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10 Tips for Free Publicity to Promote Your Blog

Today James wrote a guest post for BlogKori; James is a tech analyst and staff blogger at an online supplier of franking machine ink cartridges to UK-based businesses. Follow his latest posts on their blog.

There are blogs about nearly every subject imaginable, but a good portion of these never go beyond being seen by just a few. Your blog needs to have more authority, but it needs more readers. Here are ten free ways to promote your blog and receive more traffic.

1. Take a Look at Social Media Outlets

Myspace, Facebook and Twitter all have people who might want to read what you’re writing about. Look around the other social media sites to see if there is something you can use. The more people who have a chance to see your work, the more quality readers you will receive.

2. Create Linkbait

Linkbait is best defined as articles or controversial pieces that people want to read and share. List articles and heavily charged pieces are great to use for linkbait. If your format is easily digestible, it could qualify for being link bait.

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Reasons, why I’m not interested in your “article collection” blog

Sometimes new bloggers start a blog with a collection of free articles. When you’ll submit an article in the article directories, people will have the right to use it on their blog. This is not copy/ duplicate content, this is called sharing. So creating an article collection blog is way easier than producing your own posts. But with this kind of a blog, you won’t be able to attract a large audience and here are the valid reasons,


I don’t know the author

You’re putting the name and the source of the author but as a reader I’m unable to reach him. Personal blogs are much more appreciated because I can see who the person behind this blog is and I can connect with him in different social media sites.

I won’t get answers

Whenever I post an article, you post comments. Why? Because you know that someone is there to help. I receive questions and suggestions via comments. On a collection blog, you know that you’re unable to ask the real writer and the collector is unable to solve my problem. This is why collection blogs are less engaging.

Not a focused plan

When I follow a writer, I feel that this person is working with a plan and I can get to a destination by following his lead. On a collection blog, there are multiple writers with multiple plans. If you try to follow everyone, you’ll fail.

Has no continuity

When a blogger writes an article on his blog, he keeps the original continuity of his plan. Like I did this on day one and now doing this on day two, but writers who write on directories will not create detailed and continued posts.

It’s all about self promotion

Directory writers just write for promotion. They want the readers to click to the link back to their ebook page, affiliate site or they are bloggers like me who wants new readers. A blogger will give his best for his readers because it’s the final destination. With an article from the directory, you won’t get highly packed informations, only teasers.

Why not read from the original directory?

The reason why people love to come back to a blog is because there is unique and fresh content every time. If you know that these articles are from a directory, so why not read from the original directory?

What do you think?

  • Do you run an article collection or produce your own content?
  • Would you love to read from an article collection for a long time?
  • Why or why not?

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7 reasons why most bloggers quit blogging within a year

I have blogger friends and also friends who are new, excited about the concept of internet marketing. Most of them have started to blog or either planning to start off a blog. But as the time goes, these faces disappear from the online world and soon I wonder what happened, why they are not actively blogging like before? Most of the enthusiastic blogger friends of mine don’t even make it up to at least one year as they fall.

Now today I’m sharing a few reasons why most bloggers quit blogging within a year. I want you to read them below if you are a newbie blogger and make sure you don’t quit blogging.

1 You don’t love blogging

You will quit if you start something that you don’t love at all. Sometimes bloggers blog just for updating their site or to keep up with the audience. If you don’t love blogging or even blogging on this topic, why blog? You have to care about your blog and your readers. You never know who is following your blog and waiting for great new updates.

2 You run too many blogs

I know few people who manages too many blogs like a main blog, tech blog, personal blog and another blog about their blogging habits. After all that you also have to manage being you, your family and work too! Running too many blogs at once is really hard and you will get bored with it real soon. When I started blogkori, I had another regular blog running and when blogkori started to take off, it was really hard to manage 2 blogs at once; so I quit blogging at my first blog and focused on BlogKori.

3 You want to make money online

No there’s no problem at making money online with your blog but the fact is that majority of the bloggers start to blog just because they want to earn money from their blogs. You can’t earn money with a blog before building a content rich website. You have to provide the content and a reason to read from your site. Most bloggers get frustrated at this and at some point when they see it’s impossible for them to continue, they quit.

4 You didn’t invested any money on it

Blogs are free with blogspot or wordpress but it needs investment if you want to own a domain, have to host the content at your webhost. I’m running BlogKori on HostGator servers from January 2009 and since then I have paid $130 so far, that means almost TK 9,000 alone in the hosting. Additional money spent on buying and renewing domains, contest giveaways and the bills I paid for my PC upgrades and internet subscription. So just because I have spent so much money for my blog, I won’t stop blogging that easily.

5 You are not blogging with wordpress

The majority of the bloggers are using free platform and have never tried out wordpress. WordPress is cool for bloggers and web site owners with so many great features, themes, tools and flexibility. Just because you have a blogspot blog, you don’t care about your blog and finally you quit.

6 You are not even writing your own posts

Most bloggers are too lazy to write blog posts themselves and what they do is to copy paste content from the web. They think they are smart and nobody will ever know. You won’t attract people with copied content even if they are great writings, google won’t give you good rankings either.

7 You are not reading other blogs

You don’t read other blogs at all and you quit saying “Blogging sucks!” -you have no rights to say this buddy, the blogsphere is a tremendous place with high quality professionals. If you don’t read other blogs, you will soon run out of ideas and motivations. Also reading other blogs will give you new tips to maximize blogging efforts.

Add another point

Do you know any more reason for people to quit blogging? Please share your thoughts and share this post with your friends.


FatCow is The Most Affordable Web Hosting Ever!

FatCow is The Most Affordable Web Hosting Ever!Yes FatCow is cheap and you can host your website for less than $50 a year. The current promotional price is around $3.67 and for 1 year the total would be around $44. That’s less than fifty dollars and you also get a free domain name. That’s the most affordable web hosting solution I have ever seen! Click this link to get the special discounted rate

FatCow is a Shared Web Hosting Service

A shared account means there will be other users in that machine. This is the sole reason why web hosting rates are so low. The other superior option is dedicated web hosting. This means you own one whole computer server. Dedicated accounts cost around $200/month so for a small business owner/blogger shared hosting is the right choice.

Unlimited Domains and Disk Space

On your FatCow account you can host unlimited domains and files. But let me make it clear, unlimited hosting isn’t unlimited. If you cause excessive load to the server, they will pull the plug and you have to reduce the pressure. This is good for a site with smaller audience and less content. If you are just starting out and require web hosting, then this is the right choice for you. What I would suggest, you can easily put 10 active websites in a single account.

Free Domain Name with Your Account

How many web hosting providers will give you a free domain name upon signing up? A domain name is a must when you are starting a website. Domain costs upto 15 dollars, so with a new hosting account you save good money.

FatCow is Affordable, Try it now!

This is the right time for you to start your new website under a professional domain and server. Domain + web hosting for 1 year will cost you no more than 50 dollars. You can earn that sum with a freelance assignment or through blogging. You can use your paypal funds or payoneer mastercard to pay for the account.

Why I Recommend FatCow?

I’m using both HostGator and FatCow right now. HostGator is my number one choice but they are too expensive for a shared hosting provider. They cost around $10/month. I have a few new websites hooked up at the COW with no problems. I’m also planning to get another plan for my upcoming sites. So if you are serious about making money online, then you go ahead and start your website through FatCow. (This is my affiliate link)



12 quick tips to transform your invisible followers into active users

Lots of people on the internet visit lots of websites, read lots of blogs everyday. At the same time lots of people come to your site. I check my web statistics and it shows how many people come to my site everyday. So hundreds of people come to my site but why I know only a few of my readers? Why only handful of visitors leave comments?

This is one thing you might think about too. This is because majority of web users are not active participants. They are in your list of visitors but they will not help you out in blogging because,

  1. They will not leave comments or reply to any discussions
  2. They will not vote for you in social sites
  3. They will not link to your blog because they might not have a blog
  4. They will not contact with you
  5. They might not click on your ads(This is not an official requirement!)

here are some ways to bring your invisible followers in front and to make them into active users,

(1) Ask to leave comments: At the end of each post, leave some questions and ask your readers to leave comments, suggestions or questions. If no one is doing this, ask your friends to leave some comments.

(2) Be dumb: Most of the time we bloggers write great articles with every information we can. Write some incomplete articles, be a dumb and let them leave a reply.

(3) Ask for help: Let your readers know that you are not a genius and you’re an ordinary person like them too. Ask information, suggestions via your blog and let them help you out.

(4) Polls: Polls are great ways to make your readers participate in your blog. Ask questions and let them give answers. This is a great way to know your readers.

(5) Chatbox: Add a third party chat box in your blog and let your readers leave reply. Chat is much easier way to communicate with your readers than comments. Don’t forget to reply to the messages too.

(6) MyBlogLog widget: MyBlogLog is a great way to show up your recent readers. You can track your readers and can communicate with them using it.

(7) Contact option: Keep some option to contact with you. A email option and add some of the links to your social profiles like twitter, facebook etc.

(8) Educate them to blog: If your readers are not bloggers, then make them aware of blogging and teach them how to blog. Tell them it’s easy, free and creative.

(9) Feature your contributors: Feature your commentors, friends and subscribers in your blog. Add their link in your blog or mention about them in your post, they will be interested.

(10) Ask them to subscribe: Ask your readers to subscribe via RSS reader or email. Create a page to let them know what RSS feeds are and how to subscribe.

(11) Reveal yourself: Share some information about yourself, let your readers know about you and they will reveal them too.

(12) Free givaway: Offer some free things like coupons, free downloads, ebooks, free reviews and they will show up.

(Bonus) Run contests: Run contests on your blog and give prizes. This is another way to make your readers interact with your blog.

So if you are one of my invisible followers, then please show yourself and connect with me. Do you think these tips will help you, or you have another great idea? Please help me out with a Stumble, Delicious or anything else you wish 🙂


How To Earn Money With A Blog -A Get Started Guide

earn money from a blog

Most newbie bloggers get frustrated on how to make money with a blog, or at first they want to know on how to get started online? At this point, I can point you out this article on beginners guide for blogging. But the question is still active: How can I build a blog and start making money from it?

The answer is clear, you can’t earn money from the very first day of blogging. It may take 6-12 months or even 36 months. Or you may never ever make money from blogging at all.. feeling disappointing? You can’t make money with a blog alone and blog is just a medium of connecting to the world. Here’s what my bright, money making blogger friend said,

There is a big myth behind this question. Many people think that you can create a blog and start making money auto-magically. That’s not truth, in fact you cannot make  money just “blogging”…

…A blog doesn’t make money by itself, it is just a channel, a tool that can help you to sell and earn money…  ~MrJavo on this interview

Think about a niche

Think like your blog as a radio station/ TV channel or a newspaper. The type of content you will produce will attract the sort of audience. For an example, blogkori it self is about blogging & money making tips for beginners. New people who are willing to start a blog/ website and looking for online earning will be more interested in reading blogkori.

The type of content will send a specific targeted people to your blog from a specific age level, level of participation and level of spending/ buying/ investing capability.

The best niche for blogs are technology, news and entertainment. Try to build a blog about technology related topics because techy  people are much more internet savvy and they love to promote content. Tech related posts are easy to market and a majority of people love these kind of blogs.

Start a blog with a free/ paid platform

Now that you know what you are going to cover, start a blog. You can start a blog using blogger or can go for a self hosted wordpress blog. Either way you now have a baby blog. Write 10-20 headlines on your topic and start posting 200-300 word articles. Don’t put too much effort on your early posts because you are still learning. Post one article every day. Wait at least 10 days or 10 posts before you can jump for your blog promotion.

Solve a problem with 5-10 articles

You can’t just write random articles on a daily basis. What you have to do is to provide a solution on your blog. You have to guide people from point A to point B. For an example, you have a blog about “computer assembling tips.” Write few posts where you had covered all of the basic fundamentals from how to install a motherboard, installing processor, RAM and finally how to boot the computer. Here, you have to focus that, people love complete solutions. They will bookmark your blog for further reading in the future.

Start promotion your new blog

When you have at least one complete solution on your blog, start using word of mouth (free promotion) for getting new people to your blog. Paid traffic is not a better option at this level. Go to facebook, twitter, myspace and promote your blog. Ask your friends to put a link/ banner of your blog on their sites. Put your website URL on email signatures, profiles and other places your visit. Comment on relevant blogs/ websites and leave your link.

Sign up for google adsense

Google adsense is the yet most easiest option to monetize your blog. But it won’t provide you instant cash. Sign up for adsense and create two or three ad spots. Place one ad spot on top, one on the sidebar and last one on the bottom. You can also go for no ads and wish to keep your new visitors on your site for longer because each adsense click generate low revenue.

Use affiliate marketing for your blog

Sign up for any affiliate network like PepperJam or ClickBank and search for some great products on your niche. Pick up at most 3 products (for now) and cloak the affiliate links. Write a good post about the product you are promoting and put your affiliate link on it. Put the links on your sidebar as plain links ~no fancy banners.

Use paid review to make money for blog

Another way of great money making is using paid review sites. Sign up for a list of paid review sites and get started on money making. Pick up reviews that are related to your niche to get more SEO benefits even from your paid posts. Most paid review sites requires your site to become 1 month old, so wait before your blog becomes at least one month older.

Promote your other business

The main goal of your blog could be promoting your main business that earns you money. Try to build a profile on your blog and build a section describing your work and what you provide. Business people write about things they sell and it’s a great way to attract new leads.

Have your say

Do you make money with a blog/ website? How do you earn money online? Are you looking for starting a profitable online asset? Please share a few tips about your journey.


Tools & tips for fast bookmarking and link building

Do you know about social bookmarking? These are the sites we use often like digg, stumble upon, reddit or delicious. Each user uses different bookmarking site depending on the taste. As a blogger you should focus on social bookmarking, because it’s one of the easiest ways to build incoming links and fast traffic. You should do it because,

Bookmarks = Backlinks = SEO benefits

It works like this: You published and article, Mr. A comes to your site and he likes it. He bookmarks it by adding it to his favorite site Digg. Now his friend Mr. B checks his digg profile and founds your site and becomes your reader too! After that he bookmarks another page from your blog and this is how it goes on using word of mouth.

How to bookmark, the smart way?

Most people spend hours on 10 or 20’s of bookmarking site to submit their posts. Some people even pay money to some automated bookmarking sites. But this won’t help you because these automated or bulk links won’t benefit you.

The key is to get the help from your readers. If you use five sites, then bookmark your article on five places (+5 backlinks) Put the bookmarking widget on your posts and ask your readers to bookmark it. If you get 100 visitors and 50 of them bookmark it once, that means you’re getting 50 more backlinks without any effort.

On the other hand, those bookmarks will bring new visitors, that means this will go on and on. Here are some of the useful bookmarking widgets,


ShareThis is the leading service in this sector. You have to sign up for a free account to get a green share this button. You can track your bookmarking and use age statistics with your account. They offer visitors to submit to any bookmarking sites and they can also email friends or re-blog about the post.


AddThis is the competitor of ShareThis. They offer a simple looking bookmark button. When your readers will hover the mouse pointer on it, they will see different sites to bookmark it. You’ll also need an account to use this service.

Add to any

Add to any is the service that I’m using with my blog currently. The cool thing is that “you don’t have to sign up for an account” to get the button. You can also integrate google analytics with this to track your bookmarking statistics.

Tell a friend

Tell a friend is a new service with the same concept. You have to sign up to use this service. This service doesn’t support much social sites right now.

How to add it on my blog?

All of these services have some special automated ways to add it on your blog. You have to select your blog platform and you’ll have it. WordPress users can search these services from the plugins directory and add it to their blog automatically.

Blogger users: First you should get the widget code of the bookmarking buttons. Go to your blogger Dashboard > Layout > Edit HTML. Now click on “Expand widget template.” Search this code by pressing CTRL+D

<p class=”post-footer-line post-footer-line-3″>

Now add your button code under this code. Click “Save template

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Most essential and recommended wordpress plugins of all time

WordPress is the cool blogging platform. Its a software to power a blog. The cool thing that made wordpress apart is the wide range of plugins. WP plugins are easy to install and use, just search, install and activate. As a WP user, I use a range of plugins that I recommend everyone to use. Here they are,

Most essential and recommended wordpress plugins of all time

Comment plugins

Top commentators

WordPress top commentators plugin is a nice tool to increase your blog comments count. By default it shows up the top 10 commentators of your blog with a linkback to their site. For this reward your readers would love to comment on your blog.

Subscribe to comments

After adding this plugin, I saw a lot of people have subscribed to a number of post comments. This will add the option for your readers to subscribe to your post comments via email. This is good to attract returning visitors and make them coming again to your blog.


This plugin will fetch the last post of your commentator’s blog. This option will allow your reader to promote their post and making him interested to comment on your blog.

WP threaded comments

WordPress has a built in option to thread comments like forum discussions but some templates are unable to use it. This plugin will make your comments threaded so it would be much easier to reply your comments. This plugin has a built in “Subscribe to comments” option.

NoFollow free

By default, comments are set as NoFollow. This plugin will remove the NoFollow tag, making your comments DoFollow. This is a cool way to spread link love to your contributors and to attract more comments.

Promotional plugins

Dandy ID is a service to keep all of your social profile ID’s in one place. By adding this plugin, you can show all of your social links on your sidebar. For this, you need to have a DandyID account.

Twitter plugin

There are a bunch of twitter plugins available. Some allows you to put the twitter badge, or follow me on twitter link. A must have plugin, which automatically tweets about your new post. Auto tweets about posts saves a lot of time and it’ll bring your friends to the new post.

Add to any Share/ Save button

This is a social bookmarking button which allows your readers to promote your post in different social bookmarking sites. This is an ideal plugin which can be visible from each of your post.

WP related posts

This plugin shows up related posts after each of your article. This is a cool tool to make your readers find another related post and making them stay longer!

SEO plugins

All in one SEO pack

This is the best wordpress SEO plugin. The default options will make your blog search engine friendly. You can rewrite meta data for home page and every singe pages. You can also set no index for specific pages.

Google XML sitemaps

This plugin will create automated search friendly sitemaps for your blog. The sitemap is compatible with google, yahoo, live and all other search engines. You can set other options to set crawl rate for search bots and it sends update to search engines every time you add new posts.

Optimization plugins

WordPress super cache

This is a cool plugin which will reduce excessive load from your server. Your site can handle a big amount of traffic with this plugin. Most of the time a shared server is unable to process the data and it shows, “Server too busy” message; using this plugin will optimize it.

Comment form 7

This plugin will allow you to generate professional looking contact form for your blog. Why show up your email? Add the form and let your visitor contact you directly from your blog via email.

WP limit posts

Another cool plugin, this will allow you to automatically set post excerpt length. With this plugin you don’t have to set excerpts for each of your posts, it can be set automatically. Your homepage, tag and archive pages will show short teasers of your post. All of my articles are too large so I set a small number of words + image to show up in the front page. Readers have to click on the “Read more” button to read the article.

Other plugins

Feedburner feedsmith -redirect to feedburner feed
Fix RSS -fix RSS feed errors
Feedfooter -add a custome footer on your feed
WP poll plugin -create and manage polls
Tweet this -Allows your readers to tweet the post
Sphere -Adds related posts from the web

What’s your personal WP plugins choice?

If you’re using wordpress, then what plugins you’re using for your blog? Please share your recommendations with us and tell us why you love it? Did I miss anything?

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From John’s archive, 20 Tips For Starting Your Own Movie Blog

Today I was reading John Campea’s high profile movie blog (you can find it if you google “Movie blog”) and this interesting post he wrote earlier about how to start your own movie blog took my attention. By the way, I’ve written a guide on how to start your first blog but this one is way more than the fundamentals.

From John's archive, 20 Tips For Starting Your Own Movie Blog blogkori

A lot of movie fans are out there who are willing to start their own blog and why not? Movie is also a great hot niche. I read the article from the expert himself who just made a successful niche blog. You can read the whole article at his place but I’m going to point out some important things that he mentioned,


I personally use the opposite term in my blog, “Start with your own domain!” If you’re totally new on blogging, then you should first try the trial pack, a free blog platform and see how things go. Read what John said,

Don’t bother with buying a domain name, buying a hosting service, installing wordpress or some other platform you have to license and install before you get your feet under you. Most people who start a movie blog haven’t ever blogged, or blogged on a specific topic before. You may find it’s a lot more than you can handle… or you may find after doing it for a while that you change your direction and better understand where you actually want to go with it. For those reasons and more, I STRONGLY suggest setting up a free blogging account at either


A movie blog is way more than a regular blog. You love a lot of movies, celebrities and want to put all of them in your blog. John said start small and small doesn’t means 2-3 posts a week just like we all used to say. 1-3 post per day is a huge kick start and you can keep your readers coming to your site again and again.


You can spend 3x as much time, energy and effort trying to nail the “look” of your site than you do on the content of it. The old saying is true… “CONTENT IS KING”. Find a decent template or theme to start with and just go with that for now. You have LOTS of time to think about the look and design of your sight. You can slowly evolve it as you go. Invest the majority of your creative efforts towards your writing and your content. The look will come… and then you’ll change it 100 times. Don’t sweat it right now. Get started, get writing and let the rest evolve over time. Hell… just look at how successful Ain’t It Cool News is, and that’s the most ass ugly site on the net! Content first… then look.

I love what he said about the design. When you have traffic and the time, you can also hire a pro designer to design a theme for you. Take a look at my own blog, BlogKori -it was not like this in the beginning, it was a messy design. I spent the time on content writing and then finally selected a premium template for the blog.

Movie blog is a trend based site

What ever you write on movie blogs, it’s still a trend site and will receive a lot of traffic within that period. You have to keep the content and hot trends, movies and celebrities coming to your site everytime. Your older posts will be read by your readers just like the way we love to see older movies. So you better decide weather you want to create a trend blog, or a timeless blog.

Read the article and enjoy: 20 Tips For Starting Your Own Movie Blog -Please do tell me how do you like this post? Don’t forget to Grab the full RSS feed to get more updates like this one.


Tweaks & improvements that can make your website much more appealing Part 1

I don’t call BlogKori -a blog anymore because it’s a full website around a blog with articles, informations and links to resources. Now here are a few tweaks that have made BlogKori much more appealing and you can use these methods to do it too!

The overall website design

Your website/ blog’s overall design should be as simple as it can be. Simplicity is beautiful and there’s a lot of website templates such as the premium thesis template is simple enough. To make your site look different, you can change a few settings and make it stand out.

Build a site layout for the very basic 1024×768 pixel resolution monitors -this is because a large number of people will see your site on this format.

When choosing a template, make sure it will load faster on different internet connections. Keep the content portion of the site wider and sidebar much thinner -after all, it’s the content which is the king! I made my content area wider as 650 pixels and made the only sidebar at 200 pixels.

Adding too many sidebar objects will force your site to load slower, so use the elements you need.

Website navigation

Keep in mind that your visitors don’t know where you have put all the things on your site. Make sure they have to click on less links to find the thing they want. Make header links and show categories and tags. You can also use links on footer to make sure they find it.

Focus on “Above the fold”

Above the fold means the top portion of your website and the part what you can see without scrolling down. Keeping your header area short is a great way to use your above the fold area. You can see that I have made my header area simple and shows only “BlogKori” text. You can add your banner ads on the top which will bring in more revenues. Adding the RSS option above the fold can result better RSS subscriptions.

The “home” page

The homepage of any website/ blog is the default landing page and your only chance to give a solid impression to your audience. Make sure your homepage describes what your website is about and could be able to capture visitors.

Make your homepage simple and describing. A blog’s default homepage is it’s blog page which is not a good landing page because the content is changing everytime. WordPress users can make a landing page as their default homepage.

“In site” promotion

In site promotion means promoting your own site at your site. A good example of this kind of promotion is linking your older posts within your regular posts. Make a good use of your sidebar and put the 10 best posts on your sidebar; can also use the latest post feature.

Another good practice you can see on my blog that there are few dedicated pages reserved for archived and popular posts. These are good ways of making your visitor stick to your website for longer and they will get to know what they have been missing.

Promoting your social media sites along with your blog is a part of the marketing process as they also send your visitors back to your website.

Have your say!

How do you make your site appealing? How do you make your readers stay longer on your site? Stay updated for the next update on this article!