results that’s why they will punish the entire site.

If you edit any articles in your blog, it will not effect on your rankings but you should not delete your older articles.

Link farming

If you exchange links with other sites, it will help your site to get better rankings. But if you put lots of links in your website and all of them are different categories, google will think your blog is a link farm and they will punish your site. Exchange links with quality sites and sites which are in the same niche.

Bad neighborhood

If you give links to bad neighborhood like a site which is not in your niche or if you give a link to a site related to Porn, Adult, Scam, Gambling or Link farms, then google will punish you.

If those sites link to you, it wont negatively effect on your rankings. Linking to a punished site is may also give you a ban from google.


If you spam other sites, blogs and forums with your link to build up incoming links to your site, the chances are that google will find out that this is spam and all of those could work against you. All of the incoming spam links will effect on your ranking and you may get banned from google forever.


5 popular social networks to promote your blog

Social networks are the place where people like to hang out, connect and make new friends. As a blogger, you could use social networks to spread your blog address, make new friends and ask them to come visit your site. This way, you can make chain divisions of your blog on different social platforms to make a stronger brand. Here are my list of 5 popular social networks on the internet,


Facebook is the biggest social network on the internet. You can create an account and search for people who are interested in your blog topic. There are different people on the site.

Facebook has groups, instant chatting system, groups, pages etc. Anothor interesting part of FB is their applications. You can add different apps in your profile to do different things. You can also add your blog’s RSS feed in your profile, so any visitor of your profile can read your blog and can come to your site.

My Space

MySpace is the rival network of facebook. There are many users are active in myspace than FB. MySpace has the profiles, groups, clubs, discussion boards, forums etc. Another part of myspace is that, you can have your own blog in MySpace. You can use the blog as your professional blog.

Most of the MySpace users are teenagers, but now days everyone is connecting with myspace. You can also change the layout/ theme of your myspace page, there are lots of free themes can be found online.


Blog catalog is the biggest social network for bloggers. You can create a profile and can add your blog there. Its a great blog search community and all of the users are bloggers. There are profiles, forums, groups and many more in BC.

You can ask for any blogging help from the users, create link exchange groups, private chat and can join in discussions.


Hi5 is a teen community and it is popular in Europe. You can find lots of friends there. Can join groups, send messages and join forums. There are not very much options there but still its useful to market your blog.


Orkut is a social network by google and it is popular in Latin America and in India. There are profiles, images, scrapbooks, groups, forums etc.

You can create scrapbook entries like blog pages and can share them with your friends.


The concept of IZEA ranks and getting better ranks

IZEA is the main company behind, SocialSpark and many more. They have their own blog ranking system which is called the IZEA ranks. If you are willing to earn money online via PayPerPost paid reviews, then you must have at least better izea ranks.

As you know about PayPerPost, the better rankings you have, the more and better paying task you will get. It means that all of the factor behind big money making with PPP is only good rankings. They measure Google’s page rank, Alexa web rank and Izea ranks.

Most of the advertisers look for a good page rank so it would be tough for a beginner to earn big bucks. Google Page rank updates in every 3 months so that means you have to wait for a long time for the next update. Izea ranks updates every week and they measure how many people visit your blog and that’s how they rank your site.

The good news is that, most of the advertisers of PPP are now looking for Izea ranks and this is how I got few jobs for BlogKori worth $60+ in just 5 days.
To get Izea ranks, you have to install the ITK code into your blog. Go to and sign up for a free account. Add your blog and then add the code. You can also do this if you add the ranks widget in your blog and then people can also view your Izea rank.
You can still get ranks without signing up for an account. Log in to your PayPerPost account and click ‘My blogs’

Select your blog and click, ‘Get code.’

You will see the special meta code in the bottom of the page. Copy and paste the code in your blog’s HTML.

After you done the job, you will now see ‘Thumbs Up icon’ next to your blog which means you have added the code.

PS: The only way to get better Izea ranks is to get more traffic to your blog. Adding the widget may also help. If you want traffic then read,


Add a Favicon in your blog

Have you noticed the tiny icons next to every web address? These are called favorite icons, favicons (fave-eye-cons). These are cool and it makes any site stand out from hundreds of sites. If you are using blogger, the default favicon will be the orange ‘B’ (blogger) icon. YOu can change it to your own one so that your blog will look like professional.

BlogKori’s favicon is a big Bengali ‘Bo’ -the first letter of Bengali word, BlogKori. I made it myself with the help of the simple, MS paint software. You can make your favicon too. You have to create a 16×16 pixel tiny logo. This could be a icon(.ico) file or could be any image format like .jpg, .bmp etc.
Now upload the image in your website/ web directory. Blogger users can upload it into any free image hosting providers like flickr, photo bucked, image shack or picasa. Copy the source url of your favicon image.

Now open your blog’s HTML editor and paste this code after the HEAD tag, (replace the red part with your source url code)

<link href='Hosted-Favicon-URL' rel='shortcut icon'>

Blogger(blogspot) platform users

Open your blogger Dashboard and click “Layout” > “Edit HTML” you have to add the favicon tag after this code,


And check out your blog with the new favicon!