Month: October 2009

Domain age -an important aspect on website growth

Website domain age is a factor for good SEO benefits. If you want to get free traffic from google, then you have to pay close attention to this factor. We all know SEO gives traffic and that allows us to earn money online. How about getting 100+ new visitors everyday from google who are interested in your content and wants to read more? That sounds too cool so you have to buy your own domain and keep it for longer.

Most people don’t like to spend money on domain or at least if they buy a domain for blog, they don’t keep it for more than 1 year. Domains are as low as $10/year and you should invest on it.. even if you don’t feel creative about continuing your site; put your site on a free host or use a blogspot blog.

Another interesting aspect that google is looking forward is how long these domains are going to stay. I mean search engines are checking when this domain will expire. It a wise policy because domains are cheap and people are buying hundreds of them to make their main site rank higher in search engine positions. For good SEO benefits you should make your domain older + make sure you have registered more years to it.. See BlogKori’s domain stats,

domain age for blogkori

Not just the domain is 1 year old, I added 1 more year till it expires, so now it’ll expire after 1 year and 8 months, real good SEO optimization. Now google will know that this is not a temporary site and will be online for a longer. What do you think?


StumbleUpon launches version 4 -Even great ways to find and promote content

StumbleUpon launches version 4 -Even great ways to find and promote content

StumbleUpon is the biggest social media traffic generator for BlogKori. I love SU and have been using this site for more than a year. If you don’t know what is SU and how to get started, then read this post: Get more traffic with StumbleUpon.

As you all know, traffic is the blood of any website and with better traffic, you can make money online effectively. Recently SU launched the version 4 of their site and it looks impressive.

The new system allows people to see how many views the content have got from SU and this the coolest feature of the system. Here’s one of my latest blog article that got stumbled up: How to earn money with a blog -a get started guide for newbie bloggers


The new system doesn’t allows you to one click group share to all of your friends, and you have to select each receiver one by one, just like the digg platform. You can also disable toolbar shares from specific users and that’s one requested feature from SU.

StumbleUpon launches version 4 ~group share

So go ahead, join SU V4 and start stumbling. Please do add me on stumble upon and subscribe to my faves too:


Freelance workers in odesk should blog for better exposure and to inspire others

Freelance workers in odesk should blog for better expossure and to inspire others

I’m a newbie in freelancing and just got started at odesk. Since I wrote a guide on starting a freelancing career online at odesk, I got a lot of search traffic, new people looking for freelancing jobs, and even odesk providers and buyers. So when you take a look at the odesk marketplace, there’s thousands of providers working online. But when you search online for tips about freelancing in odesk, there’s not much to consume.. or most of them are either a paid review or a slight overview.

So what I want to ask to all odesk providers is to start your own blog about your freelancing journey. People still think that odesk or other marketplaces are scam sites that requires money to join. Odesk is free to join and all other sites like that are free too. Some emails and personal messages I got asking me that does odesk pays? Off course it pays and this is why I’m interested in it.

Start a blog and get more exposure

A lot of advanced odesk providers have their own website/ blog and they write about their freelancing career. There’s nothing bad about sharing your expertise. In fact it’s profitable too! Create a portion of your site describing your work, samples, your profile and a little bit about your work. Most people will hire you through your website. Other people who doesn’t wants to hire through odesk can also hire you privately.

If you want to know how to start a blog, then read this: extremely hot guide on starting your first blog.

Inspire others to work at home like you

What’s better than to help a lot of people know about freelancing, work from home and build a healthy income stream? The more you will write about your career, the more people will come and start working online. This could be a new niche and you can make money online from your visitors too.

Put your odesk affiliate link and banners on your blog. For each new member, you can earn $50 when they have worked at least 1000 hours or have spended $1000. It’s great because people who got started on odesk, will never quit working online for money and over time you will have your cut.

Have your say!

Are your working as a freelancer online? Do you blog about your work? Are you looking for online jobs as a freelancer, then start with odesk ~it’s great!

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