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Extremely hot guide to start your first blog

Are you new to blog and blogging? Then here’s a guide for you. Blogging means a lot of things and you have to do a lot of work to start your own blog.

Extremely hot guide to start your first blog

Blogger (blogspot)

Blogger is a free and most used platform. You don’t need to buy domain and hosting to start a blog with this platform. It’s an easy choice for beginners.

Some basic questions about blogspot platform
Sign up and get started in blogger
Create your own theme from scratch
Create some unique HTML elements

WordPress self hosted

WordPress is a software which can be installed in a web directory. This is the best blogging software and the chice of world class professional bloggers.

Get a good hosting plan –I recommend HostGator
Have the perfect domain for your blog
Install wordpress using Fantastico tool
Install the most essential wordpress plugins

Additional tasks

You’ve started your first blog, now you have to do some additional task to get to the next level.

Write some pillar articles for blog’s foundation
Setup a blog feed with feedburner
Claim your blog on Technorati
Submit your site on search engines
Some basic SEO job for your website

Your own idea

Please do share your own tips about starting the first blog. Are you getting started for your first blog? What tips you’ll share for newbie bloggers?

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How to Install WordPress Blog on Your Server

How to Install WordPress Blog on Your ServerPeople say that it’s better to host our blogs ourselves than host it with WordPress. They say self hosted blog gives us more freedom to show our creativity, our innovation and etc. In fact, what I think is that the statement remains true only if you have certain level of knowledge in web hosting and computing. Fortunate enough, installing WordPress has become very simple with Fantastico and everyone could do it in a split second nowadays. Thanks to BlogKori that I am given an opportunity to show you the easiest way to install WordPress on your hosting.

There are many different web hosting deals in the market. However in this guide, I assume that the hosting plan you have has Fantastico embedded. For your information, Fantastico is a script library collecting all sort of software to satisfy your website needs.

This is a guide to install wordpress on your server,


  1. You need a web hosting (Check out my hostgator review)
  2. You need a domain name (Buy it from GoDaddy)

First thing first, log into your hosting account and look for Fantastico in your main page. It is a smiley face icon in blue color located somewhere under software category.

Complete guide on how to install WordPress using Fantastico

Second you will see a list of available software at the side of Fantastico page. Well, these are all the software that you can use. Identify the “Blogs” category and it is not difficult to see there is a WordPress word there. Click on it and it will bring you to the installation page.


There are some descriptions and explanation on WordPress. Read through it and then continue with “New Installation”. It will lead you to the setup page.

At the set up page, you will be asked which domain you would like to install the blog at. Let’s say you would like to have a blog with the blog domain So you will need to choose from the drop down domain. After that in the next column you are asked which directory to install your blog. In this example, “myblog” is the directory so type in “myblog”.

(If you would to have your blog at the url without any directory following it, then just leave the column blank.)

Under the access data, you will need to choose a user name and password. These username and password will be used to log into your blog dashboard later on. So be sure to choose a good username and remember the password.

Under base configuration, there are 4 columns to be filled up.

  1. The first requires you to key in your name, your name that you would like to use to address yourself to readers.
  2. Second column requires you to fill in your email address. This email address will be used for communication purpose. For example if you receive a comment, the software will send a notification to this email address.
  3. For the third and fourth columns, you need to choose a name and description for your blog. However if you would like to decide later, you can always leave them blank.


Click on the “Install WordPress” button after you are done filling up the form.

A summary page is then shown. Please make sure all data are correct before clicking the “Finish installation” button.


Congratulations! You have successfully installed WordPress. At the final page, you can see your username and password highlighted in blue color. Please make sure that you will not lose them. It is also a good practice to have your details emailed and kept safely.

You can now access your blog at the URL you have chosen earlier on.

Now you are ready to post anything online. You could start writing as well as customizing your blog design with WordPress themes now. Here are some reminders for you along your blogging time. Do remember to upgrade your WordPress version from time to time to avoid any chaos and being the target of hackers. Also do backup your blogs as you never know when you will need it.

With that I believe you are ready to self host your blog on your web hosting now. Good luck!


How to set stronger and un-breakable passwords?


Are you a person like me who got account in different social site, community and in blogs? Then you must have set the same password in every place, right? It’s hard to remember password of every single site and this is the main reason to set one password for every account. But what’ll happen when someone breaks that pass? You’ll be locked from all of your account once and for all.

For an example, if my email account gets hacked, all of my passwords, domains and hosting data will be lost; or even worst if that person manually changes all of my other account passwords!

Sounds terrible right? Now here’s a trick that will help you set an easy but stronger password. Most of the time we set easy passwords like “blackberry”, “NewYork”, “TamalAnwar” etc. Now take your password and remake it by replacing some letters with numbers. S can be replaced with 5, O can be replaced by 0(zero) E can be replaced by 3 and so on…

blackberry = b14ckb3rry
newyork = n3wy0rk
tamalanwar = t4m414nw4r

To make your passwords different for each sites, you can add another part on it. Like if the password is for yahoo, then add an extra YH at the end of your password like this,


At the same way you can use FB for facebook,


By doing this, you’ll have the same password for all sites but unique ones. Just remember the actual orders and the prefix. You can also combine upper case letters like,


Your password is already too much complicated, so don’t use upper case combinations, or else you’ll be get locked with your own password!


How to get more traffic? Use StumbleUpon

If you have just started to blog or for a while, you better know that how it feels when you are all alone in your blog and no one is visiting your website. When I first started to blog, I worked hard to look for ways to get more traffic to my blog. In the beginning, if I had only 10 visitors a day, I would feel great about my site.
Social bookmarking sites are great to let others know about your blog and they will send a great amount of traffic in no time.

You may be heard about a popular social site called StumbleUpon and may have an account too but if you didn’t understand it, then now I’m going to explain it to you.

When I first started blogging, I joined SU but It didn’t worked for me because I didn’t know how it works. It took me months to learn about it and here it is,

The main thing in SU is their toolbar. Just go to and sign up for a free account. Download the toolbar and start Stumbling!

You can stumble any website while you are on their page. If you liked the page, just click on the Thumbs Up button which says ‘I like it.’ when you will thumbs up on a page, you are recommending this site to SU and they will show it to another user.

If you are on BlogKori, you can click on the ‘I like it‘ button or could click on ‘Stumble‘ button.
This will show you another random page. Actually this is not a random page, its just another page which another user has recommended to SU. You can click on ‘I like it’ if you liked the page and then it will be shown to another user.

If you stumble a page which is not in the SU’s directory, a window will open and tell you that you have discovered this site. Just fill out the page with a short review, select a topic, add tags, select if it is adult or not and then click ‘Submit This Site.’
So how stumble will help me to get traffic?
You can stumble any website and the same way you could stumble your blog pages. In the beginning, each time you stumble, you will get 1 new stumble visitors to your blog. But if you stumble lots of pages from your own blog/ any other blog, you will not get any benefits.

The key is to stumble to sites, discover new webpages and stay on them. You are seeing this page via stumble because some other person has recommended it. So read the page and try to explore it. I found many great websites through stumble.
Just spend some time on stumble and then come to your blog and stumble the best article you got, and you will get 100-200 stumble visitors to your site and if some of them stumble your page too, it will go on and on.

Try to stumble best articles from your blog and you will receive lots of traffic. Another great way to harvest stumble traffic is to get some SU friends. There are lots of people using stumble. Make a good relationship with them. If they become your regular reader, they will come to your site and stumble. You can also add me as friend in SU


Be a master of blogspot(blogger) part 2 – Formatting & scheduling

On the first part of this series, I answered some basic questions about blogspot; on this part I’m going to explain about post formatting, editing and scheduling.

Blogger editing panel is just like any other online word editors. Here’s a screen shot of the blogger post/ edit area. You can access it by going to Dashboard > Post.

blogspot posting editing panel/ window

For your ease, I’ve divided the panel into five parts,

1. Editing panel

Font and size: You can change your text font and size with this panel. By default the size is being set as “normal” -you don’t have to change any of these options. After posting, your post will have the template default font and size.

Formatting, color, link: You can set your text Bold or Italic; can choose a color for the text; use the link button to add a link.

Alignment: You can align your paragraph as left, center, right and justify. For a professional layout, use “justify.”

Bullet, numbered, block quote: You can bullet or number a list. You can set a special part of your post as block quoted -it’ll look fantastic!

Spell checker, upload, and remove formatting: You can spell check your post with this button to avoid spelling mistakes. Click on the photo button to upload photos or video button to upload videos. You can select a text and use the eraser button to remove it’s formatting to make it a plain text.

2. Editing mode

The two editing modes are “compose” for web editing mode and “Edit HTML” for HTML editing mode.

3. Post labels/ tags

You can set relevant tags/ labels to you post. For an example this post tags are: blogspot, blogger, blogging etc.

4. Comment permissions

This part will allow you to set permissions for comments. You can set your comments “off” for an individual post.

5. Schedule posts

By changing the date to the future, you can schedule the posts to be published automatically in that date. At the same way, changing the date and time, you can re-order your posts.

Image uploading box

You can upload images into your blogger posts. The image uploading box looks like this,

image upload window on blogger


Click browse and select the image from your computer. You can add up to 5 images in each term.


Choose a “center” layout for wide images. You can also choose left or right alignment but don’t use “none” alignment.


Select the size of your image. If the image width is higher than 400 pixel, it’ll be then resized to 400 pixel. Click upload image and it’ll be uploaded to your post.

Some blogspot image tips:

  • All of your big images will be resized into 400 pixel. So if you want to add a bigger image, host it somewhere else.
  • You can add a link to the image by using the “link” button.
  • You can always drag and drop images, change positions and resize it.
  • Upload all of your images first, and then add texts -or the alignments will be gone.
  • Sometimes blogger server occurs a temporary problem which disables the image uploading process -but that’s rare.

Have your say

  • Is this guide to post formatting was useful to you?
  • How long you’re using blogspot?
  • Do you love this platform?

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How to show HTML/java codes in blogger(blogspot) blog posts

If you’re a blogspot platform blogger and want to show HTML source codes in your blog posts then you must had a hard time how to make it done. Check out Code BlogKori. You can see that I’ve created special boxes for those HTML codes and the code remains intact inside the post. It’s a nice trick for blogger platform if you’re willing to post tutorials and badges for your readers.

For this you have to take two simple steps,

Step 1

You have to add a special code inside your blogger template. Go to your blogger Dashboard > Layout > Edit HTML. Now hit CTRL+F on your keyboard and search this tag,


Now you have to add this code above that code,

pre { background:#efefef; border:1px solid #A6B0BF; font-size:120%; line-height:100%; overflow:auto; padding:10px; color:#000000 } pre:hover { border:1px solid #efefef; } code { font-size:120%; text-align:left; margin:0;padding:0; color: #000000;} .clear { clear:both; overflow:hidden; }

Now it will look something like this,

After you done it, click the “Preview” button to see if your blog shows or not. If everything’s okay, then click, “Save template

Step 2

Now each time you create a post and you need to add some HTML codes inside your post, you have to convert it into escapable characters. For this go to this tool called Quick escape and insert your code. Click, “Convert to escaped character” the converted code will be different than the original.

Now create a new blog post and add the converted code. You have to enclosed the code with a “pre” tag(marked as blue) For this I’ve added the same code twice. One normally and the other one with the hack.

Publish your post and see the magic! The normal code showed up with the effect but the hacked on remained intact inside the table.

Please leave a comment with your response and any suggestion for this blogger hack. If you run into any trouble, feel free to ask me a question. Please do share/save this page if it helped you.


How to setup a home office for your work

You don’t need a real office for working online; you can do it from your home. This is the benefit of working online and I love it. Lets see how we can setup a small home office for work.

For this we will need a couple of things,

  1. A home (of course!)
  2. A computer
  3. An internet connection
  4. Website to get work
  5. Payment processing option

A home

Home sweet home; place where you can relax and spend time with family while you work. You must need a quiet place to do your work. It’s better to have a work desk and even better if there’s a window near you. Make sure your work place is noise free and also free of pollution. If you are living on an urban society, then it’s almost harder to find a place like that. Still we have to choose the best among what you have. I work in a well vented room and it’s very comfortable.

[Continue reading…]


How to Start a Blog From Scratch

It’s difficult to start a blog from scratch when you are the only person in charge. You have to write, promote, build links, do the design, and take advertisements and all other things required. It’s hard but it’s not impossible. I built my blog from scratch and no one was there to help me out. This article will be a handy guide for an internet newbie about how to start a blog from scratch.

For every beginner bloggers, the number one problem is the lack of a coaching and guidelines. You’ll find free articles, resources and ebooks on how to start a blog and make money but in most cases, these are not gonna work for you as a newbie perspective.

How to start a blog from scratch? BlogKori

So now you have to follow a guideline where you can build your blog from scratch, all by your own and with minimum investment. You have to follow the guide written from the person who have succeeded in creating a blog from scratch (like me!) [Continue reading…]


3 More money making websites to boost your online income

Make money online is the best thing to do with the internet. Instead of wasting time on pointless browsing, you can spend that time to make some pocket money. I’ve covered a lot of money making methods that made me money and now here’s more for you.

PayPerPost V4 for bloggers

The first stop is the latest website. Yes, PayPerPost; this is not the old PPP, it’s the new version 4 that’s currently on alpha. This new PPP is setup with a new marketplace with a new method of paid content. They call it paid conversation.

3 More money making websites to boost your online income Payperpost version 4
This time you’ll set how much you’ll take per word and per link. That means the more you’ll write about your advertiser, the more they’ll pay.

New PPP is currently on Alpha version and you’ll need an alpha key to sign up. Go to this official blog post and request an alpha key with a comment.

TwtAd for twitterers

I guess most of you all know about TwtAd. This is a brand new twitter marketplace to sell your tweets. The ad method is pay per click. The more clicks you get on your ad, the more you’ll earn. Click rates could differ from $0.01 to $0.20.

3 More money making websites to boost your online income TwtAd
A nice thing of TwtAd is the referral program. You can earn 20% of your referrals earnings. You can use referral banners and links to promote your twtad account. Please do sign up with my link.

ShortTASK for web users

Short task is a money making website which offers simple tasks such as social bookmarking, linking and commenting jobs. ShortTASK pays the users to take simple tasks and complete it within a limited amount of time.

3 More money making websites to boost your online income Short Task

Short task pays a little amount of money, like social bookmarking for $0.01-$0.10; commenting on posts, writing a review etc. There are bigger paying tasks available that pays $1 to $5.

Start making money today!

There are lots of money making opps on the internet; just search and get started. Do you know any more cool money making sites? Then please do tell me about it.


Get even more Alexa traffic score for your blog

Alexa, Alexa, Alexa -a lot of people talk about the rank and are interested to get even more for their sites. When I first learned about it, my goal was to get inside the top 5,000,000 and then top 1,000,000 and now BlogKori’s alexa score is around 180K.

On this article, I’d like to explain some benefits of getting a higher alexa rank and how to get even more from it?

What happens when you have a higher traffic rank?

So far I didn’t found any nice things about getting a higher alexa ranks and they don’t even send any search traffics to my blog but the reason why it’s much desired because of the advertisers. Most of the advertisers (or maybe every one of them) looks for blogs with higher alexa score.

When the rank starts to grow it keeps going until you stop updating your blog. The thing I found that Alexa rank grows slowly when you’re inside top 1,000K because other blog and sites on the world are competing too!

When you’re on the top 1,000K, you’ll have the access to see your traffic data,

alexa traffic graph of

Google page rank and alexa are related?

Most people think that google page rank and alexa traffic rank are related, but it’s not true because both of the sites have different ways to determine the rank. Google calculates the incoming backlinks to a single page (not the whole site) and alexa calculates the traffic volume coming to the whole site. The more traffic you have, the more alexa rank you’ll have. The more backlinks you have, the more you’ll have chance of getting a higher page rank.

Get even more traffic rank with Alexa sparky add on

This is a new plugin from alexa which replaces the old alexa toolbar. With this firefox add on, you can see the alexa traffic data of every site you visit. It’ll calculate the page views of your blog and send to alexa. You can also ask your friends and blog visitors to install this addon.

alexa sparky firefox addon

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  • What’s your alexa target?
  • Why you want and better alexa rank?