5 Tips which will help you to become a better blogger

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If you have determined yourself to become a professional blogger and to make a living with it, you have to become a better blogger. No matter what your blog is all about or what ever you offer, you must offer true value to your readers, supporters and to your sponsors. And the most of all, you have to become a really helpful person, you have to help others with what ever you can.

Here are some 5 tips which will help you to become a better blogger,

1. Write quality articles

No matter whom to you ask this question, “How to become a successful blogger?” you will get this same answer, “Write quality contents.” People will come to your blog and read what you have here, and if they liked it, they will come back again and tell others too.

You have to write lots of articles in your blog. You have to cover a subject with lots of new informations. All you have to do is to write articles on one subject. I know its your blog and you could write what ever you wish, even about your own life. But face it, you are not a celebrity and no one will be interested to know what you do. So you have to write on something which you know better and can write forever.

2. Timeless contents

I have read lots of blogs in the beginning and what I have learn is that you have to write timeless content in your blog. Timeless content is not a ‘news’ which will be no longer useful in the next day. You have to write articles which can be read anytime in the year, or could be read forever.

I have wrote timeless articles in my first blog, tamalanwar.com and people are still reading the articles which I wrote them 6 months ago.

3. Reveal yourself

People who will read your articles, will also like to know more about you. Create an about page in your blog, add a picture, some words about you and some ways to contact with you. People will more likely to read your blog.

I have seen many blogs, where the author stays hidden behind his nickname. Its a bad strategy for a professional blog. If you hide yourself, lots of people will quit reading your blog.

4. Connect with others

Connect with other people in your blog. Let them leave comments. Ask them to comment on your blog. Reply to comments and emails. Comment on other blogs you read and other people will come to your blog too.

Help others with what ever you know and with your experience is. Make it easy to comment on your blog and to connect with you. If you become helpful to your readers, they will like you and come to your blog regularly.

5. Read lots of blogs

Read lots of other blogs. Read the blogs which are related to your blog’s subject. See what they are writing about, you will get lots of ideas from them. Read blogs about blogging. You could read about other blogs from any subject. I read blogs about business, marketing, design, computers, blogging and art.

Reading lots of blogs are the main fuel to get lots of ideas. You can apply many things which others are doing. You can also connect with the authors and create a network of blogs.

5 thoughts on “5 Tips which will help you to become a better blogger”

  1. Yup! Got it bro…….
    I went to your tamalanwar.com but found some domains were parked there instead of valuable contents you mentioned above. However, I liked your 1st and 5th one. Without some great post and without reading other people’s post it’s not probable to be succeed.
    .-= Shamim´s last blog ..10 Exclusive Free Theme for Your Desktop | Theme Desktop Download =-.

      1. Thanks for the link Tamal, I will check it out. If you think you started out with noobish writing, you should have seen my early work.
        .-= Megan Fox´s last blog ..Emma Roberts =-.

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