How to Start a Blog From Scratch in 2020

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It’s difficult to start a blog from scratch when you are the only person in charge. You have to write, promote, build links, do the design, and take advertisements and all other things required. It’s hard but it’s not impossible. I built my blog from scratch and no one was there to help me out. This article will be a handy guide for an internet newbie about how to start a blog from scratch.

For every beginner bloggers, the number one problem is the lack of a coaching and guidelines. You’ll find free articles, resources and ebooks on how to start a blog and make money but in most cases, these are not gonna work for you as a newbie perspective.

How to start a blog from scratch? BlogKori

So now you have to follow a guideline where you can build your blog from scratch, all by your own and with minimum investment. You have to follow the guide written from the person who have succeeded in creating a blog from scratch (like me!)

Why you should start a blog?

You can blog for fun or blog for business, but whatever the reason is that your blogging you should know first that why you should start a blog.

Video: Why you should start a blog

What is minimum investment?

Blog can be done for free with the help of free platforms such as Blogger and Wordperss but I recommend Blogger. Blogger supports a range of customization and the scope to publish ads.

You can start with a domain name that requires $10 (500-800 TK in BD) and you can use this domain with blogger (no hosting required) Read this guide on using a domain with blogger.

If you can afford a domain and $4 every month for web hosting, then go for a self hosted wordpress blog.

Brainstorm a killer topic to blog about!

After you have decided to start a blog, it’s time to take a topic and launch your blog. When choosing a topic, try to think about your target audience. People will come to your blog and read it. Do they know how to use a PC and internet? Yes, because they are already on the internet and looking for something. Now ask yourself, what would you like to find on the internet and are you able to provide a better solution? If the answer is YES, then start with that topic.

Write 10 blog articles

Write 10 article topics on a notepad. Write them one by one & then publish them on your blog. It doesn’t matters how long you take to post them. Just write short 300-500 word articles and get started. Don’t waste your energy to write a post like, “Hi, this is my first blog” type posts. At this point, no one is reading your blog.

Now write one new article everyday on your blog. If possible, write more articles and post them in different times of the day. When you have more than 10 good articles, start promoting your site. The reason I said to write 10 articles is because when a new person will come to your blog, they must find enough articles on your blog.

Promote your site

If you have accounts in facebook or twitter, then ask your friends to take a look at your blog. Get started with new social sites such as twitter, facebook, digg, stumbleupon, reddit and find people who share the same interests. For an example, if you write about pets, try to search people who voted or submitted about pets. Add those people into your list because they might be interested in that topic.

Take a search on

…and find blogs on your topic. Comment on the posts and make good relationship with the readers and author. In this case try to locate the small blogs around you.

Social media traffic comes only when you shake them. This means you have to be active on those sites to get regular traffic flow.

Design your blog

Having a nice and simple design is required in blogging. If you’re using blogspot, then take a look at this post about setting up a custom template. If you google, you’ll find lots of interesting blogger and wordpress themes. You can also create your own blogger theme from scratch.

Please don’t spend too much time on improving your blog design. Set a new template and be happy with it. In the beginning, try spending more time on content writing and promotion.

Income source

Trying to earn money with your new blog is just like sending your new born baby to work without giving him time to grow. Maximum people try out blogging to earn money and that’s okay because we all want to have a part time income. Now at the very beginning, bloggers want to earn the high numbers which is fairly impossible.

Income with a blog depends on your blog topic, traffic and conversation rate. There are lots of methods to make money with a blog, lots of money making opportunities and that’s the main problem for newbie bloggers. Beginners don’t know where to go and what model will work best for them. For beginners, try out google adsense and as you explore the internet, you’ll find other ways of money making.

More advanced topics

The more you’ll learn about internet blogging, the more you can do better with it. It’s hard to build a blog from scratch but it’s not impossible. Here are other aspects of blogging for advanced bloggers,

Share your experience

You must be a new blogger or an experienced blog author. Please do share your experience, tips and strategies with us. What you did when you were about to start your first blog? What challenges you’ve face in blogging? You can also read this huge list from LifeHacker on how to start a blog and being a better blogger.

58 thoughts on “How to Start a Blog From Scratch in 2020”

  1. Boy that was a good post.

    Creating a blog is not going to make the money. As you said, you need to have a good design, and as much ways to monetize your blog. Without adding sources of income, you’ll never be able to make money from your blog.

    By the way, I read your other posts and I really like your blog. Keep up the good content coming.

    Mike G hersh the make money online blog

    1. In beginning, you should add more resources which is the hard part. For the monetization method, you should try them one by one to figure out which one works for you. And then it needs time and effort! No luck involved, only pure hard work.

  2. most of the new bloggers think about income first. But I think design, content and the ability to reach to the audience should be the prime terget. the equation is simple
    Content=Traffic(subscriber too)=Money 🙂
    Another fact is that motivation and coaching works like a simulator.
    anyways, thanks for nice post

    1. Your definition is correct! If you build it, they will come! But JohnChow says: If you build it, they won’t come. (Evil)

      I wrote some articles last year that is sending me traffic via google over time and that’s the proof.

  3. Anterpreet Singh

    Nice article as always, i have build my blog from scratch by designing my self and with help of my one friend, it help you to learn a lot . Thanks 🙂

  4. Great tips for beginning bloggers! And even for some that are more established, but not getting the response they expected.

    ~ Kristi

    Ps. Thanks for the logo design! I plan on updating it tomorrow or Friday. 🙂

    Kikolani’s latest blog post..Benefits of Blogging – Building a Community

    1. Wow! Your site looks great! I guess the logo is the main inspiration behind the great new look of Kikolani. Happy me!

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  6. great tips. i have enjoyed reading this post. i’m blogging for about a year but i still consider myself a beginner as i am far away from my blogging goal and every tip i get helps me a lot.

    i tried to make money through my blog “Life as i know it” but adsense didnt send me the PIN code so i decided to switch to bidvertiser. now my 2 other blogs show ads but “Life as i know it” shows none. i am hoping to add some (maybe 4) advertise spaces for others to advertise. how can i do it?

    irtiza104’s latest blog post..Change the Time: Reminder to Bangladesh

    1. Adsense didn’t spent me the PIN either but in most places of Dhaka, the check and pin has received. I now use another adsense account located at France. Bidvertiser doesn’t shows much ads because they don’t have much.

  7. Great tips as usual.One question how can I make a photo like that one?Hope you tell me

    Patricia’s latest blog post..¿POR QUE SERA?

      1. You can download PhotoScape from It has all the built in options for doing those effects without using PS.

  8. How to Start a Blog

    I definitely have to say – a paid, self-hosted blog is the way to go. It is always annoying having to tell your friends “yea, my blog is at … or …”. It really isn’t that impressive if you can’t OWN your blog.

    I have setup well over 30 blogs by now and have gone through the technical setup process so many times I could do it in my sleep : ). If you would like me to set it up for ya, I do it for free.

    Happy Blogging!
    – John

  9. Great post!! Although blogging can bring in a great deal of money. It still takes a good amount of time to get the hang of how things work. Although I do like bloggers platform. Along with the fact you can add adsense to your post with a very simple click. However it can also be dangerous to your google account if you post too many of the same links on your blog. This needs to be kept in mind for those wanting to use a blogger blog as a basic link farm. You do not want to jeopardize your google account just for building a few affiliate links to products and services. Keyword research also needs to be done properly with any bloggin platform to assure the maximum ammount of traffic possible. Keep up the great work.

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  11. Any new blogger should read your article. Maybe on the future you can write an article about how to make money with your blog 😀

  12. very nice post with simple words description for the newbies. My friends are insisting me to tell them how they should start blogging. Now I gona sent this link to friend.

    Tamal Anwar can you please tell me what might be the reasons that adsense disapprove account request? As a six month old in blogging, I am not fully aware of this. Adsense rejected my accounts besides all the corrections. Can you please tell me how to approve adsense account for my blog? Thank

    1. Adsense is getting more and more choosy when it is comes to approving blogs. Try another domain to get your account approved.

  13. Hi Tamal,

    I really like the simplicity of the explanation and it is quite encouraging.

    Did you use WordPress to make your blog?

    My little question will be when you have started your blog, do users sign up and then later they can just sign in? Are you the administrator? do you control and monitor everything? Like if someone’s comments are offensive or abusive, can you have the power to delete them?

    thanks again



    1. Hey Sam, really interesting question, I had the same ones just forgot to mention them. Will do after this.

      I started my blog on blogspot, later I moved it to wordpress self hosted version. (I will write another post on this) -this blog is in wordpress self hosted version.

      When you create a blog, by default it is you who can write and administrate. You can write posts and people can read and comment. You can moderate the comments or wish to have them appear instantly.

      There are some multi user blogs that are called “Community Blogs” there people can register and sign in. Then they can write posts and the editor will approve their posts. This is possible both in wordpress and blogger.

      1. Hi Tamal,

        Thanks for your answer.

        Tell me something, what about the terms and conditions. That is quite very important aswell.

        Also on wordpress do they have template or can you make your own design? It is always cool when the design is personal.

        I think I would like to have registered users for my blog as later I would may be to put some advertisements on it.

        Please as I Know nothing about web stuff, you will not mind me asking some questions sometimes.

        Be cool man


      2. Hey Sam, the wordpress I said, it has 2 versions. 1 is free that has some rules, it cannot have ads unless you pay for an upgrade. #2 is that is a content management software you can have it on server. In the 2nd one you are the master of your site so there are no rules actually.

        There are many options and plugins that allows you to have multiple authors and users in it. Yes you can add advertisements. All the top blogs and news sites are built with wordpress CMS.

        I am a tech guy and a designer. My work is related to this; if you need some assistant or want to hire me for technical stuff, you can follow this link to my portfolio site: thanks

      3. Hi Tamal,

        Thanks again.

        Do you think it is better to start with a blog with no ads first, then may be 6 month later I can put some ads.

        So I might start with the first option of wordpress, the free one. Tell me something, can I move everything data from the to Tell me something, on wordpress have they got template and you can edit it if you want? Did you say this blog is from because it looks good man.

        Also for the ads, how does it work? Let’s say with google ads, how much percentage they take in every ads?

        Thanks for offering to work for me. But you know that I will not be able to do it now as I can not afford it at the moment, and also I would love the know a little bit about webdesign. May be later as I will have some money as what you do here man, you have a good heart and there is not loads of people doing what you are doing.



      4. Hey Sam, you are always welcome. My blog is full with resources + I am adding more as I am going on (had to side track for a few years before) but I am back now.

        Yes this is the best choice to go NO ADS at first. Most people don’t get it in the first place. In the beginning there are no or less visitors coming, so they will not click on ads to make you enough money, instead they will be annoyed by you.

        When the blog traffic(visitors) grows, there will be just so much left over traffic. Means the people will usually move away, for them the ads will come in handy. is a clean platform, there are so many built in options you can use (for a non techy) person. They have many starting themes and designs.

        My blog started on blogger and then moved on to the self hosted version. The self hosted version can import articles from other blogs. Say you can move your free blog to the paid one.

        I suggest you to try both free wordpress and free platform. And choose your best one. And then when you have minimum amount to spend on domain and hosting, go for it.

        Adsense pays around 30% of what the advertisers pay per click. Say the advertiser is paying 30 cents per click, so you as a publisher will get 10 cents. But don’t stress it right now. Build a blog and an audience and then you will see that opportunities coming.

      5. Hi Tamal,

        Thanks once again for all the advices.

        Yeah you right, I will start with a simple one first. Did you say this bog is from or .org?

        Just tell me, after I get the domain name, is wordpress like just a design tool? Can it offer aswell Web-Hosting service, Network server and Backup server?

        I have just been to, must I have a domain name before starting designing the blog?



      6. Hey Sam, this blog (blogkori) is on wordpress.ORG -to achieve this I bought domain from namecheap and hosting from hostgator.

        If you buy just a domain and want to host on the free platform: -needs upgrade fees -free -free is a all around blogging, designing & programming tool. It can do wonders that others cannot.

        I hope this helps

      7. Hi Tamal,

        Everything you post here helps me man.

        How much per month do you spend on hosting? I already bought a domain name. It cost me around £27.


      8. That’s good to hear man, I am also working on some new posts in the background. I suggest you subscribe to the new newsletter, it will help you get in touch.

        I use hostgator, I pay $10/mo, it lets me host multiple blogs. If you do get one, use my affiliate link (I will get a small commission for that)

      9. Hi man,

        $10 per month that is very cheap and good. Are you using them also for the servers? I read that you must pay for some servers you know to keep the data.

        But you do not need them, do you? it is just on

        I am writing my budget for it for a month. As I mentioned above I already bought the domain name, so I think I will pay for some host per month and also some servers. What do you think?

        Also do the price of the host varies according to the volume of the content and data in the website?

        Thank you again.


      10. Hi Sam, when you pay $10 (it is actually $9.95/mo) from hostgator (BABY PLAN) -this has server unlimited storage, domain and usage.

        By server they have everything on their end, so you don’t have to worry on this. You just buy the piece. And version comes for free.

        So for the cost you will be just paying for the domain per year and the $10/month that’s it. You can add more domains and blog in this account if you want, for no extra cost.

        As far as I know you can host about 5-6 websites in total in this package.

        Here is a tutorial that shows how to install wordpress on your hostgator server:

        I am using them for 3+ years now and they have very good support.

      11. Ohh one more thing, right now all the hosting servers online offer unlimited storage this is because hard disk price is getting cheaper and people who host websites don’t use much space. However when the site grows bigger, it needs more power and accordingly you will need to have an upgraded hosting plan.

      12. Hi Tamal,

        Always useful your advices.

        On, can you design it the way you want? What I mean is may be the way the comments will appear.
        I think I will get the I think I can afford it.

        So I think that as I already got the domain name for years, I will only pay for web hosting service. Will I need some back up server?

        In my blog I would like to get registered users. You think that is a good idea?

        Also, if you want to move your blog away from, may be you want to design your own with some design engineers that you hire, would allow you to do that?

        I don’t know if I asked you that, but how much per month do you pay at

        Thank again for everything.


      13. Everything is possible and the best part is is open source, meaning that it is free of cost.

        No you will not need a backup server but you may keep the files on your computer as backup. will have no relation with you other that the updates they provide. So you can hire designers, you can move or use it for any purpose.

        PS: You gave me a really good idea. I will write a blog post on the costs and things you mentioned in this discussion. Stay tuned!

      14. Hi Tamal,

        That is what life is about, helping each other with ideas. So on, I will just need to pay some fees per month is that correct? I registered to and was looking at the template and I will choose which one will be better for my blog. But I think I will change a few things on it and add something also.

        Am I going to pay the fees on when I will publish the blog?

        Have a nice day my friend.


      15. Hi Tamal,

        That is cool. I did think I will pay something on Tell me, when you did this blog, did you follow the instructions? Man I do not understand what they are saying. But there are saying that if I have no idea how to install it, we can sing up with one of their web hosting partners which offer a one click installation of wordpress. On their website there are 3 web hosting partners, BLUEHOST, DREAMHOST, LAUGHING SQUID.

        Please could you tell me which one of those will be best for me.

        Also, you know about the ad choices, for a beginner like me, when I will have (let’s hope), enough people writing things on my blog, is that the only option? Also, with the ad choices, do you get only the money if a blogger clicked on the advert? Can you get any money by just with the advert appearing on the website?

        Thanks again Man.


      16. When I started my blog, I was so scared of the wordpress platform because it was too much confusing. But I had to make a move and install, so I did the exact steps to manually install it. It was a mess.

        Now almost every hosting provider has the auto install feature,

        Read this post for the guide:

        Top 3 hosts that are good for you, hostgator, bluehost (bluehost and dreamhost are from one company) and hostmoster.

        While I have hostgator and it has better support and also has the auto install feature.

        Yes with adchoice, you get paid when people click.

      17. Hi Tamal,

        How was your week-end? Thanks for the advice again.

        I have just registered for your newsletter. Tell me something, I have been looking into the theme (template) website on and found some interesting. For this website blogkori, did you use one of the theme or you made this yourself? Also, do all the theme or template on have the option to make registered users?

        Also on, you know on the themes, will I have the option to have as many tabs on the top as I want?(example as like you on your blog : Home About Articles Start)

        Concerning the ads, I will do what you told me at the beginning, no ads until I get a lot of registered users.



      18. Hello Sam, good to see you coming back again and again in my blog. I bet you are also talking about my blog to your friends.

        My weekend was no different, I worked.

        My blog design is a thesis theme, that I designed myself. Meaning that it now has only one copy, it is unique.

        Yes you can let people register. Also many themes now has the option to add top navigation pages. You can add many pages and then choose the best ones to show up on the top.

        Hope this helps.

      19. Hi Tamal,

        Yes, I have been telling it to my pals.

        Please, could you tell me, I just wanted to download one of the themes on As the file is compressed, I decompresse it on ZIP, but when I open the decompressed theme, I think they are asking me something like PHP software. What is that?
        I just wanted to make a quick blog on I though it would be easy.

        Do you think that if I will be using wordpress webhost, they will install wordpress and then when I will want to install a theme it will be ok or I must have that PHP stuff installed. Man this is more challenging than I thought. Your advices will be welcomed please.

        Thanks a gain.



      20. All the major web hosts has PHP and Apache versions. When you download a theme, it is in zip. Then go to wordpress > appearance > themes > upload. Then select the zip file and upload. That’s the easy way to do.

        Thanks man, keep sharing the word, I highly appreciate the word of mouth buzz.

      21. Hi Tamal,

        I wanted to pay for a webhost on BLUEHOST. Their lower price is $4.95 per month for 3 years. Do you think I should get that deal? but they have other deal like $5.95/month for 2 years or $6.95/month for a year. Also they are saying for an additional $14.99 per year, they gave you a SiteLock Domain Security. They protect you from malware and stuff like that.

        I mean I could get the 3 year package deal as on their main page it is says that they will give you unlimited ” domain hosting, GB hosting space, GB file transfer, email accounts and free Site Builder w/templates, Secure Shell, SSL, FTP, Stats,CGI, Ruby (RoR), Perl, PHP, MySQL. I do not know what those things are or what do they do.

        What do you think, is it a good idea to take the 3 years package together with the $14.99/year SiteLock Domain Security.

        Thank you my man.

        Best regards


      22. Yes it is okay and it will save you money. Also I don’t think you will need a domain security, but still is up to you.

      23. Hi Tamal,

        OK, I will pay for the webhost next week, trying to sort out my finances. I know for a the start of the blog it is always recommended that you do not put advert on it, Better to drive load of traffic or people into your blog, but do you think it is a good idea may be to put just 1 or 2 ads, very careful? What do you think?



      24. Yes possible but make sure they are relevant enough. Such as a memory card ad for a camera/photography blog.

      25. Hi Tamal,

        I have installed already wordpress, but now I do not know what to do? I went to one of theme and do I have to download a theme?

        Man I am a bit confused?



      26. Yes you have your blog up, well man try a search on youtube and you should find lots of tutorials on this manner.

  14. Very good article for newbies. Quality content is the key to success in this field but for newbie it’s hard to know what to do actually. Learn and let us learn should be the motive for the beginner and money will come automatically by and by… 🙂

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