Should I Blog in 2020? is Blogging Dead?

Before you consider the idea of starting a blog in 2020, you should think, do people really read blogs this day an age? Isn’t YouTube took over the world with video content? Is blogging dead in 2020? Here goes my observation about blogging in 2020 and beyond.

Is Blogging Dead?

Blogging is not dead because traffic to news sites and popular blogs is growing every year. Print books and ebook sales growth shows that people still love to read.

However, blogging, the way we used to do is dead. People don’t read blogs the way they did ten years ago.

Today, website content and blogs are there to serve a specific purpose. Internet users are googling for information, they grab the info and go out.

Often times, the users are taking the info from the Google search page.

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10 Year Anniversary of Working Online

Oct 27, 2017 marks my 10 year anniversary of working online. Ten years from now, on this day I started looking for ways to build a website. I started with no money or knowledge and was able to make a career in this field.

My reason for writing this look back:

10 years of working online is nothing to be bragged about. I wanted to share my story for me to read and reflect on what I have done. It should also be an inspirational post to all of those who are reading and in a tough situation right now.

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