Month: August 2011

LinkWorth overview and how to Make Money Online while you blog

Affiliate BannerLinkWorth is one of the websites that I’ve been using from the beginning of blogging and I got my first paid to review opportunity from LinkWorth. Now LinkWorth got some of the most confusing user interface and it’s harder to know what to do and where to go? There’s not much linkworth reviews online to read and this is why this gem is still getting un-noticed by majority of the bloggers who want to make money online.

LinkWorth could be a good source of revenue if you use it correctly. LW is actually the complete pack of money making for publishers. They have text link ads, banners, paid links, banners and paid reviews.

Sign up for LinkWorth and you can then add your website/blog. Now if you add a blog, you will only get paid to review opportunities, so it’s better to add your blog as “Add a website”

linkworth submit a website

By submitting your blog as a website, you will have all of the advertising opps from linkworth. Now wait until LW reviews your site and they will approve your blog.

WordPress Plugin for LinkWorth Ads

If you are using wordpress to run your blog, then you can use the LinkWorth wordpress plugin to automatically add advertisements. You can serve paid links on your sidebar listed under “LinkWoth Partners”

LinkWorth sidebar links

You can serve LinkMura which runs on specific pages of your website (Added automatically with the plugin)

linkmura from linkworth

Another great product from linkworth is the LinkWords which is a contexual keyword ad. The ads are generated automatically reading your content. This way you don’t have to give extra space for ads.

linkworth linkads

30/70 split or 50/50 prefered partner?

You can set 30/70 split (default) which will earn you 70% of the revenue, giving 30% to linkworth. If you chose 50/50 split, then linkworth will work to search advertisers for your website. I prefer the 50/50 split and this way I got many advertisers to advertise on my blog.

Get paid via check from LinkWorth

Unlike any other websites, LinkWorth has the option of payment through PayPal + they also pay via check. The minimum payout with paypal is $25 and minimum check payout is $100.

linkworth account overview

Make money with LinkWorth through the affiliate program

You can also earn money online by referring people to use linkworth. With the affiliate program, you can make upto $50 per signup. Go and sign up for LinkWorth.

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Do you use LinkWorth to earn money online? Do you use any other contexual ad services? What do you think?


How to setup a custom domain name/ address in Tumblr?

You all know about Tumblr blog platform for casual bloggers, and they have a cool option to use our own domain on your tumblog. This feature will make your blog professional and you don’t have to use

To get started, you have to own a domain name. If you don’t have one, then check this guide on how to choose domain names for blog. Now after you have the domain, se your tumblr domain; you can set the main domain or a sub domain for your tumblog. For an example, you can use or -either way you have to change the DNS of your domain.

Create an A record for your domain or ask your support team to do that for you and set the value:

Now after you’ve done that, now you can test your domain here,

How to setup a custom domain name/ address in Tumblr? blogkori

Now do to your dashboard > Customize and click “Info” tab and select your custom domain and click “Save changes

How to setup a custom domain name/ address in Tumblr? blogkori

Now after you changed the domain, your domain may not point to your blog immediately. Usually it takes a couple of hours and up to 48 hours to set up correctly.


Great examples on how to write a good Meta blog description

Here in BlogKori I have written articles on SEO optimization, meta keywords and page rank. Meta description and keywords are important to rank higher in search engine positions. This is a post where I wrote how to write effective bog descriptions to start with.

Now more and more people are into blogging and SEO, they want to know what they should write on their Meta title, meta description and meta keywords. Whenever you want to submit your blog on directories, they will ask for these data. It’s better to use one static data for every place you leave your link. Here’s what our most popular bloggers have did with their blog descriptions; I’m sure this will help you get started with it,

Blogs with auto generated descriptions




Blogs with pre-determined descriptions




Blogs having a one line simple description



So how do you write your blog description?

After all, traffic makes you earn money online.


8 Biggest Mistakes That New Bloggers Should Avoid

Blogging is an ongoing learning process. There’s no school or training about blogging and everyone has to learn with mistakes. Some learn by watching and some by doing it. As a blogger, please take a look at the list I created about the biggest blogging mistakes.

You may have done some of the mistakes without even knowing and this may results others to think bad about you. If you have done any of these mistakes, please try to correct it and feel free to share your response with me,

1. No original content

A blog or a website gets popular with original ideas and contents like videos, music, art or articles. Most of the time many bloggers create a blog about downloadable contents but they depend on another source for their materials. People will not like to visit your blog because you don’t have any original content.

On the other hand, lots of people copies content from other blogs and news site. If you want to create a blog on shared content then it’s ok but it’s not worth to build a successful blog. To create original contents, you have to work hard on writing. One of my reader said to me that he doesn’t writes articles because it’s a tough job and that’s why he steals content!

2. Running for Money, Not for Traffic

It’s true that you can make money online. I’ve made money and it’s more than expected. But before you take out something, you have to give something to the community. The main key behind a successful blog is traffic (visitors) if you have the traffic, you can then monetize it, become popular or even sell your own products.

Putting lot’s of ad on your site doesn’t means earning more money. Each ad says, “Click me and go away!” If you produce great quality articles and give value to your readers, then they will see the ads as reasonable, “Ohh this person is doing a great job! He deserves those ad incomes.”

3. Establishing a Sub Domain

Thanks to blogger, wordpress and many others who gave an opportunity to create free blogs. You setup a blog like in no time. It’s a better choice to start and learn blogging, but when you get serious about it, you then must buy your own domain. Domains are as low as $10 and in blogger, you don’t have to pay extra hosting money for your blog. You should not put all of your effort to establish a sub domain because you don’t own that domain and you have zero financial values over it.


4. Creating Lot’s of Blogs

Just like putting lots of ads; bloggers think that having many blogs means more income. It’s harder to run even two blogs (I know how it feels) don’t create lots of blog but create one and try to establish it. Build links, write articles and promote it for a year and get the results.

5. Spamming

Blog spam means posting irrelevant comments, writing on forums and everywhere just to build links and getting instant traffic. Please avoid these easy ways of getting links and try some hard ways because it will last longer.

6. Traffic Exchanges

Don’t sign up for traffic exchange, link exchange or banner exchange sites. These are black listed sites and will make your blog banned. Please focus on some real traffic like search optimization and social bookmarking. Traffic exchange sites are worthless because they send non targeted audience (you blog about books and they sent reader who is looking for sports)

7. Trying to Cover Everything

Most of the time new bloggers write about everything. Today you wrote about kites and then computers. Tomorrow you wrote about baseball. By time this blog will become a self centered blog. Creating a niche is important in blogging success. Today you read this article and went away. Tomorrow you’ll come again to read more about blogging, but if I post about gardening, you’ll go away -that’s how it works.

8. Blogging About Something You Don’t Know

I learned this in the first day of my blog life, “Blog about what you like!” but most of the time bloggers want to write about what others want to read. “People are talking about blogging, ok start a blogging blog! ; People love computers, lets start a tech blog!” you should only write about what you know. If you write on a topic, you’ll find your readers.

I see lots of bloggers blog on adsense but don’t even know what adsense is and how to earn. Lot’s of people start blogging with, a blog about blogging -making others follow his experiment too! So please start a blog that you really love to blog about forever and you know it well.

Have your say

I’ve pointed out these things because I’ve done some of these mistakes in my early blog life and have seen some people doing it. I’m not a blogging guru and I don’t know everything, I’m just sharing my experience with you. Please tell me what you think about this topic and your experience in blogging.