Month: October 2010

10 Absolutely Wicked Blog Promotion Ideas (offline)

In the past I have wrote many methods of website promotions and also read so many of them out in the web. Today I’m going to write some new methods of website promotion that will take no investment at all and you can do them in the real world AKA offline. All you need is a permanent marker and a wicked brain.

CAUTION: Applying any of the promotional methods bellow may bring in traffic but also bring something else! Not spoiling it, just go ahead read and you will find out.

1. Newspaper Advertising

Yes Yes I know I told you I’m telling about FREE methods. This is a free one. Go to your local newspaper stand and ask the owner to give you all the copies of a specific one (such as prothom-alo). Now pick up your marker and write your blog name in capitals on the newspapers. Hand the newspapers back to the owner and you are done! Now when people will buy the paper, they will see a big URL on the headlines.

Newspaper ads

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How I Sold a Website on Flippa Website Auction

flippa_logoLess than a week ago I listed a website for auction on flippa, I also wrote a post to promote the auction. Now the good news is the auction was  successful and I sold the site for $300. Now on this article I will describe the small journey to my first website sale, how I sold it and everything that will help new flippers to flip a website.

How I learned about Website flipping?

I learned about website and domain flipping 1 and a half years ago. I was very excited about flipping domains and established sites. Till then I have bought domains, built sites but it didn’t work back then. As a result I have a small inventory of domains and sites that are left alone in my account.

One year ago one of my blogger friend Mrjavo told me about a site called flippa. Flippa is a marketplace to buy or sell web properties. That time I didn’t had any websites or domains worth selling and I didn’t knew about the whole process.

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I’m selling a High Impact Business Opportunity on Flippa

It’s my first auction on flippa. What is flippa? It’s a place to buy and sell websites, domains. I’m selling an online business through this marketplace. And you know what “auction” means, don’t you? The buyer who is willing to pay the most money will win the auction.

I’m selling an online business opportunity named BuildBrandOnline along with 6 domains, 1 website with custom logo and thesis theme template, all details are listed on flippa.

logo_renewed1_2BuildBrandOnline is a business opportunity making business that I had the concept a few months ago. I have done all of the ground work for this site from link building, SEO, optimization, press release, creating business proposal for respected clients etc. The core product that this business will be selling has been projected to have a price tag of $1000.

The business opportunity is valuable as well as it’s domain. It’s a highly brandable keyword rich domain that already has a value of $1000 for the Dot Com version. I’m giving you all 6 extensions I have, COM/NET/INFO/ORG/US/MOBI versions.

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10 Budgeting Rules for a New Business

BusinessWhen you are first starting your business, you need to have a budget. You have to be aware of the money that you have available for each purchase. If you have a freelance business, that budget does not have to be as in depth as the one for an office containing several people. Here are some guidelines for budgeting your new business.

  1. Demand is important:Before you start investing your hard-earned money in your business, make sure that there is demand for your services. Perform thorough market research. Roll over every rock, search every trade publication to make sure that people are wanting what you have to offer. Know if your business is trending upward.

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