Hello everybody! I have news.

First of all I am resuming this blog again! Yea!!

Next up, I moved to Habiganj (Sylhet)

Pond near Eidgah in Habiganj

Quoting myself, what I posted on my facebook profile:

By the end of the last year I made a serious decision about my life. I decided to move my life from Dhaka city to the small town of Habiganj, Sylhet near my relatives.

Since I work online and all I need is electricity and internet connection, I can go anywhere and work.

It was a hectic transition, it wasn’t easy but I(we) made it.

So on the day of Jan 18th 2016, me and my family moved for good. I’m really enjoying it here.

So long Dhaka city, it’s been 22 years.

Looking forward to this new chapter in my life.



Habiganj town is clean, fresh and progressing rapidly. Everything I need is right next to me.

I loved my new place. Where I live now is just a little outside of the heart of this town. It’s better to live outside of the crowd.

Habiganj’s weather is cooler than Dhaka city. We have heavy wind coming in from all directions. Few days ago, we had the coldest foggy weather when we arrived here. I compared, when it was 18° C in Dhaka, it was 14° C in Habiganj. Dhaka city is filled with heavy air and pollution, that’s why it stays hot all the time.

So the next challenge after setting up my office here in Habiganj was the internet connection. I got a 3G connection from Airtel, which has some killer speed. See below:

Airtel 3g in January 2016

However the data limit is a pain. So I had to carefully use my internet, just work no play.

Good for me, most recently a new broadband internet company started their service here in Habiganj. I went to their office today and they assured me, my location will be under their coverage area within a week. So that’s a good news, I will keep you updated on that.

I have decided to create a local community for internet marketers here in Habiganj. I have started building my network over here. I have also created a group in Facebook, please join if you are in Habiganj and working online.

So it was a life changing experience for me & my family; living in the heavily crowded Dhaka city then moving to the peaceful small town of Habiganj was not easy, but I did it. Let’s see what comes up ahead.

Update: 12-2-17 on Broadband in Habiganj

I got connected to broadband internet connection in Habiganj. Now there are a number of broadband internet connection ISP service providers in the area. The main 2 players currently in the town area are:

Habiganj Net Communications -which is a collaboration of Airlink Cables, MS Online & MT Network. This is the connection I am using at my office in Tinkona pukur par and at my house in Shayestanagar. Their office is in Khaza garden city.

Lights Communication -which is a modern ISP company in Habiganj and claim they are operating in more districts other than Habiganj. They are headquartered in Kalibari road.

Apart from these two, we also have BTCL telephone based internet connection option, head office at Shayestanagar.

If you have more information regarding Habiganj’s internet then feel free to drop a comment below.