Month: September 2010

Video Tutorial – How to create & add favicon on your WordPress website

This is a video tutorial posted on my Thesis youtube page. Favicons are small icons/ website icons that we can see on the browser, bookmarks and feed. It’s very nice and does great branding for your website. Favicon helps me track through my browser tabs. Why not add a favicon on your website? I also shared tip on how to create a favicon in icon format using a popular favicon generator. The new thesis theme 1.8 also has a built in favicon uploader. You watch the video and do share your website’s favicon with me!

By the way, how is BlogKori’s favicon?


8 Tips for Reducing Bounce Rate of your Website

Your sales numbers increase with a reduced bounce rate. You want visitors to your site to feel comfortable enough to look through your digital offerings and buy something before departing. Ultimately, you want that visitor to turn into a repeat customer who reads your newsletter. Here are some simple tricks to reduce your site’s bounce rate.

  1. Listen to your customers: Most of your customers welcome the opportunity to make something better. Find out what they think about your current landing pages and ask for suggestions. Conduct surveys to gain their opinions. Offer an incentive for your visitor’s assistance and consider their input.
  2. Testing: Perform scientific testing of your site. Change specific portions of the landing page, move elements around and test the conversion rate that you receive. When you have concise information, you will be able to minimize your bounce rate and increase your sales.

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