This is a logo design tutorial I would like to share with you; here I will help you learn create a simple text based logo for your website using GIMP software. GIMP is a software like photoshop, and it’s free. You can find a copy for download here. The file size is only 15 MB and trust me, this tiny piece of program helped me design thousands of dollars worth graphics.

Here’s how to setup GIMP on your PC:

Update: Here is a new video I created about making a logo,

Watch it on youtube

Now after installing the program, open it and you should see at least 3 windows:

gimp image editing software

The left window is the toolbox for you to use all the tools, brushes etc; the right is for the layers and the center part is the main area where you will be editing your graphics.

Now lets start with creating a new file, just select “new” from the file menu. In my example, I am creating a new image with 400×200 pixels: [Continue reading…]