How to Setup a Custom Domain/ Address in Blogger(blogspot)?If you are serious about blogging, then you have to own your domain. If your blog address have a prefix like,, or then it wont look professional. You have to tell a long address to your friends so that they won’t remember it.

The reality is that most of the people online don’t take blogs with a subdomain seriously. Owning your domain makes the address shorter and easy to brand your blog. You could replace blogs or service under that address and you could sell the domain in the future.

I started blogging under a subdomain to try out blogging, when I got serious about it, I transformed it into a real Dot Com domain. If you are using a free service like blogger, making publicity of your sub domain will only increase the authority of them because you don’t own that domain. If any how blogger deletes your blog, all of the readers will be not able to find your blog. So that’s a huge risk.

So it is better to move your blogger blog to your own domain as soon as you can. Blogger gives this chance and you don’t have to buy hostine, blogger will host your blog forever.

Before you go to the process, you have to own the domain like, A domain is as low as $10 (700Tk) and you can buy a domain from godaddy. You only have to buy the domain, not any hosting.

After you have purchased your domain name, go too blogger, click publishing and click on custom domain.

setup a domain name in blogger

Now add your domain like I did, and click save settings. You can check to redirect to Now if you type your old address in the browser, you will redirect to the new address so no need to panic. Check the address if it works or not, when everything is ok, now it’s time to tell everyone about it.

If you purchased your domain name from GoDaddy, you can easily change the settings by following this link.

godaddy blogger domain setup

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