Month: January 2010

5 Crazy but Natural SEO optimization tricks for your blog

These are some of the crazy but natural SEO optimization methods that we don’t hear a lot but it really works in the long run. So let’s read, learn these crazy but effective SEO tricks.

Keywords in image alter tags

We love to add images on our post, don’t we? Images are labeled as IMAGE1, PICTURE1, PHOTO_1 etc. I have labeled my image acording to what the image represents. This is a cool way to get search traffic even from image search results.

Popular forum and discussions

When you write a new post, add the same post on forums/ popular discussion sites. It’s not spamming, some site allows you to promote your blog posts. Add the post title as the thread title and linkback from the thread. Here you get some traffic from the forum, get a link and additionally these established sites rank higher in different keywords. So where your main article is no where near in the top listing, these forum thread will be there who are linking to your original article.

Social media aggregators

Most people don’t care about aggregators such as friendfeed, peoplepond or facebook. If you post your links on social media such as twitter or digg, it will appear on different aggregators too. The cross linking works well in SEO terms and soon you will get more links pointing to your article as the snowball rolls.

Links on the footer

Most website owners love to put the important page links on the footer section; it’s not only making the site user friendly, but also giving a good SEO boost. The footer appears on all of your blog posts or pages, that means you are getting linked back from all of your pages back to your own site.

Using heading tags

You see when I write posts, I make my whole article into small paragraphs, plus I add a sub title for each of the paragraphs. I do this because I want my reader to feel comfortable while reading short paragraphs. The sub title also gives an idea on what the paragraph is all about. But the main thing is, the sub titles are done with “Heading 2” tag. Search bots take good care of the text inside the heading tags and because I add keywords inside the heading, I get more SEO juice.

What else can be done?

Please tell me what things you do to make your site SEO friendly? For good seo, we get better traffic and can earn more money online; please do share your personal SEO tips and share this post on your favorite site.


How to create an Outstanding Facebook Fan Page and drive Traffic

Most web users love to use facebook to connect, share and have a great time with friends and family; facebook has now become a major hub to generate traffic, leads and customers. So today I’m going to share a few tips about marketing your website/ blog using facebook fan page & how to drive traffic with it.

Create a fan page in facebook

It’s easy, just go to your facebook account and add the page manager application; create a new page, fill up all the details and you’re on. You will have a page with an username (go to just like I did: The username itself is a great strategy to build your brand around the web. You can send this link to your friends or talk about it in person.. it’s cool to have a username for your page. Set all the details you need for your page, upload pictures, your brand logo, URL and contact details.

Set a good landing page

Most people will create a fan page and let new users land on the default wall tab; it’s a bad optimization, really! If your new users (who are not even a fan) lands on the default wall tab, then they won’t find anything interesting to be a fan of. Facebook users are influenced, so use that thing. Search an application called Custom FBML and add it to your page.

The custom FBML will help you setup a custom page in a new tab. For my site I have created a tab called “BlogKori!” You have to edit the title and the content using HTML; host images on your web host.

Now go to the settings on the wall and set the default landing tab; select the newly created landing page.

Now when ever a new user(who is not a fan) will come across your fan page, they will be landed on the custom page with your desired content/ graphics.

Call To Action!

It’s easier to bring someone to your page but harder to make them to click on the button “become a fan“; for facebook marketers, the main call to action is to make them be a fan of the site. Take a look at this practice,

I’m clearly asking the visitor to click on the button above to be a fan. That really strikes the mind of the visitor and they will most likely click on the fan button.

Post news and links on the wall

Now that you have a fan page, post updates, news and links on your fan page. Your fans will see and interact with it. The great feature is, your posts will be visible on their facebook home feed, that means they don’t even have to visit your page to read those updates. The more fan you get, the more valuable you are and more people you can reach out. When you post a new article which you want to share with your fans, then you can post the link via your fan page.

Use the fan box widget

With the facebook fan box widget, you can show off your fan page on your blog/ website. People logged into facebook can directly become a fan of your site through your sidebar.

Be a fan of BlogKori

Please take a look at be a fan and let me know how is it? Do share your tips on how to further promote a brand in facebook, your comments will be appreciated.