Month: April 2012

How to Get Referrals with Video Testimonials for Starting Your Career

How to Get Referrals with Quality Video Testimonials for Starting Your CareerLet me share my secret on how to get referrals (word of mouth clients) in freelance or any business you are in. Quality video testimonials will help you grow in your freelance career or any field you are operating. In this article I will write about how you can EARN quality video testimonials from your clients. This will help you when you are starting your career and teach you on how to get referrals.

I started back in 2009 in odesk and that website has a rating system. A scale from 1-5 stars, that gives a hint about the quality of a freelance worker. The more the stars is obviously better. As a part of the star rating system in odesk clients can write a short testimonial about the contractor (me)

This testimonial/feedback will help new clients to learn about the contractor and get you more referrals. As the feedback system had a positive impact because right now my rating is 4.97 stars (close enough) –it can also ruin your chances for getting work if you are receiving negative feedback.

Here are few tips I want to share for you to get better feedback and how to get referrals. This helped me boost my career as I was getting more and more business through word of mouth. Here take a look at the tips on how to get referrals in business.

Quality – Quality – Quality

This is How To Get Referrals in the First Place

Yes you hear it right. If you provide outstanding results, you will genuinely receive quality feedback. This is my only suggestion for how to get referrals. In my freelance work I [Continue reading…]


Niche Site Challenge 2 – Niche Selection for my Mini Authority Website

Niche site buildingNiche is a market you want to get into. When I started a blog, I had many options to choose and even blogging niche is so broad I could write on many different topics. But when building a mini site I am bound to just one topic because at most I will be writing 20 pages for this website.

A popular belief is to go for the niches that are popular or what we assume sell well. If I just name niche building and affiliate marketing, then the first thing that comes in my mind is the health market or even the weight loss market. Yet so many people dive into the pool and as a result there is so much competition. But in reality, most people I assume don’t know why they are here. That’s why 97% people fail in internet marketing. So that means only 3% of the websites/marketers out there in the weight lose industry that makes the most money.

My Niche Selection Disaster

When I first started niche site building, I went for a random market that I had no idea about. The market was pinball machines. These machines are huge and sell at $4000 price tag and only a few companies online sell them and have affiliate option. Such things are collectible items and about 30 years old. These pieces are grand fathers of arcade games. So I was hoping for a $200 commission per sale. As I had no idea about the product I went out and purchased a few quality reviews. I also spent money for building links. As months passed by I didn’t saw any sale. When I added a few pinball books and mini toys on the site that range $15-40, these sold a couple of times.

So the lesson is learned, offer a product that has a good entry level pricing people can afford. [Continue reading…]


Niche Website Challenge – Road to Passive Income

internet marketingHey everyone its Tamal. How are you? It’s been long time I haven’t been able to update you on what I am doing, so I owe you on this. In recent years I went into many different things and most of them involved me to work with web design clients and also working on personal projects.

Now I want to give you a quick update on what I been up to lately. Recently I have been partnered up with an USA based SEO company. I am building an online music promotion business called: Celebrity SEO. Lastly I am looking for building affiliate niche websites. Now the question is why niche websites? I want to build niche websites, mini authority websites so that these will make passive income on auto pilot.

Why Passive Income?

The reason is simple, I want to make money while I sleep or go on a vacation. In the last couple of years I made a good deal of money being a freelancer. But I soon realized that my income is tied with my ability to work. This is why for a long time I am trying to build passive income systems using internet marketing.

My Failures

On the internet we get to see so many people share their success stories but there is hardly any people share their story of failure. I am pursuing niche websites for 2 years for now and failed many times. One thing is sure, building niche websites require a good deal of cash flow and you will end up paying more money and hardly make anything. As a reason last year I had to face many ups and downs in my online work due to the trial and errors. I will write in another post about my past failures. [Continue reading…]