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Learn these Black hat SEO techniques but don’t apply them with your blog

Search engine optimization(SEO) is the science of getting better search results in search engines. But the crazy part is that, no search engines likes google, yahoo or ask tells anyone the ways they rank web pages, blogs and how they put them together on their search page.

We bloggers who spend day and night with search results and searching thousands of keywords, learn by the way they provide each search results. Now we can give a suggestion that, doing this might give you better places in search engine.

There are many ways to increase your search results. The natural way of building backlinks and other methods are the white hat SEO or the good guy way. And the other way is called the black hat SEO or the bad guy way. Black hat SEO is bad because google doesn’t likes this one and might punish you for doing this.

Here are some black hat SEO techniques to learn from but applying them will lead you to, BANNED FROM GOOGLE!


Spam are the junk files of internet, some informations which are not worthy. If you spam on blogs and forums to build incoming links, this will be a bad way to build links and when google will find you, they will punish you. Signing up for many accounts in any social platform, creating lots of blogs un-naturally is also called spam. Google has your IP address stored and knows what you are doing online so everything you are doing is effecting your overall reputation.

Link farming

If you start a massive campaign of link exchange to build incoming links to your blog, this will determined as a link farm. Linking to lots of off topic blogs will make your blog a linkfarm and google doesn’t likes link farms. Linking with a link farm, like the link exchanging websites is also a black hat SEO trick.

Traffic exchange websites

The sites which allows you to exchange free traffic and visitors and show unwanted pop ups, are the bad neighborhood. Linking or using traffic exchange sites is a bad guy trick.

Link trading

This is a controversial issue. You may want to pay other sites to show your link for traffic or get paid to link other blogs to make money, just as we do to make money with paid contents. Google doesn’t likes this method of paid links that’s why they punish the sites with paid links. In pro blogging, you will have two options to choose from, get paid from paid content or get a good page rank.

Hidden keywords

Your page will never show on the search results for the term, ‘baseball’ if there is nothing written about it on your blog. Black hat SEO experts create a list of all sort of searchable keywords and place them on their blog. Now they will pick the color of text to match the background so that the keywords will be invisible to humans but it will be accessible to search robots and will get ranks. This is a serious trick and it may ban your site completely from the search engine.


To stay out of trouble, black hat SEO’rs create two websites. One is for the dirty trick and one is the main site. First one is filled with hidden keywords, spam and other tricks to get ranked well in search engines. This page is an opening page and linked to the main website. If this site gets banned, they will stay out of trouble and their main site will be safe. Google has advanced technology to find the backdoors so please don’t try this at your site.

Robot texts

Most of the programmers create special robot texts to spam, build links, get ranks and for other things. Using robot texts to getting better search rankings is a black hat SEO trick and you should not use it.

Who got banned?
Everyday thousands of sites are loosing their ranks, places or even the existence in search engines for using black hat SEO tricks. This method may result a boost but have terrible effects on your blog’s ranks. is a big blog and have 25,000 daily RSS readers. John chow had google page rank 6 few years ago and now he has NO page rank. He is banned from google for using black hat SEO tricks and getting lots of un-natural incoming links. If you search the term, ‘John Chow’ or ‘Make money with john chow’ -you will never see in the google search.

So my suggestion is to stay out of trouble and use legal methods to get traffic and ranks. Traffic and success has to come automatically, not illegally.


Micro blogging, for fun, for traffic

There are many blog platforms like blogger, wordpress and typepad. And there are also many micro blogging platforms in the internet. The first concept of micro blogging was introduced by Twitter and it is now the leading industry of mini blogs.

Mini blogs are easy to understand and update. The lenght of a mini post is being set to 140 characters so that it can be easily used with text messages/ SMS. Its a very short lenght, like you will only have few words to say in every update but still its a great way to connect, share and network with others.

How can it help?

You can use a mini blog platform to get updated with your friends and readers. Its a social platform and you will have the chance to share and communicate with lots of people.

You can add the link of your new article on an update and you will get some more visitors. You can add the twitter updates on your blog and it could be a part of your blog.

Special updates!

There will be events when you will want to let your readers know about it. Like, you achieved something, you got featured in any media/ blog, you want to announce something or want to share a special link. If you update it with a regular blog post, it will not look like professional.

For an example, you wrote a new blog post that you got a payment this morning and this post is only in 20 words. Some people will not want to see articles like this and it could effect negatively on your blog. Mini blog updates will help you to share these little things easily.

You are away!

Sometimes you will be away from your computer and cannot update your blog. You can use SMS service or mobile internet to update your mini blog. This way your readers will know that you are there with them and they will not feel alone anymore.

Its a great communication tool!

When I check my twitter page to see other people’s updates, I can then know what others are doing now. Most of the time I know about new things and news from my twitter friends. I also get to know when those friends update their blog.

Add your updates on your blog

Go to twitter and ‘Sign in.’ Go to Click on the type of site like, blogger, myspace, facebook or other. Blogger users, click blogger and build the widget.

You can get the code and add the widget manually.

Or you can add it directly on your blog by clicking the blogger button,

Update from your cell phone
You can update your twitter mini blog from your cell phone on the go! It’s easy, you just only need to have a GPRS enabled cell phone. Go to, ‘Sign in’ to your account and update!

If your phone doesn’t supports GPRS, you can still update via SMS. Go to and add your phone number. Send the code from your mobile phone to the twitter number and your phone will be set with twitter. Now each time you send an SMS to the number of twitter like:+447624801423, your twitter status will be updated with the new message.


Setup your(professional blogger’s) workspace

If you want to become a professional blogger, want a huge authority in your field, want fans, supporter and to make a living with it, you have to be professional. On this article, I would like you to setup your workspace. Setting up a great workspace doesn’t improves your blog ranks, traffic or income, but it will affect on your performance and the output. I don’t want to make it longer, so lets check out what should you do to setup your perfect professional blogger’s workspace,

PC and Hardware

I recommend you to use a desktop for your blog because its solid and can handle the pressure. You can use your laptop or even your cellphone to write articles but be practical, its pro blogging and you have to use a solid keyboard to write down articles. If you use a laptop, then add an extra keyboard with it. Blogger and many other web resources doesn’t requires you to have a high end pc and you can blog with a regular one but the faster is better. For photo editing, you have to need a better pc. You can choose a CRT or an LCD monitor, but LCD would be the best for your eyes and to save power.

Internet Connection

I would recommend you to use a fast broadband or even faster internet connection. The more speed you have, the more things you can do in less time. You have to choose an un-limited data connection so that you can do more work. You can also choose a 24 hours connection or a limited connection for your working hours. There are more ways to connect with the net like the cell phone or the modem, but use them to check your mails and do emergency things.

Place Setup

Set your workspace and the room as your office. Set your desk, pc, chair and other furniture as needed. Its good to have a table and chair which is suitable for your body. If you use a laptop, put it on the desk and use it there, not on your lap or by laying down. Use a good chair to sit straight. If you sit straight, you will be able to breath better and can be more productive. I spend 5-8 hours infront of my pc and have put all of the things together to make me feel comfortable. Have a well vented room and it should be quiet.

Tags and Notepads

I use lots of tags and notepads to write down new article ideas. If you write your article keywords and topics, it will help you to remember a great idea. All of the great ideas are stored on your mind, use the tags so that you won’t forget them.

Bulletin Board

I have a bulletin board in my room with full of ideas, strategies, design concepts, images and lots of things for my blog. You can put an important idea on your bulletin board so that, you can see it on the next day and start working on it. Bulletin boards are great tools for putting your dreams in front of you. It will help you to work and achieve more.


There are lots of softwares you will need for being a pro blogger. You will need Adobe reader for viewing PDF files, MS office and other applications for writing articles, Photoshop and other tools to edit images. Media players and editors if you deal with audio and video contents, Nero or other softwares to burn discs, etc.

Web Resources

There are lots of web tools you will need to get the most of your time. You will need google toolbar to check page rank and for bookmarks, Firefox for browsing the net, Stumble upon toolbar for bookmarking, and you will need these 10 great web tools. To read all of your favorite blogs in one place, use google reader as your feed reader. To connect with people and readers, use micro blogging like twitter. You can also use social networks for traffic.

Digital Goods

You will need different digital goods to organize and communicate. I’m not telling you to buy anything, just use what you allready have. I use my cell phone for twitter when I’m away from my pc. I use my PDA to organize my online things. You can also use a voice recorder to record your ideas on it.


You will have to sit and work for hours infront of your computer. So don’t forget to keep, drinking water and dry foods or biscuits with you. If you eat and drink water in the work, you will feel less tired and hungry and can work more.

Tell me what you think?

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You Must Own Your Domain if You Are Serious in Blogging

What are domain names? These are the web site address/ name like,, etc. This is your online home. These are the most valuable assets of the internet and people are making money with it. As a serious blogger, you must have your own domain name so that you will get the best value and the brand for your online venture.

your own domain name

Here are the reasons why you should own your own domain,

Its cheap to own a domain name

Getting your own domain like, .net, .org or .info costs next to nothing. You can find a domain in less than $10. Your own domain is your asset and its cheap. You can earn $10 with a single paid review. So my request for you is to buy your own domain as soon as possible.

Its professional

You want to be a professiona blogger, then be a professional. Your own domain gives you the feel that you are a professional and serious about the blog. The people will like to read from a professional blogger. [Continue reading…]

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Popular & Free Platforms to Start a Blog or Website

Blogging is very popular on the internet today and now people are looking forward to start their own blog. Some do for fun, some do it for business and some are professional bloggers (like me) who want to make a living with his blog. Many people says that, this is the golden era of blogging. As blogging is getting more and more popular, many companies are giving a free platform to design, host and make money with your blog for FREE! Here are some of the free blogging & website platforms I have discovered, [Continue reading…]


Entrecard, for brand, buzz and traffic

Update: Entrecard has been discontinued.

If you don’t know about Entrecard, that means you are missing a great source of traffic. Entrecard is one of the greatest inventions of the internet where you can buy traffics for free. Before I get to that point, first sign up for your free account in and ‘log in’ to your ‘dashboard.’

Once you have added your blog, you will be asked to create your card. You have to upload a 125×125 pixel image in .bmp, .jpg or in .png format. This will be your online business card and people will get to know about your blog with this. If you don’t want to upload an image, you can also use the simple text add creator from entrecard. Here is my entrecard,

Now you have to add the entrecard widget into your blog. Go to ‘Dashboard’ > ‘Get code’ and select a size. There are 3 sizes available, 127×148, 200×127 and 250×127 pixels. Choose the size which suites your blog’s sidebar. Now copy the code and add it to your blog.

Your widget will look like this.

Entrecard credits(ec)

Now the real game about entrecard is entrecard cerdits(ec). This is the main currency of entrecard system. Go to any other blog which has an entrecard widget and click ‘Drop’ ; this means you have dropped your card to his card holder. He will see your card on his dashboard and he might check your blog. For every card you drop, you will get 1 ec. Just the way if others drop their card on you, you will also get 1 ec for each drop. The more ec you get, the more you can spend on ads. You can drop a maximum of 300 cards per day. Which means if you work hard, you will gain 300 ec per day.


You can use your ec’s to advertise on other blogs. Click on ‘Campaign’ from your dashboard and you will see a series of categories. Select your category and search for different blogs to put your ad. You can filter the search results to match your status. Click on advertise on each ad to advertise on the blog. You will see the amount that how much time you have to wait for the ad. Once the person approves your ad, your ad will show on his widget for one day. The more popular ads will have more ad price and the new blogs will have lower price, so you will have the choice to choose lots of small blogs or few big blogs to advertise.

Placing ads

Other bloggers will search you on the campaign menu too and will ask for the advertisement. Once you have an ad, you will be notified by email and the ads will be placed on your ‘Dashboard’ as pending. Approve them and they will show up in your widget. The price of your widget is set by the demand of your ad. It works like, 2x2x2x2x2 and so on. If there are 2 ads pending, that means the calculation will be 2x2x2 = 8 ec. This number can go higher if there is more pending ads on your box. You will get 25% of the ec for each ads and the rest of the credits will be deleted from the system to control the economy of entrecard. This is a great way to earn credits from entrecard.

Branding your blog

Entrecard is a great platform to build your blog’s brand. There are over 6000 blogs that uses entrecard. This is the ultimate platform to advertise on these blogs and you don’t have to spend any money. Create a great looking ad, like the logo and the url of your blog in the ad and see how people learns about your blog. Your ad will be shown on lots of blogs and every blog has lots of readers so this is how you can easily build your brand.

Building buzz and traffic

You can advertise on lots of blogs everyday with entrecard and with no problem at all. The more blogs you place your ad, the more buzz you will get. For every ad you place, the people who will visit the blog will click on the ad and will come to your blog. Placing ads on lots of blogs will give you lots of traffic. Many bloggers have increased their traffic with entrecard.

Using credits in more ways

Lots of bloggers use entrecard credits in many ways. People sell links and ads with ec. Many bloggers hold contests and give away ec as the price. Many people pays ec for a link, stumble, rss subscription or even a fave in technorati. There are lots of ways to use ec on the internet. The more you learn about it, the more you can get benefits from it.

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