Month: April 2013

How to Setup E-Commerce for Your Online Business

ecommerceWant to sell a single product, or run a full featured web store? You need to implement e-commerce on your website. Thanks to the technology, you can have your own store running on your website within few clicks.

Let me share all the ways you can implement the e-commerce function to your online business:

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Embedding a Third Party Store on Your Website

Say you are an affiliate of some sort of company which gives you your very own e-store in a separate web address. All you have to do is to send the visitor to that link and hope they purchase something.

One of my clients had her own website of cosmetic products and virtual makeovers. However her store page was simply linking to an external URL to check out the products. What I did was to embed that whole e-store experience to this store page. [Continue reading…]


Imagine You Are Battling Against Mike Tyson

mike tyson
Mike Tyson Will Kill You

What happens when you find yourself in a boxing ring against Mike Tyson and your whole life is depending on it? I know you don’t have a chance of winning when you are up for a professional boxer –but how much effort you will give to fight him. I’m sure you will give 110% of your strengths on it.

Keep that in mind that’s important!

Now here is the thing, when you are up against for someone in a fist fight, no matter who is your opponent, visualize that the person is Mike Tyson or Undertaker –you choose. Then give that exact effort you would have if you were actually playing against a larger opponent.

Last night I was watching one of my favorite movies Predator. It’s a movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger –I think most of you will know about this movie. It’s a movie where a group of elite commandos are in a jungle against a deadly alien. [Continue reading…]

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How to Become an Entrepreneur & Upgrade Your Life

Richard Branson
Richard Branson – Virgin Group

Few days ago someone at the yahoo answers community asked “How to become an entrepreneur?” I see the trend here. People are now leaning towards being their own boss and quit the 9-5 lifestyle.

So in this article I am going to answer this question in detail and tell you how exactly you can become an entrepreneur.

Do I Qualify as an Entrepreneur?

I have started working on my own business when I was 15 years old. I never wanted the idea to have a boss and go into the rat race. I started my own t-shirt design store at that age. It failed, and I started working on direct marketing. I learned how to sell and talk to new people. I learned how to improve my personality.

I invested some of my family’s money in transport with my mom. That failed miserably. Then I started my computer parts selling business. I was buying gadgets in cheap to sell them for high margins. Then I started a website, then a blog and went online.

I started doing online marketing with blogs and I started to see profit. Then I became a web designer and that went very well. Then I started working as a consultant for online & offline businesses; that went very well too.

I also share my journey that inspired so many of my readers to start their own. So far I was never held in a job and I created jobs for others.

So How to Become an Entrepreneur?
[Continue reading…]


How Do I Get My First Few Customers?

So you just started your first business and you need a paying customer. How do you find one? If you have a point of sale, then getting your first few customers is easy, they just have to spot you. However when you are running a consultancy business, how will you get your first customer on board?

I am going to give you some practical advice that will help you get customers. When I started my first web design business, I used the exact same principles to attract clients.

Let Your Network Know that You Are Open for Business

Are you open for business?

How does a shop find its first customer? Simply because people can see that this shop is open. So what you have to do is to let your existing network know that you are taking clients. Have a facebook account? Entitle yourself as the CEO/Consultant or what you like better on the work field.

Are you on linkedin? Then do the same and entitle yourself to this new business of yours. This is a small trick but it simply works. A lot of people and their friends are constantly checking you out and when they see you are offering these services, they may be interested in being your customer.

Post an update to your twitter/facebook profile that you are taking clients. If you have a blog already, then post about this on your blog and let your readers know that you are expecting business.

Sanjida did it cleverly by sharing about her work on facebook & also sharing updates regarding her coaching career. She also went one step further by creating a separate facebook page for her coaching services. [Continue reading…]


How Does Affiliate Marketing Works?

affiliate-marketingSo you must have heard of affiliate marketing and people can make money being an affiliate. But what is it exactly and how it works? In this article I am going to share what affiliate marketing is and how it really works.

To make it really simple, I am going to share a real life example. I have launched BlogKori Academy which is an online coaching platform. My readers can join this course and learn from me through videos. My course is priced at $49-$99.

Now the thing is, in order to have more sales, I need to attract more students. My resources and reach is limited. So what I did was to offer an affiliate program. In this program someone can join as an affiliate (for free) and promote my course. When they make a sale, I will pay a percentage of the profit to that affiliate. This is called an affiliate commission.

I am using software so the sales tracking and commissions are managed automatically. So you see that this way I can reach more people and sell more. On the other hand my affiliate is making money by promoting my stuff.

It’s a win win situation for both of us. So this is how exactly affiliate marketing works. [Continue reading…]


Why You Need to Be Aggressive in Pursuing Your Goals

shark attackBy default we all like to play it safe and be defensive. It is something that most people are doing, I was doing it for years and chances are that you are doing it still now. But it is time you should level up and show some aggression.

We are the masters of our own selves. You will be treated the way you want others to treat you. You can barely make a living or choose to be in the elite’s league. The choice is yours.

I realized this while playing some video games. I like to play some action games and in one mission I was stuck. I tried to play defensive, I tried to go stealth but I was failing every time.

It was taking me forever just to go from one room to another. Time was running out. I was afraid of my enemy, I was afraid to get shot and most of all I was afraid of failing the mission.

Then my brother asked me to play rough, to play aggressively. [Continue reading…]


Google Glass, Baidu Eye, Apple… Start of a New Era?

google glass futuristicGoogle recently showed a prototype demo of a new technology called google glasses. It’s a futuristic visual device that you can attach on your glasses and everything will show just like in the sci-fi movies.

Take a look at this official video if you haven’t seen it yet,

I kind of laughed the entire video because everything was staged and edited. It was not the actual thing. The actual google glass may get close to what it shows on the demo. Imagine you are walking on the street and it is analyzing everything it sees.

This one is even better:

But from a marketing perspective I have to say “Well done google!” this is something new and going towards a new direction.

Facebook introduced their family of apps on smartphone while google is just one step ahead to create a brand new marketplace. Baidu another search engine from China announced a similar product called “Baidu Eyes” –right after google.

So what would it like to have a smart glass instead of a smartphone? The possibilities are endless. You can search, shop, listen to music, watch videos and call your friends. Suddenly wearing glasses will be cool.

How will your websites look like on the smartglass platform? There will be room for wider display because your screen is not limited in pixels.

Since new technologies are emerging, I highly recommend you to claim your local business or shop on the maps.

list your local business in google places

Having your business listed on the map will help people walking on the streets with these smart devices be able to find you easily.

Adding your listing to Google Places for Business is free, and Google doesn’t accept payment to include particular listings or sites in our search results. However, we do offer locally-targeted advertising through Google AdWords Express.

To add your business on google places, visit this link –sign in with your google account and add your business. You will then receive a postcard in mail with a verification code. Verify your listing and your business will appear on google places/maps.

Your business place page will integrate with google plus and users can post photos and write reviews about your business.

google place page local listing

So go ahead and prepare for attracting more customers to your business with the help of new technology. What are your thoughts? And why stay limited to just glasses, go for contact lenses

(Enjoy this action clip from Mission Impossible 4)


How to Optimize Your Marketing for the Facebook Home App

facebook home on smartphonesI am talking about the new “Home” app that facebook announced lately. It is based on android and much more like a shell on top of the android OS. So what it does, it will turn your phone into a new facebook environment. It will replace the default home screen and the menu will be replaced with your facebook home.

Now tech heads are getting psyched about this announcement by the facebook founder, I feel there is a long term strategy by this social network to take over the smartphone operating system market.

For a starter facebook is taking help from android to spread across smartphone users, then they may build their own facebook OS for mobile devices and fulfill their dream of the facebook phone.

I see this is a brilliant concept and it will give the users a much more personal feel out of their smartphone experience. But how you can use this facebook home advantage for your own business?

Let’s talk about how the new FB home app will work and how you can make the best out of it:

Facebook Cover is Your Idle Screen

It is still not confirmed that if the fb cover page will be set as your phone’s wallpaper, but I am getting a hint that it will be. So you better use a cool new picture on for your FB cover that will align nicely on your phone’s idle screen. Your profile picture will be the only icon over there as the access to your facebook home (in your smartphone experience.)

facebook home app

The Facebook Home Feed

Upon opening up your menu, instead of a finding a list of apps you will be greeted with the new facebook home feed. The new home feed is the upcoming facebook multiple feeds platform and it will be much more organized and based on visuals. This means more images and visual content will show up on the home. Facebook home will have messages, chat heads and other apps and features built in to the “Home” app platform.

facebook home news feed

Use Your Facebook Profile for Marketing Activities

Facebook is not personal anymore. The new and updated platform is now much more wide and open. Your cover picture is public and most of your updates are open to friends of friends. This makes your profile and content accessible to almost everyone connected to your network. Facebook pages are having trouble to reach all of their fans, while your profile will be able to reach all of your friends. You can add upto 5,000 friends and unlimited people can follow your updates.

Put More Focus on Visual Content

Want to take advantage of the new facebook home app? Aim for much more visual content, post images, photographs, infographics, data visualizations, charts, meme’s, comics, drawing, illustrations. Image content gets much more interaction comparing to status updates or links. Your pictures and photos will show up in the news feed.

facebooks news feed

Make a Mobile Version of Your Website

Now that more people are using smartphones and soon more people will have access to the FB home app, you should start building a mobile version of your website if you haven’t done yet.

List Your Location on Facebook Page for Check-ins

If your business has a physical address then make a place page in facebook. List your address on that page so people can check in your place. It’s easy just make your page category into a local business, put your address and a map and check in option will show up.

facebook place page category

place page in facebook

So what are your thoughts on the new facebook home platform?

Image courtesy: Facebook