technorati logoUpdate: Technorati blog ranking has been discontinued.

Technorati is a blog search engine and it could be a great source of traffic if you get better rankings in TR.

Technorati is just like other search engines like google, yahoo or bing, but the main difference here is that, its a social website and the users determine the popularity of blogs.

It’s mainly a blog directory and one of the top places you need to submit your blogs to.

Here are some tips which will help you to get better rankings in TR,

Write lots of quality content

Write more and more articles on your blog. Try to write better articles which will be helpful for your readers. The more articles you write the more pages you are creating for your blog and its good for your blog.

Tag your articles

Tag your articles with relevant keywords like for this article I’m using, Technorati, SEO, search engines, traffic etc which will help me to get better rankings.

Ping your blog

Use a ping service to let TR know when you update your blog. This way they will update your new pages and you will get better ranks.

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Get more backlinks

Get more backlinks from other blogs. Write good articles and people will link to it. Ask your friends to link back to your site. Start a link exchange campaign. You can also exchange links with me too.

Ask for Technorati favorites

The more users adds your blog as their technorati favorites, the more ranks you can get. Ask people and friends for a fave. You can also start a fave exchange campaign. You can also ask from me anytime.

Let users fave your blog

Add the technorat favorite button in your blog and people will use it to fave your blog. This is another way to get faves and the chance to get better ranks. Go to technorati fave buttons, copy the code and paste it on your blog.

Update: Technorati has changed the way technorati faves work. Right now they are working on a new favorites algorithm.