Chances are you are on facebook, a large number of internet users are using facebook every day. If you love reading my blog and are active on facebook then you must “Like” and keep up with that page on facebook.

An average facebook user is connected to 80 FB pages/communities (source). Now why would you want to like one more page and keep up with that? In this article I am going to give you 10 reasons, why you should like BlogKori on facebook and keep up with it!

1. I Share Regular & Insightful Updates

On the new business page in facebook I share regular updates on blogging, social media, business building and everything that’s related to inbound marketing. Most of these updates are images, infographics, status updates, polls and links to useful articles. I post these few times a day so if you are not joining that page, you are missing something huge! Most topics can’t be covered in full blown blog articles, so this is the perfect place to drop them.

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2. I Post Lots of Cool Photos

On that FB page I also post lots of pictures of food, motivational images, achievements and pictures of events. These pictures both entertain and inspire. The facebook page of BlogKori is the one place where you can get to see behind the scene happenings of what the author (Me) is doing which you may be interested. So just to lighten up your mood, you should click the like button and receive these updates.

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3. I Reply to Comments

Over at the fanpage I allow comments, wall posts & private messages. So if you have a comment, question or a feedback, you can drop it over there and you will get an answer from me. Inbound marketing is a two way communication and I am leaving that line open for my readers, friends and fans. So when you like the page, you will be able to get in touch with me.

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4. Get in Touch With Me Personally

There is a “Message” option in the page which you can use and send me a private message. I will respond to your questions, suggestions or feedback personally. This isn’t possible with a public forum or on twitter. You have email, but sometimes emails get delayed for many reasons. With the option of private messages you can interact with me at a very personal level. So hop on and send me a message now!

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5. I Share Motivational Posts

Motivation is a driving force that helps us to move forward. With each of my updates, ideas and comments I spread the motivation. So if you are feeling overwhelmed and need some motivation in blogging, head over to the BlogKori fan page and get some motivation. These posts will inspire you and help you start something new.

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6. Get Latest Articles from the Blog

Liking the page acts as a subscription option too. You are getting updates from the page and also notifications of new articles, so it’s like 2 in 1! Whenever I write something new and epic, I share it on the fan page. This will help you find out about the article and read it on the blog. This way you don’t have to visit BlogKori everyday expecting a new update.

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7. More than Page Updates

The facebook fan page is more like a mini website. You can read the new articles, watch YouTube videos and read the twitter stream on page. So it’s a cool thing that just one facebook page gives you access to other hubs of So the next time you visit the page, make sure you browse around the tabs for other pages too.

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8. You Will Love My Designs

Just for the sake of creativity, go to my page and check out the facebook cover pages I have set up. You will love the design I promise. Perhaps you may also find some inspiration for your own FB page too.

blogkori cover photo

9. You Can See a Part of My Readers

When you will join the fan page, you will be able to see what other people wrote and commented on my page. This will allow you to interact with these people and make new friends. When you are reading this blog, you are alone; but when you will go to my page you will see a part of my blog readers in action.

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You don’t know it unless you “Like” BlogKori on facebook. So go ahead like and start interacting with the page and you shall find out these regular “fan only” surprises.

Ohh, one more thing! Don’t just like it, also click to get notifications. So you will never miss out these awesome updates ever.

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