blogging 1Good afternoon from Bangladesh. I’m writing the first post of this 7 day English blogging challenge. As I have always wrote about blog writing, this will be no different. Let me walk you through blogging!

The Setup

It’s super easy to start a blog. Go to either blogger or and sign up. It takes less than 5 minutes to get your blog ready. If you are experienced, then start with a self hosted wordpress blog.

Pick a topic you are comfortable with, you have passion, you can write about it for the next couple of years.

Some suggestions could be: Apple, Apple in BD, Tech, Fashion, budget friendly fashion, Restaurant reviews/food, photography tips, blog about cool websites, traveling, traveling in a budget, healthy lifestyle, blog about banks, mobile operators, money saving ideas, tips to cut costs, blog about Dhaka life, blog about living in your city etc.

Pick one main topic for your blog. Don’t write about multiple topics in one blog -it get’s messy.

Oldie Bloggers?

Last night when I posted about this challenge in my facebook wall, a lot of oldie bloggers shared their interest to start over. So my tip for them is to do a fresh start with their existing blogs. Just forget about any of the old posts, let them stay there and write some new posts with a new mindset.

Write something you have never wrote before. Don’t be scared to do an experiment. If you like to start over with a new blog, new domain, new topic, then you are welcome too.

Ideas for The Next 7 Blog Posts

Do you know the secret of never running out of new blog post ideas? You have to write down a list of blog ideas on paper upfront. Do this, relax your mind and think about your blog. What you want to share with the world? Write down 7-10 ideas for your next blog posts. Every idea is a next blog post.

Then find an ideal time when you are feeling creative. Open up your favorite word processor and write down a blog post. I like to use MS Word to write my blog posts. It helps me fix my spelling and grammars.

When you are writing blog posts, make smaller paragraphs of 2-3 lines each. It helps break down the post and makes it easier to read (just like this article.)

Don’t worry about the word count, just keep writing. Explain what you wanted to say and end the post asking the reader to leave a comment. Ohh, remember to put at least one cool image into your blog. I now collect free images from Pixabay.


Blogging is fun when you are not worrying about SEO, page rank, social sharing and stuff. Just interact with your readers and everything will fall into place (that’s what I feel now.) I will publish every post in this series by 6pm-7pm Bangladesh time. So be sure to check my blog that time. Please leave a comment with your thoughts and the link to your blogs. Stay well.