You Must Own Your Domain if You Are Serious in Blogging

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What are domain names? These are the web site address/ name like,, etc. This is your online home. These are the most valuable assets of the internet and people are making money with it. As a serious blogger, you must have your own domain name so that you will get the best value and the brand for your online venture.

your own domain name

Here are the reasons why you should own your own domain,

Its cheap to own a domain name

Getting your own domain like, .net, .org or .info costs next to nothing. You can find a domain in less than $10. Your own domain is your asset and its cheap. You can earn $10 with a single paid review. So my request for you is to buy your own domain as soon as possible.

Its professional

You want to be a professiona blogger, then be a professional. Your own domain gives you the feel that you are a professional and serious about the blog. The people will like to read from a professional blogger.

Its shorter

You don’t have to add the word, with your domain. Its your own domain and its shorter than a subdomain. Can you see the difference between and Which one is shorter and easy? Your readers won’t have to type a longer address like,

Easy to brand your blog

If you want to brand your blog, you have to get your own domain. Your own domain is catchy and people won’t forget your blog address. You may have a blog with a long address, how do you tell your friends about it and how they remember it? But with your own domain, its easy to tell everyone like,

People will take it seriously

When you tell about your blog to others,, people will react that ‘Its just another free blog!‘ But with a real domain, -people will be interested in it because you have to pay for a real domain and it must be worth reading.

By getting a domain, you don’t have to buy a hosting service and other charges, blogger will still host your blog for free. But people will think that you have a major setup and invest in it and will be interested to visit. They will never know that its a free blogger blog. Here is an article if you want to setup your domain with blogger.

Get more advertisers

Most of the people on the internet, ignores the blogs with a free domain. Recently google started to discount blogger blogs from their index. A free blog is rarely shown in their search pages. When it comes to advertisers, they don’t like a blog with a free domain. 90% of the advertisers on paid review sites, will reject you because you don’t own your domain. My two blogs have their own domain and this is why I get lots of tasks from these sites. I spent my first earning from online by buying a domain for my first blog and in the next month I got back 10 times of the investment for the domain. Most of the advertiser programs don’t allow a blog with a subdomain/ free domain.

A domain is your asset

You start a blog now and buy a domain. After 2-5 years, the time may come that, you don’t want to blog anymore. On that stage, your domain will have a nice google page rank, alexa rank and a nice daily visitors. You can then wish to sell your blog. I sold a blog on flippa.

There are many companies on the internet who are willing to pay a large amount of money for old domains. You will get more money if you have a running blog with an impressive amount of visitors. Your blog is your asset if you own its domain. I got offers from many buyers who want to buy my blog. But if you run a blog with a sub-domain, you will not be able to sell it because your blog provioder owns it.

Its safer

Your free blog has a risk. Blogger owns your blog and they may delete your blog someday without giving any prior notice. What will happen when you wake up one day, type in your blog address and see, “Blog has been removed”


What will happen to your hardwork and where your readers will find you? There will be no problem with your own domain. Even if blogger deletes my blog, I will create another account or move to wordpress and setup in the new blog. My readers will not know what happened.

Take my advice, start a blog with your own domain name.

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  1. I completely agree with the writer. I began with a blogspot blog and later on realized that i truly needed one to showcase my works.

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