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How to setup a home office for your work

You don’t need a real office for working online; you can do it from your home. This is the benefit of working online and I love it. Lets see how we can setup a small home office for work.

For this we will need a couple of things,

  1. A home (of course!)
  2. A computer
  3. An internet connection
  4. Website to get work
  5. Payment processing option

A home

Home sweet home; place where you can relax and spend time with family while you work. You must need a quiet place to do your work. It’s better to have a work desk and even better if there’s a window near you. Make sure your work place is noise free and also free of pollution. If you are living on an urban society, then it’s almost harder to find a place like that. Still we have to choose the best among what you have. I work in a well vented room and it’s very comfortable.

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3 More money making websites to boost your online income

Make money online is the best thing to do with the internet. Instead of wasting time on pointless browsing, you can spend that time to make some pocket money. I’ve covered a lot of money making methods that made me money and now here’s more for you.

PayPerPost V4 for bloggers

The first stop is the latest website. Yes, PayPerPost; this is not the old PPP, it’s the new version 4 that’s currently on alpha. This new PPP is setup with a new marketplace with a new method of paid content. They call it paid conversation.

3 More money making websites to boost your online income Payperpost version 4
This time you’ll set how much you’ll take per word and per link. That means the more you’ll write about your advertiser, the more they’ll pay.

New PPP is currently on Alpha version and you’ll need an alpha key to sign up. Go to this official blog post and request an alpha key with a comment.

TwtAd for twitterers

I guess most of you all know about TwtAd. This is a brand new twitter marketplace to sell your tweets. The ad method is pay per click. The more clicks you get on your ad, the more you’ll earn. Click rates could differ from $0.01 to $0.20.

3 More money making websites to boost your online income TwtAd
A nice thing of TwtAd is the referral program. You can earn 20% of your referrals earnings. You can use referral banners and links to promote your twtad account. Please do sign up with my link.

ShortTASK for web users

Short task is a money making website which offers simple tasks such as social bookmarking, linking and commenting jobs. ShortTASK pays the users to take simple tasks and complete it within a limited amount of time.

3 More money making websites to boost your online income Short Task

Short task pays a little amount of money, like social bookmarking for $0.01-$0.10; commenting on posts, writing a review etc. There are bigger paying tasks available that pays $1 to $5.

Start making money today!

There are lots of money making opps on the internet; just search and get started. Do you know any more cool money making sites? Then please do tell me about it.


Even more twitter money making opportunity from Sponsored Tweets (@SponTwts)

Even more twitter money making opportunity from Sponsored Tweets (@SponTwts)

Money making with twitter is not a new thing and we are getting used to sponsored twitter posts and we just ignore those twitterers. Now what if the biggest paid post marketplace joins the twitter money making wagon? Yeah, IZEA has recently launched a new marketplace for twitterers to make money with their twit accts and it’s called SponsoredTweets.

Signing up is easy, just login using your twitter account. Now what?

Even more twitter money making opportunity from Sponsored Tweets (@SponTwts)

Now this is not another place where you will be expected to post messages to your account; IZEA is really good at this and they have come up with something better! You can write your own version of tweet and can choose your own disclosure text. This is something where you can customize your twitter messages and that means it will easily blend with your twitter posts = more money!

SponTwts will give you a flat rate per tweet + additional for each click it generates. When I added @blogkori to their system, it suggested $1 per tweet. It’s better than having $0.05 from other sites. Although I have only 150 followers in that account.

I can guess that SponTwts is trying to create a standard in twitter marketplace. Here advertisers can reach high quality twitterers, not just spammers having thousands of followers. By the way, right now advertisers are still can’t sign up for the service, so it will take a few more weeks to get your first SponTwts!


10 Things you need to get started in Freelancing online

I’m a freelance web designer and I do web designing for companies and individuals. At start (on June 2009) I started off doing it from odesk and it’s a great platform for freelancers like us to get started and find work. Now days I get offers directly through email and my new clients are being referred by my older clients. I still receive emails, messages and question asking how do I get started in freelancing? So here’s an article which will help you prepare yourself to get started on freelancing online.

1 Have a good schedule

It’s up to you whenever you want to do the work, but you have to come up with a regular time and schedule; such as you will work from Monday to Friday, that’s cool or you can also choose to work only in Saturday and Sundays. At the same time you have to come up with working hours too. Your clients who will provide the work, they have to understand about your working hours so they can be able to find you in that time.

2 Have your tools ready!

Working online requires a computer and internet connection. Make sure you have a good computer, compatible enough to handle your work load. If you are doing data entry/ virtual assistant jobs, then having a minimal PC is okay but if you are doing web/ graphics design or photo editing, then you have to buy and expensive one. You have to need 24 hours or internet access or at-least when your working hours are.

3 Softwares for your job

Depending on your work, choose the most appropriate softwares you need. You only need a word processor when you are dealing with writing. As a web designer I use plenty of applications such as photo editor, web design software, flash application and many more online. You have to make sure you have access, plus knowledge over what application you are using and it’s a popular one.

4 Find a good outsourcing marketplace

As a beginner, nobody knows about your skills and what you can do so it’s best to get associated with one of the marketplaces you like. I highly recommend odesk, and it has given me a carrier. There are plenty more out there like Guru, RentACoder, ScriptLance, Elance etc but make sure you focus on one marketplace than having your face on all of them. I had success in odesk just because I was into it until I got my first job and never lost hope.

5 Build an online portfolio

Nothing works best than having an online portfolio; take a look at my portfolio here: now the idea came to me when most of my clients wanted to see my portfolio. I have portfolio in odesk but the problem is nothing is organized properly. So when I created a portfolio here at my blog, I started to get more clients over time. Even great, I had this portfolio rank well in google for “Thesis Theme Design” and having a google page rank of 3. People started to find my portfolio through google. You should create your own portfolio by building a website/ blog.. trust me, it will pay off!

6 Socialize yourself

Don’t just sit there and spend all the time working on projects. Use facebook to expand your network. The more contacts you have, then more the chances you will get for future projects. I’m using facebook from 2007 and that time I connected with few different people online including Courtney Engle. We are great friends and always chat about things here and there. Last year she hired me to help in her social media business and that’s a great example of getting work from social media. Till now I’m connected with her and more work is about to come from her side. As the same way you can use linkedin, twitter and other social media networks.

7 Have most ways to connect with you

You need to have the most ways to get connected such as email, yahoo messenger, google talk, msn, irc, icq etc. Skype is the most popular among buyers around the world and it helps you to make free pc to pc calls. The more options you provide, the more chances you have to get a job.

8 Start a blog

There’s no such social media better than blogging. The number one benefit to blogging is, it’s super SEO friendy. Write your experiences, how you achieved different things and how you solved a problem. People will start to read your blog and soon they will convert into buyers. Start blogging.

9 Learn new skills and stay updated

Internet changes everyday and so does the job market. Don’t just stay there with you basic word processing knowledge. Learn new things and apply them. The more you learn, the more you are valuable as a provider. Stay updated with latest trends and technology.

10 Be detail oriented and professional

What ever you do, try to see it as the buyer -if you were the one taking this, would you like this finished product? Be detail oriented and perfectionist. It will take more time to complete but is worth the time. One of my client Mark Wright helped me to learn this valuable lesson. One of my other client said: “People who provide much more detail, get paid more.”

Bonus! Be helpful and give something they didn’t expected

Even if you have completed the assignment, your buyer may still need some last minute tweaks. Be helpful to provide the service free of charge. And try to solve their problem. Don’t act like that you have a hurry and need to end the assignment, ask them if there’s anything more you can help them out with. In this way, you will have a good reputation and it will help you get more work in the long term.

Have your say

  • Are you working as a freelancer?
  • How do you handle your clients?
  • Do you have anything more to add here?


Under 18 Entrepreneurs: Lets start Your Own Service Based Business Online

Hi young entrepreneurs, you always wanted to start your own business online, or at least wanted to earn some money online. With this guide you will learn the ways to start your very own service based business online and start making money offering your services. Now I will recommend you to start your business online -why?

Building A Business Online Costs Less

Yes of course it costs less comparing to an actual business; your website can be your office, just like it is for me. All you need is a domain name and a web hosting service. Additionally you might need some help to design your website or write content for the site. After that you are ready to start your very own online business.

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Earn money online to search, shopping and to complete offers

Online money making is the coolest thing you can do from home and why not convert your daily internet activities into cash? There are lots of websites and services out there which pays for your efforts online and you don’t need a website/ blog to earn money online.

Get paid to search with Scour

Scour is a cool website that pays you to search the internet using their search engine. It’s a combination of google, yahoo and bing search engine and it’s what you do everyday, why not get paid to search? They will give you points to search, vote and contribute; you can then exchange the points for $25, $50 or $100 Visa gift cards. I had wrote a post about scour before and today I found this post about getting paid from scour which made me inspire to buzz it again.

See Tori getting her scour gift card, NOT A SCAM - Proof of Payment

Get paid to search and telling your friends from SwagBucks

SwagBucks is a website A NETWORK that allows you to search, shop, completing offers or referring your friends for money. Use this service to search sing google and ask. The more you search, you will get points each month which you can redeem for gift cards, shopping cards and stuffs.

Earn money online with swagbucks

SwagBucks gives you points for each search and you can collect those points for amazon gift cards and even paypal cash cards. There are 200+ vendors to shop from SwagBucks.

Paid to survey, deals, paid to click (PTC) with MyPoints

earn money, rebates and deals with mypoints

MyPoints is a cool network where you can search for cool deals, offers, coupons to buy goodies and get points. You get surveys and can earn free points. You can redeem cool gift cards from iTunes, Amazon and many more marchants available. This is huge site for shopping online and get rebates.


Domain flipping -an exclusive money making opportunity for webmasters

domain name extensionsYou all are familiar with the term “Domain” right? Take a closer look.. it’s something that you know very well, it’s the foundation of any website, the Dot Com. You have already read the important aspects on choosing a domain and why a pro blogger must own his domain.. but it’s different. In domain flipping, people buy domains and keep it as long as they can be able to sell it in the future. If fact it’s one of the popular online money making business of now days because it requires less investment and knowledge.

Domain flipping basics – What is domain flipping?

Don’t mistake domain flipping with domain reseller business. Domain reseller sells regular(fresh) domains to their customers. A domain flipper/ domainer is a person who buys a domain and keeps that until the value of that domain increases to his target need.

It’s similar to house flipping where someone buys a property, and then he builds a great house and sells it in a higher price. At the same way, domain flipping works. You have to buy a new or old domain, then have to make it more valuable with your effort and then you have to sell it.

Registering a domain name is as low as $10. But with your efforts, you can sell that domain in $100’s $1,000’s or even more! Because domains are unique in the internet and people love to have a better name for their business, this is why domains are better investments and way more profitable than real estate. I call it the online real estate.

Why people are interested in buying older domains?

The number one reason to buy an old domain is the fact that it has an age value which is an important factor in search rankings. One year old domain is much more valuable than a new domain, the more the better. Plus older domains already have backlink values and all of those backlinks are already from ranked sites.

Instead of buying a new domain and start from scratch, business people like to speed up the process and buy an established domain name for their business. A business can’t have years of reputation from the beginning, but it’s possible in online marketing to buy a domain which was there for years.

Who can flip a domain & how much can be made?

domain names are real gold!The possibilities are endless because new companies are starting online and they need a domain name for their business. One domain can be a big deal for an ideal buyer and you can cash out hundreds or even thousands over time. This is really cool because you can make real money selling domains. You may not see the profit instantly, but there’s a chance as longer as you keep that name under your possession. If you have the funds for buying domains; the knowledge to determine valuable niches and whole lot of patience, then you can join the wagon!

Great and profitable domains are taken, isn’t it?

Yeah it’s true and almost all of the dictionary .com domains are taken away but new extensions are added regularly. You may not get but it’s possible to have New extensions such as .me will be popular in the upcoming years and you can sell your .me domain when it will become HOT! Another fact that most people don’t know about domains, the taken domains that are not continued.. gets deleted and it becomes available once again to register.

Stay tuned!

I’m a domainer and have learned a lot of things about domain and website flipping on my way. Feel free to come back frequently and I will share tips on better domaining, profitable niches, how to to find domains and everything on this topic. Why not Grab the RSS Feed?


Hot and exclusive make money online guide for bloggers

Everybody wants to make some extra money in their spare time; blogging seemed to be a comfortable and entertaining method to make money. With a blog, you can make money online while you write about what you know. Now it’s fun to make money with a blog but it’s isn’t easy at all. Most of the time bloggers get confused on where to go and what system will earn them real money?

Blogging isn’t a job; it’s like a small business. You have to spend some time to develop it and in the long run, it’ll earn you cash so have 100 tons of patience! Here are some of the ways to make money with a blog with guidelines.

Pay per click (adsense)

Pay per click (PPC) is the easiest method to make money online and you can make money from the first day of blogging. Adsense is the most popular of them all. With PPC, you have to put an ad code on your blog which will show third party ads relevant to your blog topic. When people will click on the ads, you’ll be credited with a small amount of money.

PPC needs no requirements; the more traffic you get, the more clicks will be achieved and the more money you’ll make. Visitors coming from search engines are more likely to click on ads. Here’s a heat map from adsense which will help you to understand, where people click most, (the deep colored parts are hot spots of your blog)

Hot and exclusive make money online guide for bloggers blogkori

Some of the PPC services are Google adsense, bidvertiser, AdBrite. There are other services, that don’t require you to have an ad spot. The system will transform text from your post into clickable ads. Some of the programs are: Kontera, InLinks, TextLinkAds.

Paid review

A paid review is an opinion about a product, site or a service. Now days, people are not interested in banners but they are more likely to listen to their friends talking about a product. For an example, if I pay $10 to write an honest review about BlogKori on your site, a number of people will be attracted to my blog.

There are sites that connect advertisers and bloggers together and you can find an opportunity related to that service. Usually these sites accept a blog that’s more than 3 months old and have developed some search rankings. Some of the popular among them are: PayPerPost, SocialSpark, LinkWorth.

Hot and exclusive make money online guide for bloggers payperpost blogkori

Paid reviews are nice for beginner and established bloggers and you can make a minimum of $5 per review. It’s way better than PPC.

Affiliate commissions

In today’s multi level marketing, companies pay to people who help bring more sales. Affiliate marketing is a way where you have to sell a product in order to earn the commission. It works like this: you have a blog about camera and you found an affiliate program who sells memory cards. After signing up for the site, they’ll give you a special link. When customers will buy using the link, the company will know that they’re from your reference and they will pay you the commission.

Now this process isn’t that easy how it sounds. You can do well with niche sites (a site with one single topic) the commission isn’t for each clicks you provide, the commissions are generated by each sales. The good part of affiliate is, most of them are high paying and you can make a lot of money with affiliate commissions.

ClickBank is one of the popular services for affiliate marketing and another popular site is PepperjamNetwork.

Direct advertising

When you have traffic, you can attract direct advertisers to your blog. You can create an advertise page and describe the terms and your blog stats. As a blogger, you must work hard on building your blog before you approach on this method. You have to show a nice status of your blog before you can bring them in. The benefits of direct ads are, you keep all the profit and there is no middle man.

As a start, you can ask some of your friends and contacts to put an ad on your blog, or you can also put an affiliate ad to fill up the empty space. Direct advertising may not pay off when you’re new on it but in the long term this will be the biggest income source of your blog.

Money making takes time

You can’t just put ads on your site and expect the cash flowing to your account; money making with a blog is hard and even harder if you’re new on this. You have to build a helpful blog and wait for them to come, when you have regular visitors in your blog, you can then monetize the traffic.

Are you making money with your blog?

Are you blogging for money or just for fun? Have you made money online? What’s your personal favorite in online money making?

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Under 18 Entrepreneurs: Lets get started Online Money Making with SQUIDOO

Have you heard of SQUIDOO? Probably yes because whenever we seek for any information about a specific product, we get to a squidoo site. Now what is squidoo? Squidoo located at is a service that allows you to create one page sites (lens). Now why would you like to have a free page where there are many sites who offer a complete free website? There are mainly 2 reasons,

The Popularity of SQUIDOO

Squidoo is very popular website with a growing user base, you can rank your lens and get visitors from the squidoo site itself. Other benefit is search engines such as google, yahoo and bing like squidoo. So it is easier to get traffic with a squidoo lens comparing to any other free website. [Continue reading…]


Affiliate marketing -a method to make a lot of money for bloggers

I’m familiar with this term called affiliate marketing for a long time and for more than a year I’m being experimenting with different sites and affiliate models. Right now if you ask me what is affiliate marketing, then I would say this is a method where you can make a whole lot of money online than ever.

A dummies guide on, What is affiliate marketing?

read and learn about affiliate marketing for dummiesAffiliate marketing is simply taking someone else’s product and promote them. When you make a sale, you will be provided a commission.  Different affiliate systems have different commission standards. Some pay for each click like the pay per click and some pay for every 1000 visitors. Most of them pay for a lead like a successful sales. Here both the company and the affiliate  (you) make money. Some of the high paying niches such as real estate, pay you for bringing the customers to their site not a lead recommended everytime!

When you sign up as an affiliate, you will be provided an affiliate ID or a special referral link. You have to promote the product and use the link when they sign up. When they sign up using the link, your commission will be provided to you.

Online affiliate programs pay 75% or higher per sale because here you do all of the promotion and they take care about the customer. So this is why affiliate marketing is gold in today’s online industry and everyone’s  looking forward to afft marketing methods.

90% of affiliate marketers are doing it wrong!


Yes this is true! This is what I felt while I talked with different affiliate marketers over the globe. I connected with lots of marketers from different niches; from newbie to a guru; small affiliate-rs to successful site owners. Most of the time they start with joining a course, then buying ebooks and packs full of tutorials on how to create a website and basic SEO jobs.

They end up creating a 10 page wordpress site filled with copy/ scrap content. Then bringing people through SEO. Now search engine optimization is a hard task, you know that well.. so they just buy the traffic via adwords. After spending a whole lot of money on traffic, you see some conversations (if you are so lucky!)

Now what they all are doing is faking the blogsphere. They are creating dummy blogs, so that when you land on a site for help, you will think that this is an authority blogger. They are spending a whole lot of time and money to make sure it looks real.

Don’t get excited to see the $10,000 check because that guy have spent more than $9,000 to build, maintain and promote the site.

Bloggers can be the perfect affiliate marketer

Bloggers can be the perfect affiliate marketer BlogKoriNon bloggers are paying hundreds of dollars to learn creating a wordpress site, twitter, facebook and SEO methods. We bloggers are good at this and have learned these things in practical. Stop developing a site around the product; find products that match your site and suitable for the audience.

The first time visitor doesn’t converts into a customer every time.. it takes a lot of time to build trust. Sometimes the visitor visits the site for months until he is finally convinced to buy from you.

As a blogger you don’t have to create a dummy site or post scrap content. You just do what you are doing along with promoting your affiliate. People would love to try what you have recommended and it works more than a bunch of paid visitors.

Lot more about affiliate marketing is yet to come

From now on, keep coming at BlogKori for some advanced method on affiliate marketing as a blogger. I will share some of my killer tips on afft marketing, lead generation and to build a successful online business with those methods.