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Under 18 Entrepreneurs: Lets get started Online Money Making with SQUIDOO

Have you heard of SQUIDOO? Probably yes because whenever we seek for any information about a specific product, we get to a squidoo site. Now what is squidoo? Squidoo located at is a service that allows you to create one page sites (lens). Now why would you like to have a free page where there are many sites who offer a complete free website? There are mainly 2 reasons,

The Popularity of SQUIDOO

Squidoo is very popular website with a growing user base, you can rank your lens and get visitors from the squidoo site itself. Other benefit is search engines such as google, yahoo and bing like squidoo. So it is easier to get traffic with a squidoo lens comparing to any other free website. [Continue reading…]


Affiliate marketing -a method to make a lot of money for bloggers

I’m familiar with this term called affiliate marketing for a long time and for more than a year I’m being experimenting with different sites and affiliate models. Right now if you ask me what is affiliate marketing, then I would say this is a method where you can make a whole lot of money online than ever.

A dummies guide on, What is affiliate marketing?

read and learn about affiliate marketing for dummiesAffiliate marketing is simply taking someone else’s product and promote them. When you make a sale, you will be provided a commission.  Different affiliate systems have different commission standards. Some pay for each click like the pay per click and some pay for every 1000 visitors. Most of them pay for a lead like a successful sales. Here both the company and the affiliate  (you) make money. Some of the high paying niches such as real estate, pay you for bringing the customers to their site not a lead recommended everytime!

When you sign up as an affiliate, you will be provided an affiliate ID or a special referral link. You have to promote the product and use the link when they sign up. When they sign up using the link, your commission will be provided to you.

Online affiliate programs pay 75% or higher per sale because here you do all of the promotion and they take care about the customer. So this is why affiliate marketing is gold in today’s online industry and everyone’s  looking forward to afft marketing methods.

90% of affiliate marketers are doing it wrong!


Yes this is true! This is what I felt while I talked with different affiliate marketers over the globe. I connected with lots of marketers from different niches; from newbie to a guru; small affiliate-rs to successful site owners. Most of the time they start with joining a course, then buying ebooks and packs full of tutorials on how to create a website and basic SEO jobs.

They end up creating a 10 page wordpress site filled with copy/ scrap content. Then bringing people through SEO. Now search engine optimization is a hard task, you know that well.. so they just buy the traffic via adwords. After spending a whole lot of money on traffic, you see some conversations (if you are so lucky!)

Now what they all are doing is faking the blogsphere. They are creating dummy blogs, so that when you land on a site for help, you will think that this is an authority blogger. They are spending a whole lot of time and money to make sure it looks real.

Don’t get excited to see the $10,000 check because that guy have spent more than $9,000 to build, maintain and promote the site.

Bloggers can be the perfect affiliate marketer

Bloggers can be the perfect affiliate marketer BlogKoriNon bloggers are paying hundreds of dollars to learn creating a wordpress site, twitter, facebook and SEO methods. We bloggers are good at this and have learned these things in practical. Stop developing a site around the product; find products that match your site and suitable for the audience.

The first time visitor doesn’t converts into a customer every time.. it takes a lot of time to build trust. Sometimes the visitor visits the site for months until he is finally convinced to buy from you.

As a blogger you don’t have to create a dummy site or post scrap content. You just do what you are doing along with promoting your affiliate. People would love to try what you have recommended and it works more than a bunch of paid visitors.

Lot more about affiliate marketing is yet to come

From now on, keep coming at BlogKori for some advanced method on affiliate marketing as a blogger. I will share some of my killer tips on afft marketing, lead generation and to build a successful online business with those methods.



10 Must do things when you are working as a freelancer

These are the MUST do things that you have to do if you are working as a freelancer,

1 Tell your client what you can and what you cannot

Sometime you get interviewed for a project and the client has a few different recommendation, some you can do and some tasks that you cannot. Such as you can design a logo, but unable to add it on the website. So it’s always better to discuss it with your client. In most cases your client will be okay with that and hire another provider to do that particular thing.

2 Respond as fast as you can

I lost a couple of potential clients for the lack of a response. I had emails asking for a project quote and I took nearly a week to email them; ahh I lost so many clients. As soon as you receive their mail, respond to them; or at least send them a mail saying, you got his message and will contact him soon.

3 Tell them you can’t take the task when you have too many projects

Most cases, you don’t to lose the client, you take the project no matter how busy you are. This doesn’t helps, because you lack the quality and build mental stress. I have so many clients that I have said “Sorry, I’m busy now” and they have waited for a week or even a month; because they have felt that I’m someone who is capable and dependable and won’t take another project when he is doing mine.

4 Don’t share to a client how much you have charged for a project

You can give them an idea, how much it can cost, but please don’t tell client “B” how much you got paid from client “A” because when you will finish a project of client “B”, they will say I have paid you more, but you haven’t gave me this feature from client “A”s site? -it happens!

5 Don’t be a big mouth on social media

It’s better to keep the details including your clients strategy, project type, branding and budget inside your mind. Your clients trust you, so please don’t brag about these things in social media. You are being followed by your clients and future clients and if you spoil it, you will lose your business. Even if you had a bad feeling with a client, please don’t comment about them publicly.

In another case, where you are the client, when you have hired someone and have found some lacks in them, please don’t discuss it publically. Instead, email them regarding this matter and ask them to improve. One of my client (and now my business mentor) have taught me so many things to improve my service and the things which are my minus points. But if he would write this on facebook, then I’d be shattered!

6 Your social profile matters!

Facebook, twitter, flickr is no more personal. Your facebook profile shows what kind of person you are and your are being watched by others. Your future client must be watching your steps for a long time until they will contact you for their project. Take a look at this particular facebook feed,

If he were a provider, then 90% of potential “new media” clients won’t like to hire him. The fact is, joyful, happy and enthusiastic people are more likely to be hired. I kept this on mind and don’t like to share very personal updates; instead I share day to day fun things -which shows how much active I am.

7 Send them project updates

When you have taken a project, send them regular updates on what things are going on in the work. What I do is to write them a progress report every 2 or 3 days where I tell them what I have done so far.

8 Be confident while pricing your self

I had this issue before where I felt lack of confidence when setting an hourly price or sending a quote. Be sure what you can do for them and charge a competitive price. Don’t hesitate asking for an upfront payment. Be sure that you don’t under-price or overprice your services.

9 Apologize if you have done a mistake

If you have done a mistake and your client is asking for a reason, then feel free to apologize -this is the best way to get away with this. Come up with a solution on how you can help solving this problem.

10 Don’t tell, “it’s no possible”

You are a web designer and have been asked to add this feature and then you found you are unable to do this, no please don’t tell your client “It’s not possible with this platform” -the chances are, your client is far more expert than you and only testing your skills with a dummy project. So the best way to deal this is to say that you are unable to make this happen.

11 (Bonus!) Be honest with your client

In most cases you think your client is a noob and don’t know much. When you are dealing with their personal details, passwords and financial info, please don’t try to misuse it. One of my client has sued a provider for this. He turned out a former US special agent and have used his sources to punish that person. The best way to go is to being honest.

12 (Bonus!) Don’t eat every dollar and try to see the BIG PICTURE!

When working as a freelancer, don’t try to take one more dollar; in most cases I have provided the last minute services + the after project tweaks for free of charge. This helps you build a better business. Your clients will hire you for more projects and tell their friends too.

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How to start your online journey with less than $100 US Dollars

Every day the internet is expanding with new websites, people and products. Unemployment rates are getting high and more and more people are quitting their regular jobs to start something online. Now internet is a great resource to learn these things from your home, but the problem is there are so many information overloads. You will end up subscribing for a $400 dollar private class or buying tons of $97 worth ebooks from gurus.

If you take my suggestion, you go by some simple effective and proven methods that will ensure better results and I recommend you starting with small. If you can invest at least $100 for your first website, I will show you how and when to do these things.

You are not limited to hundred dollars, but if you invest this small amount, you will have fewer liabilities, less risk and it would be a great start.

Some of you friends who are on the other side, I mean if you are tight on budget, you will be happy to know that this method may take even less than $100 to start and run.

[Continue reading…]


Be a master of blogspot(blogger) part 1 – Some basic Q&A

Blogspot (blogger) is the most popular blogging platform ever made. It’s not popular because it’s a free platform; it’s popular because of its features and great performance. Blogger is highly customizable and that’s why it’s being widely used from a new blogger to a web designer.

This is a new series I’m writing for newbie blogspot users. You can do a lot more with your blog when you’ll master on this platform. On this first post I’d like to answer some frequently asked questions about blogger.


What are the storage and bandwidth limit of blogger?

Blogger platform is hosted at Google‘s server and you’ll get unlimited storage and bandwidth for your blog. No one has ever complained about the bandwidth of the new blogger and you can get as much traffic juice as you can.

Where my images and videos are stored?

Blogger will not host your images and videos; you have to host it somewhere else. Your photos will be stored in Picasa and linked with blogger. For videos, you can try youtube.

Why it’s free?

Google offers blogspot for free because they want to make money with adsense. A large amount of adsense revenue comes from blogger blogs and that’s how they make money with free blogspot blogs.

Can I make money with a blogspot blog?

Yes you can. Adsense is integrated with blogger and you can also run third party ads on your blog. You can also get approved for paid review sites and can make money with them.

Why I can’t get any good URL’s?

Blogspot is a much older platform and most of the good sub domains are taken. You have to set a long domain or domains with hyphens (-)

Can I use my own domain in blogger?

Yes off course you can use your own domain with blogger. It’ll then look professional and can brand your blog easily.

Can I host adult content on blogspot?

According to blogger TOS, you can host adult/ pornographic content on blogger. You have to set the option that this blog contains inappropriate content.

Do you recommend blogger/ blogspot?

I recommend blogspot for new bloggers: It’s easy and free. If you want to learn blogging and don’t want to spend any money for domain and hosting, then blogger is the best choice.

I don’t recommend blogspot for serious bloggers: If you’re serious about blogging, then start a blog with your own domain and hosting. If you want to be a pro in this field and want to have total control over your site, then start a blog with a premium platform.

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How blogging reflexes your personal and professional life?

I love to blog and I’m glad of this wonderful tool. Blog/ weblog allows me to write my own opinions on different topics. It’s a sort of personal news publication, just like the revolution of desktop publishing. The things you’re doing and the way you’re viewing different thing shows on your writing. Let’s see how your blog is reflexing your personal and professional life,

Your personality

Blogging shows what kind of person you are? By reading your about page, readers can know who is this person, where he from and what he wants to do with this blog. Your writing will show if you’re an influenced audience, or an expert critique? This will also show up if you’re the person who goes within the wave, or the one who wants to create a new destination against all odds!

Twitter updates are much more personal and you can learn the exact expression of this person. If you’re about to marry a person and want to know more about their personalities, then you must subscribe to their RSS feeds or follow them on twitter!

Your creativity

One can make a big blog from scratch with his creativity. You have to write the same things what others are writing in your niche, your creativity will make you stand out. By reading the first post, your readers will know about your creativity. “Wow! I didn’t realize that in this way? How innovative!”  Your readers are reading the same thing everywhere, but wants to read it only from you. Some news based blogs are cool but they only contain simple reviews or sales pitch. This sure makes sense about the creativity of the author.

Your authority

Blogging is all about building your personal authority in a field. No matter what you write, tech, science, sports or stories; the more authority you have, the better content you’ll provide. People will figure it out from your writing style, is this person a newbie or an expert? having an authority has lots of other benefits. A reporter may cover you because your authority in such field. You’ll find business connections or even job opportunities for your expertise.

Your popularity

Okay, you’re not a celebrity or not even a business mogul, but still you can become an internet celebrity for blogging. Look at the examples of Darren Rows, John Chow, Chris Garrett -who are they? They don’t do much outside of blogging but this is the thing that made them famous. Blogging is not all about writing articles, it’s about communicating with people, marketing and influencing. Your blog and social status shows your popularity. Take a search about you on google and you’ll find it!

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Are you revealing the real side of yourself online? What do you prefer, reveal or keep yourself hidden?


Be a master of blogspot(blogger) part 3 – Comments optimization

On the last part of this series, I explained about post formatting, editing and scheduling; on this part I’m going to write about blogger comments system and optimization.

Blogger blog has a very much user un-friendly comments system. You’ll get less comment or no comments at all if you stick with the default settings. The first comment I received on my first blogspot blog when I wrote 20-25 posts. That was too late off course! By the way now I’m going to explain some optimizations which will increase your blogspot blog comments count.

Go to your blogger Dashboard > Settings > Comments.

blogspot comments setup

Now on this page you’ll see a lot of options to set. Lets talk about those interesting parts,

Who Can Comment?

Set “Anyone – includes Anonymous Users” this is the best option to allow everyone on the world to comment on your blog.

who can comment on blogspot? permissions

Comment Form Placement

There are three options available. By default your readers will have to go to a new page to comment on your post -this is why most users don’t wants to comment on blogspot blogs.

Select, “Embedded below post” -the new feature in blogger blogs. It’s a wordpress like comments bar which will allow your readers to post comments from the post page.

new blogspot comments option

Show word verification for comments?

By default, your readers will have to submit a weird looking random text before they can comment. This is called Captcha (word verification) which prevents automated softwares to post comments.

Don’t use it because most people will not like it. At the very beginning, you need comments and there will be no spam. Set no for this part.

word verification options in blogger, captcha

Comment Notification Email

Whenever someone leaves a comment, you’ll get notified via email with this option. Add your email on this box to get the notifications on your email inbox. You can add up to 10 email addresses on this box.

comments notification email in blogspot

After all of the settings checked, click “Save settings” and see your comments system,

blogspot comments form

Alternative comment systems

There are other comment systems available to add on your blog, like the most popular Disqus comments. It’s friendly and professional looking.

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