Month: September 2009

How to cloak and optimize your affiliate links for better results?

Cloaking/ masking means faking; in affiliate marketing terms, cloaking means hiding your affiliate links. I’ve told you about affiliate tracking links, yeah the links that says you are the one who sent the buyer to your affiliate site; read this post if you don’t know what affiliate marketing is.

Cloaking is required to make sure you get the commission if the customer ever wants to buy the product. Here is what a typical affiliate link looks like,



And some links a even more longer!


Now that’s one reason of cloaking an affiliate link. Affliate links have your affiliate ID and most of the time people will remove your ID. That’s a bad practice; if you want to buy it, why don’t you want to give a cut?

Some people don’t trust these extremely longer links, because they might send them to an untrusted website. Here’s what I did using PHP redirect script,


With a PHP redirect, I can cloak my affiliate links and can keep my ID secure. No one will ever know which link is they are redirected to. Some people uses URL shortening services to do this, but that’s something people won’t like to click.

Here’s how you do it: Create a new text file and open it. Put this code inside the text file,

Header( "HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently" );
Header( "Location: YOUR-AFFILIATE-LINK" );

So that it looks something like this,

cloak affiliate links using PHP script

After that, rename your text file from new-folder.txt to new-folder.php. In my case, I renamed the folder to host-gator.php

Next, you have to create a new folder on your websit’s ROOT directory named ‘go’, ‘partner’ or anything you preffer and then you have to upload the PHP file. After that test your new url and you will be redirected to your affiliate site using your afft link.

By using this method, I got much more click troughs and better results than before.

Blogspot users

Blogger/ blogspot users don’t have the access to their ROOT folder; so in this case you can get a free web hosting account and host your PHP redirect file there.

WordPress plugin

There’s a plugin available on wordpress which can cloak your links easily with a click of a button.

Do you have a better way of cloaking links?

Please do let me know what do you think about this post. Have you ever used affiliate marketing; have used redirect scripts to mask your links? Your valuable comments will be most appreciated.


How to Build Up a Big Content Rich Blog

Most people ask me how I made a blog from scratch such as BlogKori? What it takes to be a pro blogger and how I managed to write so much interesting content? Now this is a question which doesn’t have a simple answer and I can’t give you the right tip to build your big blog next week! It’s a sort of thing that takes time and effort.

How to build up a big content rich blog?

When I first started this blog, I never thought I would write so many articles for it. I had another blog that I had to focus completely on that. I had 15-20 post ideas for BlogKori and after that I would close the blog. But soon people started to read my new blog and I had to close my first blog and put the spotlight on this blog.

Blogging is Like Digging!

my money making blog!Here I mean by dig, not the social bookmarking site digg. When you start digging a hole, you had a plan what it would be? Some wants to plant a tree, some wants to make a moat and some of them will tell you are building a canal. When you tell your friends that you’re building a¬†channel¬† and they quickly appears on your place to find out it’s just a 2 feet deep hole in your backyard; it just turns them away!

Most people who desperately wants to make money with it will fill up the 2 feet hole into water and put fishes (ads) and place a board next to it “it’s a money making blog!” They will even create 10’s of holes in their backyard and do the same thing.

When you decide you are going to do this, you should start digging and should do it regularly.. within few months it will become a huge in size.

It Takes Less Effort If You’re Doing It Regularly

Most people spend a whole lot of time into their blogs, writing, promoting and then tracking their visitors.. in the first few weeks of your blog it’s natural but on the upcoming months you should provide a continuous effort to it. If you decide to publish 3 posts a week, then try to stick with that.

It’s so much easy like this math: if you write one post each day, you will be producing an average of 250-300 articles a year. That means on the next year your blog will have 300 posts and they will generate search engine traffic. When a new visitor will land on your blog, they will have enough content to spend his next 2-3 months discovering and reading them. They will also share the content with their friends and more traffic will be generated. On the second year, you will be having another 300 articles and that means double the exposure.

In this time the first set of 300 articles will generate you the most search traffic because they have already developed a good search rankings.

The Journey is Different for Each Blogger

You will be surprised to hear that a lot of bloggers who started blogging after you started blogging, are making a good income and getting tons of traffic! That’s not all, there must be a lot of bloggers who started blogging last month but made a large list of visitors. This is a thing when most bloggers feels they are not doing it right or it’s not going to work.

Some people learn fast and some people gets the right information in the right time. Please don’t get upset if another new blogger is acheiving something before you did. It doesn’t matters what you did in short time, it matters what impact you put in the long term. In the end, the one who survived is the winner. In some niches 200 RSS readers are much more valuable than 10,000 RSS readers in another niche. It depends on how you see your blog and this is the way others will see it too.