You all know why you need a blog for your business, if you’re willing to create a blog for business then read this guide for setting up a blog. A blog is a great social media tool and it can help you bring more traffic and customers. On this article, I’d like to write about managing your business blog, when to update it and what you should write on it.

A comprehensive guide for business blogging blogkori

Blog author(s)

Be the author of your business blog and don’t just spend some money to hire a writer, you can write even better. If you’re a team, then all of you can write on the blog. WordPress has the option to have multiple authors and some plugins that shows the picture of the author of each post. If you have less time for writing, then you can also create a podcast or a video blog.

Blog design

Simple and professional themes are ideal for business blogs. Use the color scheme of your website and can also use the header as your blog header. Try to minimize your site by putting less widgets and informations.


Putting third party ads such as adsense and paid content on your business blog is extremely unprofessional. The main goal of a business blog is to attract valued leads to your brand. You can add banners and links to your own products.

Content writing

Now this is the main part that will attract a lot of people to your website. Informative posts will attract traffic and then you can convert them into customers. Here is some sort of contents from a business blog.

Broadcasting news!!

Your blog is the place where you can broadcast news and special press releases about your company. People usually visit a business blog to get updates about the products and services.

Events and participation

You can write about your business events or the places you’re visiting. If your company is going on a expo, you can also write about it; what you people did and how’s the experience. With the help of the internet, people can now track their favorite people (including companies).

Ask from the audience directly!

Most companies ask for votes and support directly from their audience. They create a blog post about it and people starts to bring more people into it. In web 2.0, it’s easier to influence a lot of people.

Share the achievements

Sharing your business achievements, a new deal or a new product builds more trust in you from your customers. It’s a great pleasure to share the achievements and the people will know you’re doing well.

Tips on your niche

You can attract a lot of people + search engine visitors by writing great quality tips and tutorials on your blog. If you’re selling flowers, then you can write articles on plants, flowers and other nursery tips. By spreading your knowledge, you’re helping a lot of people and they will find your blog through search engines and then your product.

Engaging readers and lead capture

Allowing comments on your blog will let others to comment on your post and share their thoughts. People love to comment on blogs and they will come back to read the replies of their comments.

Add a contact form on your blog which will allow your readers to contact you directly. Email subscription from feedburner and news letters is great to build your list. Blogging + twittering will help you build your brand even faster. Twitter will help you post short info’s about your biz and your blog will share bigger portion of information.

Does your business have a blog?

Do you have a blog for your business? What do you write in it? Are you thinking of starting a blog?

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