Must have and recommended wordpress plugins for advanced bloggers

Previously I’ve written a post about the Most essential and recommended wordpress plugins of all time. The article was appreciated by my readers and by all new and experienced WP users. Now I’m going to write another list of WP plugins for advanced bloggers.


This is a brand new plugin that you must have in your blog. This is a sort of click analytics and with this plugin, you can see where your readers have clicked. The clicks are color coded and the most clicked portion will be reddish.

Must have and recommended wordpress plugins for advanced bloggers blogkori heatmap

With this plugin, you’ll know where your readers click and how often they click? This will help you to learn where to put adsense ad units and banners. This will also help you to learn which links and banners are performing well.

WP Greet box

A must have plugin for all wordpress bloggers. This plugin shows a special message according the referring site. If your visitor has landed from social media such as digg, then it’ll ask for a digg. The plugin is highly customizable and it optimizes your wp blog.

Must have and recommended wordpress plugins for advanced bloggers greet box blogkori

Sphere related posts

This is a plugin which shows relevant posts and blogs when your readers click on it. It gives your reader a much more content across the web. I like this plugin because of another reason. Some of the most high profile websites such as CNN uses it. After each news articles, they link to the blogs that mention that story or link to it using Sphere. The sphere plugin takes your article and matches with other sites to use as the relevant post. A nice way to get a backlink from CNN!

Must have and recommended wordpress plugins for advanced bloggers sphere blogkori


Everyone’s talking about twitter and promoting pages on the network. TweetMeme is a new website that offers a small digg like button on your blog articles. It’ll show the number of times the post has been retweeted and will allow the user to retweet the article. This is cool plugin for you to promote your post virally.

Must have and recommended wordpress plugins for advanced bloggers tweetmeme blogkori

Disqus comments

A plugin for wordpress that transforms your default wordpress plugin into a brand new disqus comments system. You can manage your comments on disqus profile. People can read and follow your discussions and with an ID, you don’t have to put the details everytime you want to comment on a blog.

Must have and recommended wordpress plugins for advanced bloggers disqus blogkori


Feedfooter is a cool plugin that adds an extra footer part on your RSS feed. This can be copyright note, greeting message or paid advertisement link. This plugin supports HTML, so you can embed banners on your feed. The plugin has 10 spots that mean you can add 10 different footers which will rotate in your feed item.

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Do you use these plugins? What’s your favorite WP plugin? Did I miss anything?

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Start your hobby blog with Tumblr platform

A lot of people out there doesn’t want to do the hardcore blogging like SEO, bookmarking, traffic and HTML; instead they want a simple blog where they can share thoughts. If you want to create your own hobby blog, then Tumblr is the strongest platform for you.

Start your hobby blog with Tumblr platform blogkori

Tumblr is not universal such as blogspot or not as professional as wordpress, but it’s ideal for hobby bloggers. Here are the reasons why you need tumblr,

You want a simple interface for blogging
You want to create a journal
Need to connect with other people with similar interests
You want a great looking blog

Get started

Tumblr is easy to start, just go to and sign up for your free account. Create a blog and start posting. This is the dashboard where you can post text, photo, quote, link etc.

Start your hobby blog with Tumblr platform blogkori

Your free tumblr blog address is See my tumblog, If you want a cool template; search a template on Explore > Themes. You’ll find great looking 96+ templates from tumblr. All are unique and stylish.

Start your hobby blog with Tumblr platform blogkori Themes

You can also search for great tumblogs from their directory. Most tumblr users are art, music and photo lovers, a sort of creative users.

Start your hobby blog with Tumblr platform blogkori tumblr directory

An unique audience

If you’re sick with the same old techy audience from the blogsphere, then you can use tumblr to discover a new world of bloggers. These bloggers don’t really know what is SEO and they don’t care about link exchanges. All they do is just sharing great creativity and connect with friends.

Follow/ un-follow and re-blog

Just like we do on twitter; when you follow a blog, their updates will be visible on your tumblr dashboard. You can re-blog a post and write a note. This re-blog will appear on your blog and it will count as a reblog note (replacing comments).


You can customize tumblr as the way you want. If you know a little bit of HTML, then you can edit your template. You can use disqus comments system to add comments on your blog. You can also use your own domain on tumblr. You can post automatically from your mobile using

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Do you have a tumblog? What do you do with that? What do you think about Tumblr?


Most essential HTML tips, which will make your post stand out

Today Emma Best wrote a guest article about wordpress HTML basics. She runs her blog – which has recently launched their guide to student laptops and is a source for the latest Apple laptop reviews.

Most essential HTML tips, which will make your post stand out

The WordPress content management system has two options for inputing content: the simple-view type box, and the source box. When entering content using source, you have to add your own HTML code to format the content. At first, this may seem daunting. Brackets and nonsensical tags, as well as content formatted by code, not appearance, appears a hindrance, not a help. However, after learning the essentials of HTML, you’ll be able to create meticulously formatted pages for a truly unique design, which will separate your website from others and make it standout to new visitors.

The following article details sixteen essential HTML skills every blogger should know to make their blog or website standout, look unique, and keep readers coming back.

The Basics

HTML may look complicated, but it is not. The essence of HTML are the tags: almost every tag has an ending tag, and they are all enclosed in < and > symbols. To make an HTML tag, follow this format: <b>, and to end the command, write </b>. Notice it is the same tag with a forward slash (/) added.

Formatting Text

Formatting text includes the simple things readers don’t notice unless they are absent–extra spaces, bold and italicized text, paragraphs, font color and size and face, etc.


To format fonts, use the following commands:

<font face=”Arial” color=”red” size=”4″>

Face is where you enter the desired font. It is wise to add several different standard fonts separated by commas for those who use different browsers and systems.

Color is the color of the font. You can add HTML color code, such as #33333, or you can enter a color name, such as white, red, or blue.

Size is the size of the text. The numbers don’t represent normal point size; experiment with different numbers to get a feel for their size.


To make a paragraph, add <p> before the text and </p> at the end.

Bold, Italicized, and Underline

Bold is made via <b> before the words or phrase you would like to make bold, and </b> after.

Italicized is the same as bold, replacing the ‘b’ with an ‘i’: <i> </i>

Underlined is the same as the other two using a ‘u’: <u> </u>


To add a space in HTML, you must use the code &nbsp.


Tables are simply borders used to encase images or colors or, most often, text. They are essential for large lists, and not very complicated.

To make a table, start with this basic piece of code:

<td>Text inside table here</td>
<td>More text in another column here</td>

The code is fairly simple to decipher.

Table is obviously the start of the table.

TR is the column in the table. It is the vertical sections.

TD is the row that stretches horizontally.

You can add as many columns and rows as necessary for your needs by adding additions tags; make sure the TD tags are inside that TR tags, and that each is ended before a new one is started.

Tables can have extra formatting added by adding color=”X” and border=”X” inside the table or column or row tags.


Images are an essential part of any blog. They can add character and feel to a page, and make it easier to understand the text. Images are one of the few exceptions in HTML: they don’t require an end tag.

To insert an image, use: <img src=”file path/image.jpg” alt=”Text” height=”xx” width=”xx”>

IMG SRC  means “image source”, and indicates the location of the photo you would like to insert.

ALT  is alternative text to be displayed in the event that a browser can’t display an image. Most individuals enter descriptive text of the image.

Height  and width are obvious; enter the pixel dimensions you would like for each photo.


Adding audio to a web page is generally frowned upon; however, there are times when it is necessary or acceptable.

Automatic Background Music

I highly recommend against having music play automatically. However, if you really want it to, add:

<bgsound src=”file path/sound.wav” loop=infinite>
<embed src=”file path/sound.wav” autostart=”true” hidden=”true” loop=”true”>

You should only use MIDI or WAV files, as they are the most commonly supported. Try to keep the file size as low as possible to avoid long delays in loading. If you don’t want the audio to loop, then change loop=”infinite” to loop=”0″ and loop=”true” to loop=”false”.

Download Audio Links

If you want your visitors to be able to right-click on a link and save the audio to their hard drive, simply add a hyperlink to the audio:

<a href=”file path/sound.wav”> Text you want the visitor to right-click on </a>

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50+ Great things about blogging

  1. The very first blog post.
  2. The first comment.
  3. The very first page rank.
  4. The check from adsense.
  5. People are reading my blog!
  6. A new template.
  7. People telling that I’m a pro in my field.
  8. Personal emails.
  9. 100 RSS readers.
  10. I got mentioned in another blog.
  11. The first payment.
  12. Appeared on google search!
  13. A direct advertiser requesting an ad space.
  14. My first guest post.
  15. Someone asking to write a guest post.
  16. A digg effect.
  17. John Chow Dot Com.
  18. Customized the template.
  19. Fixed an issue.
  20. 1 more comment.
  21. A free ad spot.
  22. Someone adding my link on blogroll.
  23. Got accepted for an ad network.
  24. Another 100 posts.
  25. Getting my desired domain name.
  26. My blog’s favicon.
  27. Signed up for twitter.
  28. Created a mobile version for my blog.
  30. My blog got stumbled by a friend.
  31. Another email subscriber.
  32. Learned a new tutorial.
  33. Making my friend jealous about my blog.
  34. When I give an advice.
  35. Being on a top 10/ top 100 list.
  36. Another technorati fan.
  37. Being the 1’st commentator of a popular blog’s latest post.
  38. Darren Rowse following me on twitter.
  39. Getting an email reply from a high profile blogger.
  40. Getting a link from CNN.
  42. Getting traffic from google.
  43. Another traffic spike!
  44. A great new idea to write.
  45. 1 new friend request.
  46. WordPress.
  47. A ReTweet.
  48. Winning a contest.
  49. Getting good feedback.
  50. Very fast internet.
  51. Blog’s mobile version.
  52. Getting the higher place on google search.
  53. Traffic from yahoo search.
  54. Add yours too…


Combined efforts that made my blog SEO friendly

For the last few months I’ve been working on the SEO part of my blog. Search optimizing a blog can get you better search rankings and organic visitors. That means the free and targeted traffic from search engines such as google, yahoo or bing.

Website grader is a free online tool that helped me to understand about the most important aspects of website SEO. You can see the website grade badge which is showing the seo score of my blog. Few months ago when I checked it for the first time, it was 88, now I opted my site and the score is around 98.8. Website grader does not do anything for your blog SEO but it’s a great tool for web masters to optimize their sites. Here are some other things that I did for my blog’s SEO,

Combined efforts that made my blog SEO friendly -website grader, blogkori

Meta tags

Meta tags are the most important elements in blog SEO. I opted my Meta title, description and keyword. I changed the title from “BlogKori” to something in more detail I added a relevant description within 150 characters and added no more than 6 keywords as the Meta keywords. Some people will say to stuff keywords in your Meta, and I’ve told this before too! But I was wrong. Put less than 10 Meta keywords for better results.

Update: Meta keywords are not used anymore!

Combined efforts that made my blog SEO friendly blogkori

Domain age

How long the domain is online determines the importance of the website. Another new factor which is been talked about is how long the domain will be active. I bought another year’s registration for BlogKori and I hope google will give more importance to my site.

All in one SEO pack plugin

The wordpress plugin called All in one SEO pack is yet most powerful SEO plugin ever made. This tool helped me to create meta tags and removing some URL’s from the search engines. It helped me to over write the titles of my page and the Meta tags of each post and page can be changed too.

Web master tools

Sign up for google webmasters, yahoo site explorer and bing webmaster tool and submit your site to their engine. Webmaster tools are great ways to make your site indexed faster. The tools offer some features and options to make your blog search optimized.

Combined efforts that made my blog SEO friendly blogkori

Google XML sitemaps

Another great wordpress SEO plugin. This plugin can generate XML sitemaps for your blog which is crawler friendly. Once you create the sitemap, submit it on webmaster tools and see your post gets indexed faster.

Image tags

Most people ignore image tags/ alter tags. When you use images in your post, you can use this for getting more image search results. Instead of labeling an image as: Image-1, try to add the keywords as the image label. This will bring some more search traffic.

Internal keyword linking

When you write a new post, add internal links on your post to an older post. This is called internal linking/ deep linking/ anchor texts. Don’t just link; add the link with a keyword. This will increase the backlinks of your internal pages and bring more SEO juice.

Is your blog search optimized?

Are you working on your blog SEO? Share some of your interesting SEO tips with us. Are you ignorring search traffic?


15 Signs That Tells You, You’re a Web GEEK

  1. You have your own website or blog which you care as your child.
  2. You rarely go outside of your house and in most cases you rarely leave your room.
  3. You know who the CEO of twitter is and who’s the creator of facebook but don’t know the names of movie celebrities!
  4. You probably don’t have a date!
  5. You can fix your own computer and can mod it.
  6. You’re doing really great online.
  7. You work around 50-60 hours a week online.
  8. Infront of your computer, you forget to eat, change or even the shower!
  9. In Christmas or in Birthdays, you wish for 1000 RSS readers, macbook pro or a Page rank 6.
  10. You really don’t want to join the RAT RACE!
  11. You know a lot of things than any other of your age.
  12. You love to spend your money on softwares, websites and on subscriptions.
  13. You don’t care what’s on your desktop wallpaper.
  14. Friday means Follow Friday(twitter) and Sunday means Sunday Link Love to you.
  15. Add another one..

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I tripled my blog comment count and how you can do it too!

Yes, I just tripled my comments on February ’09, comparing to January ’09. Take a look at the screenshot below. 90 Ham detected (genuine comments) on Jan 2009 and 283 on Feb 2009 -that’s more than 3 times the comments I received in January,

I tripled my blog comment count and how you can do it too! blogkori

Earlier this year I moved to wordpress from blogspot platform. I used Disqus comments system on my blog and received 345 comments in total. -that’s all I got in 6 months. Now if I take a look at the new stats, I got more than the number of the old stats in first 2 months alone (Jan-Feb ’09) When I move to wordpress, I lost my older comments and I was upset about it, but now I’m happy to get even more comments.

How I got even more comments on my blog? You may think this is because of the DoFollow movement of BlogKori, but I made my comments dofollow few days ago and those comments were received even the blog was nofollow.

You can read some basic steps where I explained 7 Ways how to get more comments on your blog post? and then I wrote another one here: 4 Ways explained on how to get more comments on your blog post?

Ask for comments

At the end of each article, what I do is to ask for comments. I ask questions, suggestions and let them to reply with a comment. If you don’t ask your readers, they will rarely comment on your post.

Replying to all of my comments personally

Whenever someone leaves a comment and I feel that it needs a reply, I reply to it ASAP. I try my best to provide answers, suggestions and solutions. I feel it like a duty to reply comments; this makes my reader to comment back again. Your own comments are part of the total comment too! This is how I made my comments double and triple the reader participation.

A big reward

All commentators will have the chance to be on the top commentators list. I made the widget more attractive by adding their profile pictures in it. After each month the *top commentator will get an ad spot for one month and that’s free! This is another reason how I attracted more comments. Now that I’ve made my comments DoFollow, I believe I’ll attract even more commentators.

Posting more articles

How can you attract more comments if you have a limited number of posts? I increased the number of posts and this how the total number of comments increased. I also linked my posts with other posts and showcased the best posts on my side bar.

I tripled my blog comment count and how you can do it too!

Leaving comments on other blogs

This is a habit I’m developing and you should have it too. Each comment I leave on other blog invites more readers to my blog and then I get more comments. Give some comments to others and others will comment on your blog too.

Asking for comments on social media

I use social media a lot like twitter, stumbleupon and facebook. I ask my friends to leave comments to start the ball rolling.

So how you’re attracting comments?

Are you having a nice amount of comments on your blog? How you attract comments and then how you handle them? Do you get comments organically or need to ask some friends?


What to do when you had a Page rank drop?

Google page rank is one most highly desired search status that everyone wants to get it who ever learns about it. Now getting your first ever page rank is a great experience, especially when it’s a big one! Yes I got my first page rank as PR 3 for my first blogspot blog.

What to do when you had a Page rank drop?

When I got my first PR, back in March 2008, I didn’t even know how it works and how I got such a high number for such a new blog. When some people gets a bigger page rank, other people suffers a page rank drop, like dropping from PR 4 to 3; 2 to 1 or 1 to 0. Now on this article, I’d like to explain this fact and what you should do if you had a page rank drop?

Case study: How I got PR 3 in 3 months?

I got my first page rank for as PR 3.  I thought I got PR 3 because of my regular articles but the reality is, this was all of because one site linking to my blog which was a Page Rank 5 blog. At that point I didn’t have enough backlinks to my blog. Few months later, that blog shut down and my page rank was now dropped at PR 2.

After 2 more updates, (July ’08 and December ’08) it still was on PR 2. This truly makes sense that this domain is really a PR 2 domain and it won’t increase until I build some more links -I don’t have to because now I have a new domain on it:

The big myth!

When the page rank drops, most people think that Google punished you. It’s not true because the current link popularity will determine the PR. If “A” links to you and his page rank had a drop, you’ll be affected too. So the tip is to build enough incoming links that your PR won’t drop for other links.

There are 2 Page Ranks, one that we see on the toolbar and the other determined to put your pages on the search results. If you’ll get punished, your search Page Rank will decrease.

Avoiding page rank drops

Blogs are different than websites. Take a google search for -you’ll see around 300 results. This means 300+ pages are indexed from BlogKori. The big advantage of a blog is, every page will be ranked individually. Where your blog homepage is a page rank 3, other internal pages will be PR 2/1. Internal pages can outrank your home page too! For an example, when my blogspot blog was PR 3, one of the internal pages were PR 4.

What to do when you had a Page rank drop? blogkori

You can easily increase your homepage rank by linking to your homepage from most of your blog posts. When ever you try to build some incoming links, try to build links for internal pages -not your homepage all the time!

One of my web designer friends, Darrell from had a problem with mass linking. He gave away free templates and each of them linked to his homepage. Some of these links turned into useless links, causing a page rank drop. My idea is to link to the internal page, not the homepage -so if anything goes wrong, one page will suffer and not the main page.

What to do with a PR drop?

My advice for you is to calm down. It won’t be fixed until the next update. Whenever your Page Rank drops (I never wish for that!) try to think which blogs have removed your link and which ones had a PR drop? Now you have to keep your blog going and build some more incoming links.

Some people start to remove all outgoing links from their blog. It’s bad for your friends and they will have a drop too! Try to keep one link for a longer time, 6-12 months or even more! If you’d like to sell links, make sure you keep it for at least 3 months.

The final motivation

Google Page Rank is just a search status and it doesn’t determine the quality of your writing. Your friends won’t leave your blog if you had a PR drop. Write more outstanding articles and make connection with people around you and you’ll get to your ultimate destination.


How to Choose a Good Domain Name for Your Blog

Domain/ web address is the most important thing of a blog website. Choosing the right domain will make you one step ahead of others. You must own your paid domain for your blog. The rankings you’ll achieve will be yours and in the long term, you’ll be allowed to sell it.

How to Choose a Good Domain Name for Your Blog

Domains are the base of the future business, so you have to be careful about choosing the right one for your blog brand. Once you setup one and started to market it, it’d be harder to change to another one. Here are some domain examples, [Continue reading…]


How to re-create a dead/ abondoned blog?

Are you blogging for a long time, may be years? So I think you have a few abandoned/ dead blogs in your collection. Now you don’t know when you’ll feel creative to work on an old blog again; maybe your friend or partner have given you an old blog to re-populate it again -so how to start over again? Let’s find out!

dead abondoned blog

Why working on an old blog rather than starting a new one?

The answer is, “Old is gold!” in web life, old domains and sites are much appreciated because age is one of the important factors to get higher rankings. Your old blog may already have developed some higher positions in the search engine. Chris Garrett started to blog on his old domain because it’s 7 years old and has better status on search engines.

Your old blog may have lots of incoming links and this is why you should rebuild it again. There may be few but interested people who regularly visit the blog.

Start with a new commitment!

Create a new tagline for your blog and start with a new spirit. Starting it again may be difficult so you can bring on the best of your articles once again for your new readers.

Have a new design

Choosing a new design/ theme will make it look like a new blog. Set a much better looking theme and start blogging.

Cover new things on the niche

Write new articles and write regularly. When your readers will know that this blog is updating regularly, they will come back often.

Create a buzz

Email your friends and leave comments that you’ve re opened your old blog. Use social media or even run a contest to make your blog hot.

Keep your blog ad free

For the first few months, go on turbo and make your blog ad free. This way, readers will be interested in your blog and they will keep coming. Try to post more good quality articles regularly.

Free giveaway

Create an ebook with your old articles and give away for free. Give free articles, newsletters and full rss feeds. You can also give away free entrecard credits to make your readers interested.

Buy advertisements

Buy some cheap banners, reviews and links from blogs in your niche. This will help you to re populate your old blog faster.

Set a deadline!

Set a personal deadline such as achieving xxx RSS readers in 3 months, getting xxx visitors in a month and you’ll achieve it.

Are you planning on a dead blog?

Do you have any dead blogs? Are you planing to re-populate it? Share it with us and how you’re working on it?