Month: July 2012

How to Start a Blog For Free

Start a Blog For FreeIn this post I will outline how to start a blog for free. Since the 2000s there has been a massive revolution for blogging. Now there are more platforms where you can start a blog for free. I will outline the most popular platforms you can use to get started your free blog right away!

I don’t have to tell you again that why you should blog. Blogging is a way of sharing your expertise & building an audience.

#1 Blogger

Yet the most popular blogging platform of the internet. BlogKori originally started on this free forever platform. Google owns blogger and you will have free web hosting and a free sub domain in this platform.

To start blogging on blogger, go to and sign up for a free account. Choose your blog url and start blogging! [Continue reading…]


Why You Should Start A Blog!!

You haven’t started a blog yet? Where have you been all these years? Maybe you didn’t catch up with the trend or you just started online. My friend, you must blog in this new internet economy.

Why You Should (Not) Start A Blog

Blogs are more important than ever. Whenever you search for any information, some blog post comes up and you get benefited. Do the same, share your expertise. In this new internet world you can be successful just by sharing your knowledge through a blog.

For an example when I started this blog [Continue reading…]