Search engine optimization(SEO) is the science of getting better search results in search engines. But the crazy part is that, no search engines likes google, yahoo or ask tells anyone the ways they rank web pages, blogs and how they put them together on their search page.

We bloggers who spend day and night with search results and searching thousands of keywords, learn by the way they provide each search results. Now we can give a suggestion that, doing this might give you better places in search engine.

There are many ways to increase your search results. The natural way of building backlinks and other methods are the white hat SEO or the good guy way. And the other way is called the black hat SEO or the bad guy way. Black hat SEO is bad because google doesn’t likes this one and might punish you for doing this.

Here are some black hat SEO techniques to learn from but applying them will lead you to, BANNED FROM GOOGLE!


Spam are the junk files of internet, some informations which are not worthy. If you spam on blogs and forums to build incoming links, this will be a bad way to build links and when google will find you, they will punish you. Signing up for many accounts in any social platform, creating lots of blogs un-naturally is also called spam. Google has your IP address stored and knows what you are doing online so everything you are doing is effecting your overall reputation.

Link farming

If you start a massive campaign of link exchange to build incoming links to your blog, this will determined as a link farm. Linking to lots of off topic blogs will make your blog a linkfarm and google doesn’t likes link farms. Linking with a link farm, like the link exchanging websites is also a black hat SEO trick.

Traffic exchange websites

The sites which allows you to exchange free traffic and visitors and show unwanted pop ups, are the bad neighborhood. Linking or using traffic exchange sites is a bad guy trick.

Link trading

This is a controversial issue. You may want to pay other sites to show your link for traffic or get paid to link other blogs to make money, just as we do to make money with paid contents. Google doesn’t likes this method of paid links that’s why they punish the sites with paid links. In pro blogging, you will have two options to choose from, get paid from paid content or get a good page rank.

Hidden keywords

Your page will never show on the search results for the term, ‘baseball’ if there is nothing written about it on your blog. Black hat SEO experts create a list of all sort of searchable keywords and place them on their blog. Now they will pick the color of text to match the background so that the keywords will be invisible to humans but it will be accessible to search robots and will get ranks. This is a serious trick and it may ban your site completely from the search engine.


To stay out of trouble, black hat SEO’rs create two websites. One is for the dirty trick and one is the main site. First one is filled with hidden keywords, spam and other tricks to get ranked well in search engines. This page is an opening page and linked to the main website. If this site gets banned, they will stay out of trouble and their main site will be safe. Google has advanced technology to find the backdoors so please don’t try this at your site.

Robot texts

Most of the programmers create special robot texts to spam, build links, get ranks and for other things. Using robot texts to getting better search rankings is a black hat SEO trick and you should not use it.

Who got banned?
Everyday thousands of sites are loosing their ranks, places or even the existence in search engines for using black hat SEO tricks. This method may result a boost but have terrible effects on your blog’s ranks. is a big blog and have 25,000 daily RSS readers. John chow had google page rank 6 few years ago and now he has NO page rank. He is banned from google for using black hat SEO tricks and getting lots of un-natural incoming links. If you search the term, ‘John Chow’ or ‘Make money with john chow’ -you will never see in the google search.

So my suggestion is to stay out of trouble and use legal methods to get traffic and ranks. Traffic and success has to come automatically, not illegally.