You don’t need a real office for working online; you can do it from your home. This is the benefit of working online and I love it. Lets see how we can setup a small home office for work.

For this we will need a couple of things,

  1. A home (of course!)
  2. A computer
  3. An internet connection
  4. Website to get work
  5. Payment processing option

A home

Home sweet home; place where you can relax and spend time with family while you work. You must need a quiet place to do your work. It’s better to have a work desk and even better if there’s a window near you. Make sure your work place is noise free and also free of pollution. If you are living on an urban society, then it’s almost harder to find a place like that. Still we have to choose the best among what you have. I work in a well vented room and it’s very comfortable.

A computer

Desktop or Laptop, choose any type you want. Make sure you have at least a Pentium duel core processor on it. With that minimum power you can do multi tasking and run complex programs. If you are a graphics designer, you should get a high end computer with better graphics card. In the past I worked on my desktop. That was a highly tuned machine running on Intel Pentium Duel Core with an ATI graphics card.

My 2nd desktop where I used to work

I recently moved on to my Dell Core i5 laptop because of the power cuts here in my place. If you are working from a under developed country like me, then I would suggest you to save your money for a laptop. This will save you lot of time and stress. I don’t recommend using mobile phone, iphone/ipad as your default device for working at home. They can’t be replaced as work machines. Also I don’t recommend using netbooks (small laptops) –as they have very slow systems.

My Dell Laptop, my new office

An internet connection

Get the fastest you can afford. Mobile internet is great solution if you don’t have broadband or want to be mobile. I have broadband in my desktop.  A standard internet connection should be enough for working online, but if you are video conferencing or downloading bigger files, get something better.

Wireless internet modem & Broadband connector side by side

Website to get work

Website is your online store to get work. You can take help from sites like odesk to get work. This way you don’t have to pay for setting up your own website. You can build your own website for work and this will be even better.

Payment processing option

Get paid using many options such as having a bank account and receive ACH payments. Banks in many countries now accepts ACH (wire) transfers. You can also get a payoneer mastercard to get paid and withdraw the money from ATM’s in your area. When you have your payments option setup, all you have to do is to work from home and relax.

oDesk Mastercard & Payoneer choice Mastercard

Are you working online?

Please share your thoughts/ experience working from home. Are you looking for a way to work from home? Why do you think you should work remotely?