Yes, I just tripled my comments on February ’09, comparing to January ’09. Take a look at the screenshot below. 90 Ham detected (genuine comments) on Jan 2009 and 283 on Feb 2009 -that’s more than 3 times the comments I received in January,

I tripled my blog comment count and how you can do it too! blogkori

Earlier this year I moved to wordpress from blogspot platform. I used Disqus comments system on my blog and received 345 comments in total. -that’s all I got in 6 months. Now if I take a look at the new stats, I got more than the number of the old stats in first 2 months alone (Jan-Feb ’09) When I move to wordpress, I lost my older comments and I was upset about it, but now I’m happy to get even more comments.

How I got even more comments on my blog? You may think this is because of the DoFollow movement of BlogKori, but I made my comments dofollow few days ago and those comments were received even the blog was nofollow.

You can read some basic steps where I explained 7 Ways how to get more comments on your blog post? and then I wrote another one here: 4 Ways explained on how to get more comments on your blog post?

Ask for comments

At the end of each article, what I do is to ask for comments. I ask questions, suggestions and let them to reply with a comment. If you don’t ask your readers, they will rarely comment on your post.

Replying to all of my comments personally

Whenever someone leaves a comment and I feel that it needs a reply, I reply to it ASAP. I try my best to provide answers, suggestions and solutions. I feel it like a duty to reply comments; this makes my reader to comment back again. Your own comments are part of the total comment too! This is how I made my comments double and triple the reader participation.

A big reward

All commentators will have the chance to be on the top commentators list. I made the widget more attractive by adding their profile pictures in it. After each month the *top commentator will get an ad spot for one month and that’s free! This is another reason how I attracted more comments. Now that I’ve made my comments DoFollow, I believe I’ll attract even more commentators.

Posting more articles

How can you attract more comments if you have a limited number of posts? I increased the number of posts and this how the total number of comments increased. I also linked my posts with other posts and showcased the best posts on my side bar.

I tripled my blog comment count and how you can do it too!

Leaving comments on other blogs

This is a habit I’m developing and you should have it too. Each comment I leave on other blog invites more readers to my blog and then I get more comments. Give some comments to others and others will comment on your blog too.

Asking for comments on social media

I use social media a lot like twitter, stumbleupon and facebook. I ask my friends to leave comments to start the ball rolling.

So how you’re attracting comments?

Are you having a nice amount of comments on your blog? How you attract comments and then how you handle them? Do you get comments organically or need to ask some friends?