Facebook is a growing social media tool and almost everybody who is using the internet is aware of it and uses it regularly. Now with this article I will be sharing some interesting things about using facebook for “Fame management.” The chances are, you are a celebrity who is reading this or at least the media agent for that famous person. So go ahead and read this guide on Facebook Page Management Tips for Celebrities

Why should you consider being on facebook?

Facebook.com is the biggest network of people on the internet and now it has made itself a media of some sort. Whoever you are, your audience is there on facebook. If you are a celebrity but not on facebook, then join today and take charge of your community.

Some celebs don’t like social media such as Katrina Kaif, she stated that she is not on any social media website and prefer not to share her thoughts at all. On the other side I would like to keep Priyanka Chopra on the lead in this, as she is super social media savvy. She has leveraged her popularity through facebook and have multiplied her fan following.

If you take a closer look at facebook, it’s not about sharing what you are doing; it’s about connecting with the people who are ready to hear from you… the possibilities are endless!

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