How to increase page views and capture the first time visitors

If I ask you how to get traffic to your blog, you can give me a list of 10-15 ways to get traffic or even more. It’s almost easier to get some traffic to your blog in no time, but the thing we look forward for a blog is, how much time a visitor is spending in your blog and how many pages he is viewing in each visit? This is definitely a key factor to make your blog better and to convert first time visitors into loyal readers.

I was watching over my blog’s statistic other day and I saw some improvements in the traffic. Thanks to google analytics for collecting my site data. I’m sharing my last month’s traffic status below and you can see that I’ve highlighted ‘Pages/Visits’,

The average number of pages a visitor visits in each time is called Pages/Visits. My blog is having 40% bounce rate that means 40 out of 100 people left my blog from the first page. Getting 2.04 page views per visits is extremely difficult when you are getting the bulk amount of traffic from social bookmarking sites. I get most of my visitors from Stumble Upon but many people complain that the visitors from that source don’t stay longer on the site.

I’ve constructed some good quality articles which sure attract people but also I’ve applied some other ways to increase page views. Here are some easy steps to increase page views in your blog,

Continued articles (Read more method)

There are plugins for wordpress and hacks for blogger platform to create continued articles. When a visitor will land on your home page, he will see a summery of the article. He will then have to click on the ‘Read more, continue reading, or whatever..’ to see the full article. The visitor will be redirected to the article page to read the article; this means another extra page view to read the same article. But if your article is not appealing enough for your visitor, then he will not click on the ‘Read more’ link to see the article.

Internal linking

Internal links are one of the best ways to attract more page views. You have to put the links between the article texts which will link to another page of your blog. This will catch the attention of the reader and he will click on the link to read that article too.

Related posts

There are automatic and manual ways to create related posts under your articles. When a reader will finish reading your article, he will see a set of articles related to that article topic which will give him more resources to learn about the topic. This is a nice way to increase page views and it works all the time.

Using your sidebar

You can use your blog sidebar to increase page views. Use some of your best articles like a top ten list on the sidebar and your readers will read them too. You can also add recent articles, categories, labels and other links that point to your articles in your sidebar.

Article pages

I’ve created some special pages on my blog with a set of articles on each topic. These will help you to capture more page views. The page is full of links to your older posts. You have to make this page easier to browse and to find good articles. You can see some of my article pages like, Popular articles, Beginners guide and Make money.


Comments are also important for getting more page views. If you can attract lots of comments, your readers will stay longer on your blog to read and come back again to see the reply of their comment. Most of the comments system has another page when a person leaves a comment, meaning another extra page view. You can also use your sidebar with recent comments to have more page views.

More ways for more page views

There could be more ways to attract page views on your blog like adding a community page or an about me page on your blog. You can add the RSS feed icon and email form to capture the new visitor. Using your social platforms on your blog is also a nice way to get more page views. You can use chat box on your page to interact with readers or could add a forum page which will have more page views.

What do you say?

I’m looking forward if I could get 3.00 Pages/Visits, I know it’s difficult but have to try my best. What is your status? Are you getting more page views from your loyal readers? What are the things you are doing to get more page views, tell me and I will post it on my blog.


Beginners guide for building your own social brand

If you want to succeed online, then you have to establish yourself on the internet. You have to make new contacts, build up communication and trust and authority online. It’s easy to sign up and join any of the online social platforms but having such an authority in any network is worth spending the time. The good side is that you can use your authority for your online venture to make profit.

Set the target

You have to determine what you are building. Are you building your personal brand or your blog’s/ company’s brand? These days lots of people have created social profiles to promote their blog and used the name to build buzz for their brand. If you want to build up a long term brand and a brand which you can use forever, then I would suggest you to build your self as the brand.
If you work to build your personal brand, then you will have long term benefits. First of all you are the owner and you can use it to promote any of your projects you want. But if you use your blog as the brand and few years later you move on to a new project, then you have to start all over again.

Getting started

If you choose to use your blog as a brand, then use your blog’s name and the logo. If you choose to build your personal brand then use your original name and picture. I used my real name, Tamal Anwar and the real picture as my profile image.

Create a word document in your desktop and write a short 150 words paragraph about you to introduce yourself. You have to write about yourself in every social profile you create, so copy-paste the same text to save time. Choose a nice profile picture(use real picture) and make 3 copies of it. Create one small (48×48 pixel), one medium(125×125 pixel) and one big image (free size). Use a square image so it won’t look messy if resized.

Social profile

Create a social profile from Facebook or Myspace. I choose these two because these are popular and have lots of active users. Create a profile in one of these or use both of them if you wish. Once you are done, make some friends and join some group. Browse the network regularly. Don’t forget to connect with me on Facebook.

Professional profile
Create a professional profile from LinkedIn. There are lots of professionals on the network. This will help you to create new professional contacts in your business. LinkedIn profile is a great way to share about your profession, expertise and lots of things. You can connect with people from different industries and ask for recommendations. This will work just like your own online CV. Connect with me on LinkedIn.

Social bookmarking

You browse a lot of things online. Social bookmarking sites are great place to store your favorite links. I would suggest you to use Digg and StumbleUpon. Create a digg profile and use the network to Digg(vote) stories you like. You can also submit your own page from your blog and promote it. Digg is a great site to get traffic. Sign up for StumbleUpon and download the toolbar. Browse pages and Thumb Up! the pages you like. You can use Stumble to get tons of traffic to your blog also. Don’t forget to connect with me on Digg and SU.

Video sharing

YouTube is the no 1 place for video sharing. Use the community to browse videos and you can also use it to promote your blog. You can create viral videos and see how it brings new visitors to your blog.

Blog community

Blog Catalog and My blog log are the two great communities to promote your blog. Create profiles in those platforms and add the recent visitors widget in your blog. My blog log has a unique service to manage your blog readers. Blog Catalog has a great bloggers base and you can use their forum to promote your blog. Be active on those communities to build your own brand.

Micro blogging

Micro blogging sites like Twitter and Plurk are great places to share what you are doing right now. They are not time wasters, they have a great role in communication and micro blogs can bring traffic to your blog. You can use the service with your mobile phone and keep your followers updated.


Gravatar is a service which will help you to keep your identity using your own picture. Gravatar adds your picture on your email address and when you will leave a comment on a blog post, your profile image will show up on the comment. This will help you to spread your picture every where you leave a comment building a known face.

Other tools

Other social tools, plugins and networks you can use to keep up with your social profile. Sign up for a FriendFeed account which will allow you to conncet with all of your social profiles. Other people can connect with your updates in friendfeed too. You can use to update all of your social pages, blogs and status from one place. Use entrecard to get traffic and drop entrecards on different blogs you visit. This way bloggers will know about you and your blog.

Cross promote your profiles

Cross link and promote all of your social profiles together and see how your brand goes up. Add all of your social links on your blog and other profiles. Micro blog about an article and ask for diggs or stumbles. Vote for a content on every social network you use. Connect with a person on his every social profile you use.

Be active on the communities

If you want to build a personal brand, want some connections and want to bring something out from the networks, you have to be active on the networks. Complete your profile and stay on those sites. If you don’t like a community, remove it from your list and focus on the community you like. Join groups and be active on the discussion. Keep your discussions relavent, don’t just have a mentality to bring everyone to your website. If you can build trust and authority, your friends will sure come to your site.

Any suggestions?

How you are building your social brand? Do you have some active profiles or you just want to be on every social platform? How you communicate with people and is it working for you? tell me.


4 Ways explained on how to get more comments on your blog post?

I wrote an article about 7 Ways how to get more comments on your blog post? Now I’m writing this article as an advanced version of the post to explain 4 of the tips from that article. You can sure read that article if you missed it.

1. Make it easier to comment

First of all you have to allow comments. By default, every blog system has a built in comments system. But please take a look at your comments box and use your own experience, is it hard to comment? Most of the time your readers will not comment because they have to log in with an ID. Make it easy to comment and allow anonymous comments.

If you hold comments for moderation, then please don’t use a word verification box.
If you want the comments and discussions to run live, then remove moderation. Blogger platform have a lack of a good comments system. You have to go to another page, write a comment, fill up the word verification and then comment. Use an alternative comments system like Disqus which is easier to use.

2. Ask for comments

Asking from the audience is good but is it worthy? I mean the post you have written in your blog, does it deserves a comment or further information? If you tend to write everything on your post and complete it, your readers won’t add something more. If you write an article with some informations missing and ask your readers to complete it, then they will participate. Sometimes adding one wrong information works well to engage your readers.

Ask your friends to support you too. Ask people from social networks and forums to help you with nice comments. When you know that you are getting a burst of traffic like the Digg or Stumble effect, then get some comments earlier. People will go away without leaving a comment, if you don’t have any comments on your post.

4. Reward your commentors

The basic way to reward your commentors is to give them a link back with the help of top commentors widget. But there are more ways you can promote your readers. The more you do for for them the more they will do for you. You can showcase the best comment and commentor just like my friend Hamdani Amin from Streamxy did in his blog.

Other ways to reward your commentors is to reply comments back to their blog, giving a social vote for their blog, giving entrecard credits and lots of more ways to promote your readers.

6. Showcase your comments

When your readers will see that other people have commented on your blog, they will comment on your blog too. You can easily add a comment widget on your blog with the latest comments. Adding comment widget with avatars works well to attract more comments. Comments are another sort of content which people love to consume. If the comment is interesting, other readers will follow that discussion and leave a comment. You can use your other sites to show off your comments also.

There are many widgets can be found online which will allow you to show of top commentors, recent comments and popular articles by comment. You can also build your own recent comments widget by adding a new RSS feed widget and adding this address,

I hope you have enjoyed the advanced version of the article and please do leave a comment also. You can help me by promoting this article just the way you want, thanks.


Stumble Upon for targeted traffic – Part 2 – Get better results

Some simple tips which will help you to get better results from Stumble Upon,

Build a profile

Unlike any other social platforms, you have to build a good profile on SU. Add your picture, a bio and a little something about you. The topics you stumble through will define your profile better -this is the main part. So please make sure what kind of article you will stumble. Will you stumble Business, Politics, Tech or other topics. Stumbling a niche will help you to build a better profile than stumbling everything.

Use the community

Download the SU toolbar and use the site. Browse sites and discover great articles. Vote for quality articles. Make new friends and communicate with them, send articles. Use the site as your search engine -the way you search for things in a topic, not just as a community. When you found a nice site, take your time and browse it. I found great sites with this community.

Ask for favors and return more

Submit only best articles from your blog and ask for stumble help. Return more favors and help your friends. Ask for stumble but when you have to return it, don’t just stumble, give something more like a comment or a vote from other community. Don’t forget the quality of what you are promoting; ask for apology if you are unable to help him.

Turn supporters into friend

When a someone else thumbs your content, that means he liked your blog and he might be interested in more. So add him as friend and send him a message thanking him. When you have something new to promote, ask for his help too, he will sure like to help.

Turn readers into Stumblers

Why not make your readers into your fellow stumblers too? Educate them for this great community and see how it helps you to get more traffic. When your readers will become a stumble addict, they will promote your content on SU too. You can create blog post about stumble upon, communicate with readers about this topic or you can also refer your friends to read from other blogs about Stumble Upon. You can also share my blog for more resources.

Every Stumble counts

Its not about your blog, its about your stumble authority. Make sure you stumble promote the things that really deserves it. If your each thumbs up and submission brings lots of visitors to those pages, that means you are building a better SU profile. If you put same effort and time on each stumble(your and others content) you will build a great profile.

Stumble the users

You can also vote for stumble users too. This will help your friends to build a good profile. As a result you will get the favor in return too. Support those people who submit great quality articles and who are regular users. Subscribe to their stumbles as an extra support.

Before I publish the next article about,”Some odd Stumbles that got extremely popular” stay connected with me and please promote this article with a Thumbs Up!

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Why you should not focus on Google Page Rank

Wow has Google page rank 9! no wonder how they managed to do this and what are they doing to get PR 10?

-do you think a big company like apple is working hard to get a better page rank? Off course not, they make computers and they have more things to think about. Google’s page rank is a kind of rating which small sites get mad to achieve.

-now you might think that, ya Tamal’s blogs have lost the page rank and this is why he is telling us why having a good page rank is a bad thing. Off course not, I want to have a better page rank too but the thing I wanted to say is, if you only focus on getting a better page rank, then you will lost your other things online.

Google was doing a great job, categorizing the internet by ranking different sites. The page with more quality backlinks got higher page rank. Few years ago some established bloggers and webmasters started to sell links to earn some money. This way business people started to buy links for their website to get higher ranks in search engines. May be this is the time when some sites started link trading business like PayPerPost, Review Me and Text Link Ads.

Google saw that in this way even low quality sites are getting higher rankings and then they changed their alghorithm. With this new system, big blogs with page rank 5-7 fallen at page rank 2-4. Medium sized bloggers with page rank 3-5 fallen at 1 or no page rank. This impacked the internet so much that the small and medium sized bloggers, who’s earning was depended on their high page rank were gone.

Where big bloggers with lots of readers found other ways to keep their income going on, others with small blogs were hopeless and quit blogging. The bloggers who were making thousands of dollars per month, ended up selling their blog in few hundreds of dollars.

You should not focus on page rank if you want to develop a better blog and want to make a living with it. When I was a new blogger and had no page rank of my blog, I wondered how it feels like to have such a nice page rank? When I got PR 3 for my first blog, the search traffic was still the same. Then I knew that page rank is just a status and you must work by yourself to develop readership.

You must not depend on the page rank for traffic, earning or anything else. Try to build up readership and create an excellent blog.

Link trading marketplaces look for other ways for the business. ReviewMe started to look for blogs with more daily RSS readers where PayPerPost created their own ranking system called Izea real rank. Most of the paid per post marketplaces changed the review structure so the review will look like an original post.

Real page rank will come automatically over time. got their page rank because the site was there from the beginning and lots of people linked to them. They didn’t try to get the rank, the rank followed them. I remember the words from Darren Rowse( to build up a better blog and let the page rank find you.

In the mean time focus on great quality articles, building loyal readers and increasing your RSS readership. Stop wasting your time on heavy keyword research, hardcore SEO and emailing people for a link exchange. If you do these things, you won’t be worried about the page rank change. But a light search engine optimization is healthy for every blog, so why not check out this article from my friend Wei Liang: 18 search engine optimizations


Stumble Upon for targeted traffic – Part 1 – The MYTHS

“Oh no! SU just changed their algorithm, now I’m not going to get more traffic from this source; I better look for other ways :(”

You should not worry about this if you use the Stumble community in the right way and you will still get more targeted visitors who will Thumbs Up! your content and stick with your blog. For months I’ve been using stumble upon to get quality visitors to my blog and I would like to show you some tips to get more benefits with this exciting social bookmarking site.

There are some MYTHS about SU and they are,

(1) You can’t submit your own content
(2) You can’t ask for stumbles and
(3) You can’t send your content

Let me tell you, I’ve been submitting my own contents from this blog and I’m getting very good results from it. SU is a web community and you should contribute to the site by adding great quality web pages and articles on their directory. As the same way I have been adding the quality articles(Not everything) from my blog on SU.

I have written about different money making websites, web tips and tricks and paid reviews but I didn’t submitted all of those articles on the community. I just only submitted those articles which really deserves some exposure.

You can always ask for stumble help from your friends. I don’t see it as spam, its the way you are making them aware of a nice article you provided. If its a quality article, it will help your friend too and he will sure Thumb it up for you, this is what friends for. Getting some extra stumble help makes an article stronger.

If you have 100 stumble friends and you asked all of them for a Thumbs up each, you might get the help but your article will lose the power because it will be then called spam. My idea is to sending 5-8 of your active stumble friends for a stumble. And off course few stumbles from power users are better than having 100’s from new users.

Stumble upon has an option to send the article to your friends. It can be done for sharing or for communication reason. This is one of the fastest ways to ask for a stumble. This is a great way to share articles and this is why this feature is for. I send the articles I stumble and ask them to check it out with a private message. This feature gives a personal touch with the system and helps to get a stumble help.

I get a reply message that he read this article and liked it, I reply again saying ‘thanks.’ This is not spam, this is human communication.


7 Ways to Get More Comments on Your Blog

increase commentsImagine that you wrote a 500 word article and it started to generate comments. After a few months there are around 100 comments on that single post. Now when a new visitor comes to that page, he took 10 minutes to read the article and then he took 1 hour to read the comments. He posted another comment and then he came back again few hours later to check if there’s any new comment on that post.

What just happened? Your 500 word article got bigger and more attractive because of those comments. Comments are different than the author’s voice this is why it could get very much informative. Most of the time comments become discussions where one reader interacts with another, not just the author. There’s nothing much to say why you need comments on your blog posts. You can attract visitors to your blog if there are some comments on each of your posts. Here are some ways to get more comments on your blog,

1. Make it Easier to Comment on Your Blog

Use an easy interface to comment on your blog. If your comment system is not good, then use a third party comments system like Disqus. Don’t make it too hard to comment or don’t force your readers to ‘log in’ to comment on a post.

2. Ask for Comments in Post

If you ask for comments, they will comment. Put some questions after each of your posts and ask them to leave a comment. This way your readers will sure leave a response.

3. Leave Some Comments

You have to comment also if you want people to comment on you. Visit blogs you like and post nice comments on them. Post original comments, not just: ‘Nice blog, keep up the good work’ -type comments. If you put a good comment, the author will follow to your blog and will comment on you.

4. Reward Your Commentors

You can reward your commentors with a linkback to their blog. There are plug-ins where you can show off the top commentors on your blog with a link back. Making your blog comments ‘Do follow’ will help to attract more commentors.

5. Reply to Comments

Once you got comments, don’t forget to reply to it. Thank him, help him or ask him an advice to let him leave another comment. If you reply to comments, you can also increase the total number of comments too. On the other hand, your readers will leave more comments on your blog.

6. Showcase Your Comments

There are many plug-ins and widgets on the internet where you can show off your latest comments. These will work well to get more comments. If you show off your comments, people will like to read those and they will post one more comment.

7. Your Own Idea…

Here where you will put the 7th idea. Let me know!


10 Tips on how to create a monster blog that will eat your readers

Don’t get scared of this, your baby monster won’t eat any of your readers, it will just help you develop more followers, big brand and profit. What are monster blogs? It’s a big blog that has lots of quality articles to read and have tons of informations. These are the example of some monster blogs: ProBlogger, CopyBlogger, DoshDosh, ReadWriteWeb.

A monster blog has 2 things, Quality and Quantity. The articles of a monster blog will be worthy and there are lots of them to read. A monster blog is a place where a reader can spend hours reading new informations and then he will bookmark or subscribe to the blog. He will come back daily and will link back to this site.

Creating a monster blog is not about the brand, traffic and popularity. It’s all about creating great quality articles which will help lots of people.

Here are 10 tips which will help you to create a monster blog,

1. Lots of writing

You must have writing talent to create a monster. Write lots of articles. If you are controlling the updates of your blog, then write articles offline on any topic, the goal is to get more writing skills. Why not create a secondary blog to keep on writing. Write emails, comments, letters and lots of things.

2. Pillar articles

Pillar articles, which are well researched and take long time to construct. Take an idea and extend it. Make it longer, add resources and points. This one is also a pillar article. Pillar articles are bigger and constructive, they get more attention because it takes long time to create and it becomes a better one.

3. Series of articles

Why not extend a popular article and create a series of articles? These series gets more attention and your reader will also like to read the next article. Extend your article with one concept on each part. Don’t forget to add the entire link on each part.

4. How to’s and Tutorials

Always create some articles on, How to do this, and that. Create tutorials because people love to get involved in something. Create a tutorial or a series of them. Create a tutorial about something you have to answer a lot of time. Create step by step articles which will help even the new user.

5. Short, entertaining articles

People like to read small articles because it takes less time to read it. Create some small articles on a topic or on something off topic to make your readers happy. Small articles take shorter time to create so you can update your blog more frequently. These are required along with the big pillar ones too.

6. Explorable archive

You have created a blog with lots of great articles but new visitors are not reading them. This is because they are not seeing them. Make an easy archive page where your readers can find your old articles. Create an archive page like I did with the ‘Archives’ page. You can also create your sub article pages with articles on each category.

7. Share links, articles and information

You must also share different resources instead of your own articles. Share articles from other blog, link to other blogs, talk about a great resource etc. Its all about informations, help your friends promoting their articles and see how you can create an informative blog.

8. Be personal

You can make your monster more attractive to read when you will share your own experiences, happenings and achievements. Be personal with your blog and your readers will connect with you too. Make your monster, friendly so the readers won’t scare away!

9. Get comments

Comments are also great resources. These are some information which can make your blog more interesting and more attractive. Your readers will stay longer to read the comments and come again to read new ones.

10. Final notes

Don’t try to be a monster because you can’t be one alone. Try to give your best online, create regular articles and you will create a big blog over time.

Quality is the first priority and don’t just start adding articles on your blog just because I said so. You must create original and well researched article for your blog.

Writing is good for your creativity and for you professional life. Write lots of article and publish them. Don’t avoid it just because they are not well written or full of errors, this is how you can develop better skills time to time.

Have liability for your blog even if you are doing it for fun. There are people waiting to read from you and this is why you have to create a monster blog.

How is your baby monster?

Please leave your link on the comments section and I will visit it. How you are feeding your monster and how much bigger you want it to be?


Setup your RSS reader – Google reader

RSS is Really Simple Syndication, or should I call the vital part of the blog, the content. As a blogger, you must like to read lots of blogs daily, in average 10-20 blogs. Reading lots of blogs in different topics is a great quality of a successful blogger. But if you try to browse 10 different blogs, it will be very hard for you to search every blog, load every page to find out the new updates. A feed reader is a great solution for getting new contents from you favorite blog.

There are lots of RSS feed readers available on the internet but I prefer Google Reader. Just go to and sign in with your google account. Now add your favorite blogs as your subscription. To add a blog, click on ‘Add subscription‘ on the center left of the page. Now put your favorite blog url like, ‘‘ and click ‘Add‘ -your reader will get all of the articles of the blog.

Now scroll down and you can be able to read all of the articles of the blog, even the older ones too. This way you will be able to read all of the contents in one page and you don’t have to visit the blog either.

Once you read all of the articles, you can now go and do your other works or could add more blogs in your list. Each time a new article has been puyblished on the blog, it will appear on your feed reader and you can check the blogs with new updates just like your email account.

You can get lots of other informations from Google reader and can share your feed items. You can also subscribe to an RSS feed by clicking on the Reader icon in different blogs.


Optimize your blog’s RSS feed for maximum results Part 2

This is the second part of the series, if you missed the previous part then you can sure read it here: Optimize your blog’s RSS feed for maximum results Part 1

To optimize your RSS feeds to the next level, you have to add some services from feedburner and have to turn some options on. Read this article if you need to know how to setup a feedburner account and burn your RSS feeds.

Go to and ‘login’ to your account. You will see your feeds in ‘my feeds’ menu. Select your feed and you will be directed to your feed ‘analyze’ tab. You will see your feed status and total subscribers count(if you have already some readers) This is my blog,’s feed history,

You can also see further details about your daily feed subscribers,

Who are the daily RSS readers?
Your daily RSS readers/subscribers are the total amount of readers who have read your feed yesterday. I mean the total number of visitors who got your blog articles via feed/ RSS reader/ email yesterday.

Now add turn on these services from feedburner,

Go to ‘publicize’ -tab

Chicklet chooser

Start getting new RSS subscribers by adding the RSS icon on your blog. Click on the ‘chicklet chooser’ from the center left from the window and select an RSS icon.

You can choose a verity of icons from the list or you could also upload your own image with the link pointed to your feed( Place the icon on the top of your blog, so that readers will find it and then your visitors will subscribe.

Email subscriptions

Email delivery is a great option from feedburner to give your reders another way to get your blog articles. When your readers will subscribe via email, they will recieve updates in the email whenever your blog gets updated. Most of the people who don’t like to read RSS from feed readers choose this option. Click on the ’email subscriptions’ -button and ‘Activate’ this service.

Get the email subscription form and add it to your blog. Adding an email subscription form will attract more email subscribers. You can also choose other options from this menu.

Feed Count

Feed counter is the social way to attract more subscribers for your blog. Go to ‘feed count’ and ‘activate’ this service.

You can choose different colors to create your own RSS feed counter. You can show of on your blog, how many daily RSS readers you have. Please note that, if you add a counter with having a low number like, 7, 10, 15 etc, this will make your readers unsubscribe from your blog because people like to follow a crowd. Add your counter to your blog when it reaches at least 50.

Buzz boost

This is another service which allows you to republish your feed in HTML. Activate this service and create a buzz boost.

Set your options like the headlines and other options. With this service you can create a link list of your latest articles like you see on BlogKori’s ‘What’s new’ tab. You can add up to 25 latest articles with this service but keep it simple by limiting it to 5, 8 or 10 latest articles.

Ping shot

Ping shot is a great service which will allow you to ping different search engines when you update your blog.

You can manually ping with Ping-o-matic when you update your blog but in case you forgot, activate this service. Select all of the services like, technorati, my yahoo, newsgator, blog lines and 5 more services.

Go to ‘optimize’ -tab

Feed flare

This is the cool way where you can use your readers to promote your blog articles. Activate this service and click on the feed flares you want to use.

Add the ‘comments’ flare to show the total comments on the feed item. If you use digg and stumble for your blog, add those buttons too! You can add more services but make sure to add only the services you and your readers use to promote the content.

Additional services

You can choose other services to further optimize your RSS feeds like, Browser friendly, Smart feed, Headline animator, Spring widgets skin and many more.

What do you say?

  • Was this article helpful?
  • Will it help you to get more RSS subscribers?
  • Did you liked it? or
  • Did I missed anything?

I would really like to get feedback from you and to know how you feel about this topic.