[… this post was written few days before the new year and I planned to publish it on the first day of 2009. But for the recent wordpress transformation, I delayed the post …]

Finally it’s a whole year since I launched blog-success.blogspot.com(now tamalanwar.com). In this entire period I learned lots of things, made lots of mistakes, 90% plans were failed and other 10% were a big hit! My greatest memories of 2008 were fantastic. Here is the quick list what I learned in my first year of blogging,

  1. Be serious about blogging -no matter you want to make it as a profession or a hobby
  2. Put your eggs in many baskets
  3. Daily writing is good!
  4. Don’t try to appear on every social platform you can
  5. Don’t add people randomly: The mistake I did in facebook, adding friends without even knowing. Now there are at least 200 people in my friend list I don’t even know them 🙁
  6. Build profile one by one: Chose a site, use it and build a great profile. Once you done it, go and use another network. At the end, you will have power user status on many networks.
  7. Reveal yourself as the author: Because people will like to know who is behind the blog.
  8. My first Page Rank: Yes, it’s history. Got PR 3 for blog-success.blogspot.com in March; the credit goes to regular articles.
  9. Networking with your readers and friends really works
  10. I made money online (If I can make money online, anyone can)
  11. I can blog on blogging (Started BlogKori.com)
  12. Blog on your own domain: Currently all of my blog’s are on it’s own domain.
  13. Help as much people as you can -it costs nothing!
  14. Adsense is not the only way to earn money: Now I have 8+ streams of income source and still trying new sources.
  15. You have to give a value before you can bring out something: Learned from Darren Rowse -ProBlogger.net
  16. Readers are better than visitors
  17. I learned how to make a sticky blog
  18. Made lots of talented friends and found great blogs
  19. Don’t just bookmark your own pages(I learned from Stumble Upon)
  20. Building a helpful personal image(Almost)
  21. Started to blog on WordPress(The new BlogKori)

Wrote 500+ text posts, read 5000’s of emails, commented at least 500 times; received 1000’s of comments, personal emails, requests, messages, chat and tweets.

And finally, Thank you for being with me all the time. If it was’nt you, then Tamal Anwar wouldn’t even existed on the internet.

Happy new year!