increase commentsImagine that you wrote a 500 word article and it started to generate comments. After a few months there are around 100 comments on that single post. Now when a new visitor comes to that page, he took 10 minutes to read the article and then he took 1 hour to read the comments. He posted another comment and then he came back again few hours later to check if there’s any new comment on that post.

What just happened? Your 500 word article got bigger and more attractive because of those comments. Comments are different than the author’s voice this is why it could get very much informative. Most of the time comments become discussions where one reader interacts with another, not just the author. There’s nothing much to say why you need comments on your blog posts. You can attract visitors to your blog if there are some comments on each of your posts. Here are some ways to get more comments on your blog,

1. Make it Easier to Comment on Your Blog

Use an easy interface to comment on your blog. If your comment system is not good, then use a third party comments system like Disqus. Don’t make it too hard to comment or don’t force your readers to ‘log in’ to comment on a post.

2. Ask for Comments in Post

If you ask for comments, they will comment. Put some questions after each of your posts and ask them to leave a comment. This way your readers will sure leave a response.

3. Leave Some Comments

You have to comment also if you want people to comment on you. Visit blogs you like and post nice comments on them. Post original comments, not just: ‘Nice blog, keep up the good work’ -type comments. If you put a good comment, the author will follow to your blog and will comment on you.

4. Reward Your Commentors

You can reward your commentors with a linkback to their blog. There are plug-ins where you can show off the top commentors on your blog with a link back. Making your blog comments ‘Do follow’ will help to attract more commentors.

5. Reply to Comments

Once you got comments, don’t forget to reply to it. Thank him, help him or ask him an advice to let him leave another comment. If you reply to comments, you can also increase the total number of comments too. On the other hand, your readers will leave more comments on your blog.

6. Showcase Your Comments

There are many plug-ins and widgets on the internet where you can show off your latest comments. These will work well to get more comments. If you show off your comments, people will like to read those and they will post one more comment.

7. Your Own Idea…

Here where you will put the 7th idea. Let me know!