In the past I have wrote many methods of website promotions and also read so many of them out in the web. Today I’m going to write some new methods of website promotion that will take no investment at all and you can do them in the real world AKA offline. All you need is a permanent marker and a wicked brain.

CAUTION: Applying any of the promotional methods bellow may bring in traffic but also bring something else! Not spoiling it, just go ahead read and you will find out.

1. Newspaper Advertising

Yes Yes I know I told you I’m telling about FREE methods. This is a free one. Go to your local newspaper stand and ask the owner to give you all the copies of a specific one (such as prothom-alo). Now pick up your marker and write your blog name in capitals on the newspapers. Hand the newspapers back to the owner and you are done! Now when people will buy the paper, they will see a big URL on the headlines.

Newspaper ads

2. Visit Your Neighbors

You can try this method with your friends, relatives, neighbors or anyone you can. Visit them and ask them if you can use their bathroom. Now go to the bathroom and write your blog address on the bathroom wall. When you are back in the living room, wait when your friend/neighbor is not around. Now write in the wall (on the living room) –use your imagination and write everything about your site as you can. Leave before your friend sees you doing this, or else you will be in trouble.

3. Local Poster Ads

poster adsThis one is also like the newspaper ad method. You can see that there are many local posters on the street walls, poles and almost everywhere. What my marketing mind figured out that they leave some space on the poster –at least on top and bottom for the margin. Go ahead and write your URL on top and bottom of the poster. When people will read the poster, they will think the URL is a related one and offers more info about the ad. Walla! Promotion for your website.

4. Cheek Art in Festivals

There are many festivals where guys and gals love to draw designs on their cheeks. It’s common here in my place in the New Year and other festivals. Bring your art bag and offer cheek arts (of course for a small charge!) now when you are done with one cheek, offer them a free design on their other cheek. They will definitely like to have it. Now instead of drawing something, you write your blog’s URL. If they complain, say that this is the free one.

cheek arts in pahela baishakhNow these cool dudes and babes will hang around all the day and meet a lot of people + your blog will be promoted. Adding bonus is most of the time these hot people are covered by local TV news …and what you know your blog URL will get noticed too! Free TV promotion.

5. Promote Your Site in the Classroom

Go and attend your class sometimes (because blogging makes you busy). Sit infront of a guy who is wearing a bright shirt (white is perfect). Now pick up your marker and write your blog address on his back. Make sure he doesn’t notice. Additionally you can add “Jerk” “Kick Me” etc too! Now where ever this jerk… oops, your classmate will go, your promotion goes with him too.

6. Promote in Seminars

I assume you are not a speaker of the seminar so you cannot directly promote your URL on stage. So go there to attend the meeting and make sure you are early. Now use a TEMPORARY marker (the ones that remains wet for a long time) –and write your blog URL mirrored on the seats (do for as many chairs you can). When people will sit on the chair, your URL will be printed on the back of their shirt automatically.

7. Advertise on a Car

For this go to parking places and make sure the owner/driver of the car is not around. Now for this take a sharp tool (knife/keys) and go behind the car. Now scratch the paint as hard as you can… apply pressure and write your blog URL by scratching the car. Make sure you are hiding in the back of the car while doing it, or else you will be caught and have to pay the paint job bills for doing this. Once you are done with this un-detected, go to home and relax. The car will go place to place and will promote your site. Be aware: you may get into jail in some countries for doing this.

8. Protest for Something

You don’t have to start a new protest; there are many groups who like to protest for many causes. Just screen your news channel for such events and go there. In a protest people hold big banners that say like “No war” “Bring them back” “Muslims are not terrorists” even “Being gay is not a crime” –you go there and hold a banner that says relevant wordings also your blog URL. This will attract some visitors as well as TV coverage.


9. Local Internet/Cyber Café

cyber cafeYou have read this don’t you: “Go to your local internet café and set your blog homepage for all of the computers” But wait till you read my idea. Go to your local cyber café in the morning (when the rush is low) and do the above. Now open your permanent marker and write your blog address on the top of the screen (not in the border, on the screen!)

–now they can remove your link from the browser homepage but cannot wipe your URL from the screen. If possible, do the same for the screen of the receptionist or even the main server computer. For this you may get a lifetime ban on that café but what’s better than free promotion?

10. Attract Some Media Attention

media attentionNow this is absolute madness! For this you will be going to commit suicide. Hey relax, I’m not serious! You will just pretend to do it. Wear a shirt that has your blog URL written on the torso. Go on top of a building; make sure it’s only 2-3 story high or a window so people can hear what you say. Make sure you are at a safe position and you are not going to fall down. When people gather it’s natural that local news agency will come there too. Now shout that you want to die and don’t disclose any reason for doing this.

If they push, just tell you want them to read your blog. See when things are getting much more serious.  After that act like you are convinced and not going to jump off any more.

11. Add Your Own Insane Idea!

How far would you go for promoting your website/blog? Let me know what you think about the wicked ideas mentioned here. Add one more through the comments section 🙂